5 Ways to Encourage Social Distancing at Your Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the wedding industry. If you have decided to still push through with their wedding, you now need to consider a lot of details, including your guests’ safety. Part of the next steps you need to take is to plan how you can ensure that your guests maintain social distancing. For today’s feature, we’ve listed out some ideas on how you can do this. Scroll down for creative ways to promote social distancing.

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(1) Plan unique seating arrangements.

Normally, couples nowadays space out the seating arrangement to make sure everyone is within safe distance from each other. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t be creative with your floor plan or layout. Don’t let the need for social distance keep you from thinking of creative ways to get people to maintain distance. Look at what this couple did.

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Restaurant Weddings are In! See This Couple’s Intimate Wedding Day at Ammo

You can still wed in style even if you need to cut down on your guest list. In fact, for small-scale weddings, the latest go-to venue for couples are restaurants. Think about it–restaurants already guarantee a superb menu for you and your guests. Not only that, many restaurants already come with stylish interiors that you can totally take advantage of! In today’s feature, Rachel and Steven wed in AMMO, an Italian Japanese fusion restaurant at Admiralty. Flowers by Fadip Florist accentuated AMMO’s cinematic copper interiors turning the couple’s celebration into an extra stylish occasion. Meanwhile, all other details were minimal and modern, with a hint of rustic elegance here and there. We especially love Rachel’s sleek cutout dress, which she paired with a low ponytail and bow by BWing Bridal Makeup. Want to see more? Read on now. You’ll love all of the rest of the photos taken by Nikkiloveu.

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Twirl Your Way Into 2021 with These Beyond Beautiful Wedding Gowns from To Be Wed

If 2020 has been tough, then we suggest approaching 2021 with heightened spirits. After all, a little positivity goes a long way. And to get you in the mood, we have a line up of beautiful wedding gowns from To Be Wed that you can wear this 2021. Twirl into the new year with a gown that will enchant anyone who lays eyes on it! Here’s a line-up of dresses that will stun not only your groom-to-be, but everyone else! Appear on the aisle donning any one of these and emerge as the most beautiful maiden ever. Read on for more, and don’t miss the exclusive offer at the end.



Sophisticated Dresses with Modern Silhouettes

  • Recommend to: Modern and Minimal Brides
  • Suitable for: Registration and Indoor Ceremony

You will beguile all who lay eyes on you with any of these ultra sleek and modern-looking wedding dresses. If you’re eyeing a minimalist wedding look, then To Be Wed thinks any one of these will surely suit you. Bobbi is a sultry, body-hugging piece, best for brides who want to show off their curves. Meanwhile, Bowie is an elegant cut-out dress that’s one-of-a-kind–the button detail at the side add character to the simple look. Finally, Anafi is full of flair–check out the crisp layers on the bodice. And best of all, Anafi has pockets, too!

Bobbi by Jane Hill

Bowie by Jane Hill

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8 Ways To Make Guests Feel More Like a Part of Your Virtual Wedding

How can you make your virtual wedding a more enjoyable experience for your guests? Think about it. Watching you marry the love of your life on a screen can feel a lot less personal for your family and friends. One of the best things about your wedding is getting the chance to share it will your loved ones. With the challenges brought about the pandemic, only a handful of your nearest and dearest can be with you.

So how can you make your wedding extra special for everyone else? How can you make guests feel more like a part of the wedding? The answer is simple: maximize social media and all the digital platforms around you. We have some ideas for you that will keep your guests informed and excited even if they can’t be with you physically. Read on to find out some ideas you can adopt for your Big Day. Read on to find out more!


(1) Document your wedding through Instagram Stories and keep a highlight reel on your profile.

[Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash]

If you always post on Instagram stories then why not utilize the platform to share every step of your wedding planning journey with your family, friends and followers. Create a highlight on your profile so that they can easily refer to it any time.


(2) Create a Youtube channel with mini vlogs or episodes about your wedding planning journey.

[Photo by Cristina Zaragoza on Unsplash]

We love the idea of having mini Vlogs for your wedding and an entire channel just for your love story. Your guests will feel like they’re watching a reality show, but this time, it’s YOUR show.

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Love Conquers All: Recap of Weddings That Made it Through the Global Pandemic

It’s been a trying year for all of us. Yet, even with all the uncertainty that fills our days, we’ve seen love triumph. Looking back at all the couples who pushed through with their wedding in the middle of a global pandemic all the more fills us to the brim with inspiration. Truly, love is a powerful force that can move us and make the most of whatever situations we’re confronted with. Before the year comes to a close, we took some time off to put together this mini tribute to all the brides and grooms out there. Here’s a recap of all the weddings of couples that faced COVID-19 head on and let their love lead the way. Whether you already tied the knot, decided to postpone for another time, or are still planning on what to do, or we hope this inspires you and affirms your love even more.


A Modern Wedding with Only The Bride and Groom Present


After Cancelling Twice, This Couple Finally Pushed Through with a Wedding with Only 8 Guests

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