A Chic All-white Wedding at The St. Regis Hong Kong

A number of weeks ago, we came across Nicole and Wilson’s all-white wedding from Jeremy Wong‘s Instagram page and instantly had a mood boost. We were caught by the bride’s stylish off-shoulder wedding gown and the all-white union that sealed the deal for the lovers. Their celebration took place at one of the ballrooms at , which they filled with white flowers and an abundant display of baby’s breath. Sweet, simple, and full of muted elements, Nicole and Wilson’s wedding is full of chic details. Let’s start off the day with a beautiful wedding, shall we? Scroll on now.

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A Romantic Engagement Shoot Featuring 2 Dreamy Dresses

One of the best things about having a pre-wedding shoot is that it can be an excuse for you to wear as many gorgeous dresses as you want! In today’s feature, the bride-to-be Celina donned two utterly dreamy dresses from Tickled Pink Bridal. The first one is a stunning Milla Nova monochromatic blue gown with endless layers of tulle. It was the perfect look for their first shoot location aback the azure sky and sea at Chung Hom Kok. For their second outdoor location at Shing Mun Reservoir and their cozy indoor shoot, Celina went for a more feminine look. Her second dress of choice was a delicate piece adorned with floral appliqué all over. Also from Tickled Pink Bridal, this second gown was a fitting attire that highlighted her graceful figure. Alan, the groom, couldn’t take his gaze off his fiancée! The look in his eyes as he held her close was a preview of the lifelong love that he was excited to share with Celina. Romance all day by viewing the rest of Celina and Alan’s engagement photos by Loaf Photography. You won’t want to miss it!

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6 Tips For a Stress-Free Moving Day Into Your New Home

After the wedding, what’s the next step? Moving into your new home! Many couples say that when they start moving, that’s when reality starts to sink in–married life starts now.

If you’ve moved from one place to another in the past, then you know that it’s a lot of work. Whether you’re moving in together for the first time or moving back to your home town after living together abroad, uprooting yourself from one place to another is always quite a feat! And even if you’ve moved several times, it never gets easier.

This time, you’re not only moving, you’re building your new home as husband and wife. If you’re at a loss at how to go about it, or if you need help on how to get things done quickly and efficiently, we’ve got you covered. Today’s blog will elaborate on essential tips that will help you move into your new home seamlessly.


(1) Create a timeline.

[Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash]

The common mistake among couples is focusing on the wedding planning and forgetting about what is needed for moving into a new home! If you want your new home to be ready after your wedding, create a separate timeline for moving and make sure to follow your calendar. Always make room for adjustments and delays, too–just in case–so you can still finish everything in time for your intended moving day.


(2) Get help.

[Photo by Alex Mecl on Unsplash]

If you can’t move everything on your own, book a moving company as early as possible. Make sure to coordinate your schedule with theirs and realign your timeline based on your final arrangement with them. You can also ask them for their suggestions on how to go about moving–which items should be moved first, does their service include packing options, what safety measures do they implement for delicate items, and so on.

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7 Delicious Dishes to Look Forward to If You Have an Intimate Wedding at One of These Venues

What makes a wedding extra memorable? The venue and decorations, the ambience, the couple’s love, the activities of the day–all of these combined result in a unique experience for the couple and all who partake in the union. With the current situation and social distancing measure, grand banquets are taking the backseat and in turn, couples are trying to make intimate weddings still as jubilant and all the more meaningful.

One of the elements that you can highlight for your intimate wedding is your food. Guests always remember good food. Not only that, good food can elevate mealtime and turn any small-scale gathering into a significant celebration for everyone. If you want to take your wedding up a notch, select a menu that you know your guests will love.

Today we’re sending some mouthwatering dishes your way to give you an idea of how food makes all the difference. By viewing these photos and reading these descriptions alone, you can almost taste all the flavors! Imagine what a joy it will be to eat these with your loved ones? All these dishes are part of wedding packages from three esteemed wedding venues. Read until the end for more details on the packages.


(1) Fresh Boston Lobster Salad with Oscietra Caviar from The Repulse Bay

This refreshing dish is made with a juicy lobster, mango and avocado tian, green asparagus and sherry vinaigrette. It’s the perfect starter for your wedding banquet.


(2) Herb Crusted Canadian Cod Fish Fillet from The Repulse Bay

Your guests will enjoy digging into this herb crusted Canadian cod fish fillet. It’s paired with green asparagus risotto and fennel salad made with crustacean emulsion.

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A Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot with a Horse-Drawn Carriage

To all the brides who have dreams as princesses, today’s feature will get you excited because Scarlett and Jo’s pre-wedding photos looks like they were taken from a fairy tale! The bride-to-be, Scarlett, wore stunning ball gowns and made a grand appearance with a horse-drawn carriage–she looked like she was just about to leave for a palace party! With her dashing fiancé, Jo, she went on to explore across the grounds of Horse Carriage Hong Kong on horseback with a stunning view of the mountains keeping them company all day. With a bright day all to themselves, the lovers made the most of the outdoors, taking sweet snaps with This Love Studio and T. Art Visual all over the ranch. Read on now and fall in love with this magical engagement, just like we did!

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