15 Inexpensive D.I.Y. Food Wedding Favor Ideas

Hi, everyone! We hope today’s off to a great start. If not, don’t fret, we have something fun for you today: a roundup of cute and inexpensive wedding D.I.Y. wedding favor ideas! It’s always nice to give a little something to your guests as a sign of gratitude. To make it more interesting, why not personalize it a bit? Here are some of the cutest examples we found online. And guess, what, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg; these are inexpensive ideas you can do yourself! Read on to see more now.


1) Chocolate

A little something to get sweetness in the air.

[Photo: Etsy]

[Photo: Little Indie Studio via Etsy]


2) Mint

Dress up your favorite mint candy and share them with your guests.

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

[Photo: Something Turquoise]

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This Bride and Groom Let Their Personalities Shine On Their Wedding Day

Always remember, your wedding is truly your own. So no matter what, you shouldn’t shy away from letting your wedding be a reflecting of who you are as a couple! Today’s wedding clearly shows how being yourself and just letting go on your special day make the celebration even more special.  Cyndi and Cliff are a truly carefree and fun-loving pair. On their Big Day, they did not hesitate to show this side of them adding that extra color to every photo Kel Li Art Gallery captured. Because of this, their wedding was such a joyous occasion–even we feel can’t keep the smiles from our faces. The couple reminds all other couples to just enjoy the moment and ignore the camera. Let your character shine through!

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The Look


An Intimate, Modern Tropical Garden Wedding

Amy and Ivan’s wedding day couldn’t be any more picturesque than it already was. Set in the beautiful Como Point Yamu, the enjoyed a quaint garden scene for their ceremony and an intimate reception banquet after. That’s only the beginning; all the other details just keep getting better! Amy’s wedding look was truly classic–she appeared in a white, off-shoulder, lace gown. But what blew us away was her tropical bouquet–it was stunning! The wedding was so intimate and the venue was already beautiful to begin with, so just a touch of modern accents–like the gold frame backdrop at the ceremony and the all-white table display at the reception–was all it took to make everything come together perfectly. The mastermind behind this wedding, Wedding Boutique Phuket did an amazing job and photographer Wittita Workspace Photography captured it all for us to enjoy!

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The Look



Your Tasks and Your Wedding Planner’s Tasks, Who Does What? Find Out Here.

When deciding to work with a wedding planner, it’s important that you set the right expectations from the onset. Many times, couples have the notion that hiring a wedding planner means they can let go and leave matters at the hands of the planner. That may be true, but not entirely. The real deal is that while your wedding planner will be the key person to orchestrate your wedding, you and your husband-to-be will still have to be involved. Today we are fleshing out the details so you know what your wedding planner’s responsibilities are and what tasks are still for you to do.

[From: A Simply Sweet Hong Kong Wedding with Romantic Red Details / Photo: Sophia Kwan]


1) Coordinating with all the vendors

Your wedding planning is in charge of coordinating with all your wedding vendors, especially on your wedding day. If you started talks with your vendors, in the succeeding correspondences, make sure to loop your planner in so he or she can start to work on taking care of the details for you.

2) Recommending vendors

When you still haven’t found all the vendors you need, your wedding planner can definitely make recommendations. He or she has worked with many vendors and can, more or less, gauge which ones will match your personality and needs. In a way, your wedding planner can act as consultant in this area.


[From: This Bride Donned a Stunning Modern Red Dress for Her Chinese Wedding Ceremony / Photo: StevenC Photography]

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This Bride Wore a Beautiful Sweetheart Cut Gown During Her Wedding at Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

When thinking about your wedding day, something that all brides consider as top priority is their wedding gown. The bride at today’s wedding, Dorothy, chose a simple yet elegant look–a sweetheart cut wedding gown from Classic Tina Bridal Shop with an embellished bodice and soft tulle skirt. She looked absolutely stunning! Meanwhile, the rest of the wedding details were kept classic and elegant. A soft purple palette was used for her bridesmaids’ dresses, while the ballroom at Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong was decked with red and blush flowers. Thanks to Patrick Photography, we get to see all the beautiful elements of this union. Come join us now by reading on.

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The Look