This Classic White and Pastel Themed Wedding is Set in a Quaint Garden

Wing and Peter wed in the most classic way–in a beautiful garden! An arch made with white and peach flowers and greenery enveloped them as they said “I do.” And after they said their vows, they happily made their way down the aisle with guests cheering them on. They needed not to fill their garden venue at The Repulse Bay with too much–just a little accents here and there made their wedding look elegant amidst the greens that surrounded them. Then, just in theme as well, the bridesmaids wore pastel dress, while the groomsmen dressed in black. Emma Fok Photography‘s photos reveal more than enough of this elegant wedding and all our eyes are currently on them!

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6 Decorating Tips For a Gorgeous Ballroom Wedding

We all love grand ballrooms and we have had a good number of beautiful ballroom weddings on the website to keep us wanting more. But decorating a ballroom is a feat on its own, and while your wedding stylist should have everything in order, it will be good for you to know the essentials for styling a ballroom to make sure you make the most of this luxurious type of venue. Today, we listed down six things you should definitely do so that you decorate your ballroom to make it look its best! Read on now and find out what these tips are.


(1) Make use of all the space.

[From: A Traditional Wedding Decked with Beautiful Red, White, and Gold Details / Photo: miLa Story / Venue: InterContinental Hong Kong]

The beauty (and challenge) of having a wedding at a ballroom is that you have a lot of space to work with. Make sure you maximize the space–every inch of it–and utilize whatever you can to transform it into the dream wedding you’ve always envisioned.


(2) Divide up the room.

[From: You’ll Love All The Sweet Details From This Hotel Wedding / Photo: ZOO Wedding by Cheric K. / Venue: Harbour Grand Hong Kong]

When you have a huge area to work with, one way you can maximize the space and avoid bare sections or a design that’s not cohesive is by dividing the room into sections. You can have an open area with for cocktail tables so guests trickle in and mingle while waiting for the couple. You can also have a section for the photo booth and lounge chairs for guests to relax and have fun.

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These School Sweethearts Relived Their Younger Years in Their Pre-wedding Shoot!

Fond memories you made as a couple make good starting points as inspiration for your engagement shoot–where you and your husband-to-be first met, a local restaurant where you had your first date, and so on! Today’s pair, Sofia and Paco, chose to go all the way back to reminisce their younger years and school, the place where their love first started to bloom. Their school photos are so full of fun and laughter, probably the effect of all their best moments at school coming back to them. Their second shoot location was a dreamy forest with Sofia donning a beautiful dress from S.we Wedding and Paco all suited up by The Ideal Man HK. Wrapped in foliage and golden sunlight, their photos at this place are undeniably captivating. Isabel Chiang‘s photos are a treat, so keep your eyes on them, all the way until the very end!

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How To Prepare Your Guest List and Seating Arrangement For Your Chinese Wedding Reception

One of the most tedious parts of wedding planning is fixing your guest list and making the seating arrangement. These two constantly go through change, most especially when the wadding day draws closer. We shared some handy tips that can help you manage your guest list, and today, we’re adding to that by talking specifics for your Chinese banquet. Starting from the guest list all the way to the table arrangements, we’ve got your Chinese reception covered. So, no need to worry, just follow these steps and tips to breeze through that Chines wedding reception. Let’s start now.

[From: This Couple Kept Their Wedding Classy with Navy and White Details / Photo: Cadenza Studio]


How to Finalize the Guest List


Step 1:List everyone out.

The first thing you should do is list out everyone you want to invite. Include both your guests and your husband-to-be’s guests. Next, categorize your list. For example, separate the list onto family, friends, schoolmates, colleagues, etc. This process helps in checking if you’ve missed out on anyone.

Step 2:Define the number of seats.

Once you have set the venue and budget, you will know the number of guests you can invite. You can compare your total number of seats available with your initial list. You know the number of tables and guests and have a better idea of the final head count.

Step 3:Sit down with your parents to discuss their guests.

Once you have and idea of the number of seats, make sure to meet with the parents from both sides to discuss who they want to invite. This is important so that you can reserve some tables for them right away. If your parents have a lengthy list, you can check with venue and see if it is capable to host more tables. Or, you can adjust the number of friends you plan to invite to accommodate your parents’ friends. We highly recommend giving way to parents, if they really insist on inviting a lot of their friends, because you can always invite your friends at another party.


[From: This Traditional Church Wedding is Full of Laughter and Love / Photo: Sophia Kwan]

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Chic and Modern Dresses for Your Bridesmaids Available Online

Behind every bride is her bride tribe. And just as much as the bride needs to look her best, so do the rest of the ladies! If you haven’t shopped for your gals’ dresses yet, then today’s going to be a real treat for you and them. We put together a collection of chic and modern dress styles especially for your bridesmaids. They’ll not only look their best, they will also look extra captivating in any one of these dresses. So, start browsing these styles now and start sending them to your girl friends, too.


Mix a feminine hue with clean and modern lines and you have a stunning look for your bridesmaids! We love this color, but we also love these styles just as much.

[Dresses, clockwise: Net-a-Porter, Jenny Yoo, Maid to Measure, We are Rewritten, Jenny Yoo]


None of your gal pals will feel blue if they don one of these dresses! Whether it be cobalt blue, dusty blue, or sky blue, a chic choice–say for instance, this halter dress from Jenny Yoo, or one-shoulder dress from Net-a-Porter–will be loved by all your bridesmaids.

[Dresses, clockwise: Maid to Measure, Jenny Yoo, Net-a-Porter, Maid to Measure, The Reformation]

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