Achieve an Elegant Wedding Look with Any of These 13 Bridal Accessories

You wedding gown is just one part of your wedding look. The other pieces of the puzzle that make an impact on your look are your bridal accessories, including your hair accessories and jewellery! In today’s feature, we put together 13 bridal accessories that will help you achieve an elegant wedding look.

The selection we picked out includes earrings, headpieces, and necklaces from Hong Kong vendors because we encourage everyone to #supportlocal businesses. These handmade pieces are of top quality, too, so rest assured that these beautiful accessories are long-term items you can cherish even after the wedding.

What are you waiting for? Pick out your favorites now.


(1) Fit for a Princess

This lovely Princess and Royal Queen Tiara, is Shmily Handmade Accessory‘s signature tiara. It’s made of Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia. If you’re eyeing a regal look for your walk down the aisle, make sure to add this accessory to your ensemble.

Accessories from: Shmily Handmade Accessory / Photo: Natalie the Smiley Photo


(2) Bringing Sexy Back

Back chains have been popular in foreign countries but Hong Kong brides have yet to discover this unique style, says Airy Ann Jewellery. Why not be one of the first brides to rock this trend? If you have chosen a bare back design gown for reception or pre-wedding, this is perfect for you.

Accessories from: Airy Ann Jewellery / Photo: Vision Wedding

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Bringing Sexy Back: 28 Wedding Gown Back Details and Trains We Absolutely Love!

Have you ever seen a bride who already looks fab upfront, but when she turns around you’re taken aback at how equally stunning her dress is from the back? We love little surprises like these, so we decided to put together a collection of wedding dresses with gorgeous back details. Make way for a splendid line-up of dresses with the most breathtaking back details. From clean open cuts, to elaborate beading and lace appliqué, today’s feature is full of dreamy wedding gowns #goals for your special day! Time to get inspired now. Start scrolling.

[From: Let This Wedding Convince You That Less is Definitely More / Dress: Classic Tina Bridal Shop / Photo: Belle & Olive]

[From: A Romantic Pre-wedding Indoor Portrait Session at Rosewood Hong Kong / Dress: The Wedding Gown / Photo: Hilary Chan]

[From: An Elegant Traditional Wedding at The Murray and The Park Lane Hong Kong / Dress: Bliss Bride Couture / Photo: Binc Photography]

[From: A Dreamy Indoor Photo Session at House 1881 / Dress: Audella Bridal House / Photo: Jenny Tong]

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Can’t Attend Your Friend’s Wedding? Here are 8 Things You Can Still Do to Show Your Support

One of your closest friends is tying the knot, but unfortunately, you can’t make it to the wedding. What do you do? Don’t worry. You can still show your love and support in other ways. Here are eight things you can do to express your love and support even if you can’t make it to your friend’s wedding.


(1) Let the couple know right away.

Send back the response card as soon as you find out you can’t make it to the wedding. Or, if you want to get the message across even faster, give your friend a quick call or send a message right away. This is one way to show support because the sooner you tell them, the sooner they can make the necessary adjustments related to your absence. For example, if it’s still early, they can update their guest count with their caterer, adjusting the cost.

[From: An Elegant Traditional Wedding at The Murray and The Park Lane Hong Kong / Photo: Binc Photography]


(2) Be honest with your reason.

Whatever your reason is, tell your friend. Be honest and open with the reason, even if it may not seem like a very good one. Honesty is till the best policy. And since you’re friends, trust that the soon-to-weds will understand.

[From: An Intimate Pre-wedding Portrait Session at Rosewood / Photo: Sophia Kwan]

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A Romantic Engagement Shoot Overlooking The Mountains

If the past day, month, or year has been keeping you down, it’s about time you veer away from what’s been pulling you down and move on to things that bring you hope. For us, today’s scenic pre-wedding shoot is the perfect source of inspiration–we hope it will be for you, too. Mandy and Alan fled from the city into Tai Mo Shan for their engagement photo session. Clad in elegant clothing, they made their way to the summit and shot all afternoon under the amber sky. They passed the time walking along and taking in the beautiful scenery down below. All their shots make us forget about the woes of the day and remind us to stop and appreciate the beauty all around. Not only that, we’re also filled with hope anew! How about you? How to you feel after seeing all these romantic photos taken by Kel Li Art Gallery? If you want to see more, keep scrolling until the very end.

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The Look



10 Neutral Palettes for An Extra Romantic and Timeless Wedding Day

If you were asked to describe your dream wedding, what three words come to mind? If your three words are classic, romantic, and timeless, then today’s feature will help give you the inspiration you need for your special day. In this blog, we rounded up 10 romantic features with neutral color palettes. The classic color play in all these unions make each one look extra elegant and timeless. But that’s not all! Check out the well-thought-out details that are in theme, too. You’ll definitely find a lot of styling ideas if you take a closer look at each one. Get ready to be blown away! Scroll on now.


[From: A Refreshing Peach and White Wedding at Repulse Bay / Photos: Vision Philosophy]

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