Recently Engaged? Here are 5 Steps to Plan a Fairy Tale Wedding Infused with European Style

Congratulations! After saying “Yes, I Do!”, the next step is how to make your dream wedding come true! This is where it gets challenging and fun! Do you want to have an outdoor garden wedding? Do you want to host a reception at grand venue? If you answered yes to these questions then you’ll want to keep reading to find out how you can achieve a grand, European-style fairy tale wedding with the following 5 steps.


(1) Decide on Your Wedding Budget

Getting married is an important milestone and what matters most to a couple is that it turns out exactly the way they imagined. The wedding budget will put everything into perspective–from the ceremony to the wedding banquet. Kind of wedding and all the details around it–be it fancy or simple–will depend on the couple’s budget. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings offers a one-stop service and provides many unique themed ceremony, wedding banquet, and photography packages with flexible options that can be adjusted to couples’ needs. 

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A Dreamy Disney Pre-wedding Photography Service Captures Your Romance

Since then, they lived happily ever after…

From the time she hears her first fairy tale, every girl’s dream is to become a princess. It may seem like a far-fetched dream in this day and age, but did you know you can still make this dream come true with the professional Disney wedding photography team? No matter what kind of bride-to-be you are–gentle and elegant, or playful and fun–the Disney wedding photography team will help you make your fairy tale dream come to life. They will capture every dreamy moment with your leading man and the experience will be a sweet, unforgettable one!


Classic and Elegant Style

For brides who’ve always dreamed of a regal kind of wedding, Hong Kong Disneyland has many splendid locations where you can relive your favorite scenes from fairy tales. The most classic location of all is the Cinderella Carousel. You can imagine that you’re Cinderella, clad in the most beautiful ball gown of the party. You meet your prince under the the romantic star-filled sky and you both ride on the Cinderella Carousel together and lose track of time.

Other locations with classic looks are the 20th century style “Main Street USA” and “Main Street Station” where you can stroll along hand in hand with your groom-to-be and capture some intimate moments.

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This Engagement Looks Like It Came Straight from a Fairytale

Today’s pre-wedding photos will sweep you off your feet in no time! Sabrina and Benson’s engagement photos unfold a romantic love story with the most gorgeous setting one can imagine. Vienna holds a special place in the couple’s hearts, so they chose this city for the pre-wedding shoot. But seeing their photos reveals not only the beautiful architecture of this place, we also see the beauty and wonder Vienna holds–from the grandeur of Schönburg Palace and Museum of Art History, to the wintry weather that completed the fairytale scene outdoors. The fairytale doesn’t end there. Sabrina’s Sottero and Midgley gown mimics that of a princess and her dapper groom is just as much a prince by her side! Scroll for more of these captivating engagement and let the photos by Peter and Veronika, and styling of A Very Beloved Wedding whirl you away from this world to a tale of two lovers once upon a time.

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The Look


11 Wedding Details Guests Care Very Much About

Part of wedding planning includes making sure your guests are comfortable during the wedding and that they enjoy the whole celebration. To plan out a wedding your guests can thoroughly enjoy, you must first know what your guests care most about when attending weddings.

(1) The Invitation

Your invitation contains the most basic and important information for the guests to go to your wedding. Guests use this as their guide for the time, location, directions, attire, and other details. They care very much that what is specified in your invitation is complete, clear, and accurate (especially when it comes to directions) because they will always turn to your invites if they are in doubt about any wedding detail.

[From: A Timeless and Elegant Wedding in France / Photo: Céline Chan Photographie]


(2) The Date

The date matters a lot. In fact, many people still prefer holidays or weekends because they don’t need to leave work and they can stay later in the evening.

[From: A Gorgeous Wedding at the Veranda with Pastel Color Accents / Photos: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


(3) The Weather

In relation to the date, the weather also is something guests care about. Guests’ attires will depend greatly on weather conditions. And if the wedding is in a destination, the weather and season play a part in the determining preparations needed for guests.

[From: An Elegant Wedding with Touches of Blue and Blush / Photo: KC Professional Photography]


(4) The Terrain

Just like the weather, the location and its terrain also are important details for guests. It will not be wise for women to wear stilettos to a beach wedding, nor will it be advisable for grandparents with walkers or canes to walk on uneven ground. When choosing a venue, be mindful of your guests, and advise them accordingly.

[From: A Grand Garden Wedding at Villa Cora Italy / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]


(5) Transportation and Parking

If you are having a destination wedding, guests care very much about the transportation options and costs related to getting there. For local venues, parking is also a detail they look into. Remember that convenience and ease when traveling to your wedding is of high priority for guests.

[From: A Gorgeous Wedding at the Veranda with Pastel Color Accents / Photos: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


(6) The Seating Arrangement

There is an art to making the guests’ seating arrangement. It can be tedious and time consuming, but guests do appreciate it when the seating plan was well-though-of and they’re able to to enjoy the reception with people they can easily converse with.

[From: A Lovely Pink and Blue Pastel Wedding in Phuket / Photo: Darin Images]

[From: A Breathtaking Destination Wedding That Overlooks the Sea / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]


(7) The Starting Time

Starting late is really frustrating for guests. If the wedding falls on a weekday, guests will need to go to work the next day. Starting late results in ending late with may leave guests no choice but to leave earlier, or stay late The pay the price the next day.

[From: An Intimate Rooftop Wedding at Wooloomooloo / Photo: Feel in the Blank]


(8) The Waiting Time

Because the wedding party typically takes photos after the ceremony, guests spend a lot of time waiting at weddings. Keep them preoccupied so they don’t get restless and impatient. You can also try to work with your photographer on a time limit for the post-nuptial photos so you can proceed to the reception faster.

[From: A Gorgeous Wedding at the Veranda with Pastel Color Accents / Photos: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


(9) The Food

Festive dishes are really important, especially for Chinese banquets. Guests always look forward to the food as celebrations aren’t quite complete without delicious food. Make your wedding extra memorable with festive dishes your guests won’t forget.

[From: A Grand Garden Wedding at Villa Cora Italy / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]

[From: A Lovely Pink and Blue Pastel Wedding in Phuket / Photo: Darin Images]


(10) The Bar

Drinks make or break the after party. Guests do prefer an open bar or free-flowing drinks so they can celebrate the night away with you.

[From: A Hotel Wedding with an Intimate Dinner Reception / Photo: Fermat Photography]


(11) Spending Time with You

Guests also look forward to spending time with you. They will appreciate it if you spend time with them during the reception or after party. After all, they came to celebrate your union with you!

[From: A Grand Garden Wedding at Villa Cora Italy / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]


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This All-White Wedding with Rustic Details is Extra Elegant

In a world full of trends, it’s always best to remain a classic! What can I say, the rustic charm of an all-white themed wedding never goes out of style. And, adding natural, wooden decor gives it that old-world aura that no one can truly resist. The immense beauty and softness of this wedding at  will blow you away. From the floral arrangements to the three-layer cake, everything just looked beyond perfect! We would like to thank the folks at Mushroom Visuals for sending us these photos. You’ve got to see what we are raving about! Don’t miss the wedding day video at the end.

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The Look