This Dreamy Engagement in Japan Will Give You Romantic Comedy Feels

The way Martin Aesthetics captured every inch of this romantic engagement made the couple look like they came out straight from an Asian drama. Daibo and Alvin look so natural and relaxed in their pre-wedding shoot and I couldn’t help but hear lovely melodies play in the background as I browsed through all their photos–they were so candid and real. The rawness of each moment makes you feel like love really conquers all. Plus, the kimono look is a breath of fresh air! Scroll down and see the rest of the set. I’m sure you’ll get captivated by this pre-wedding shoot in the Land of the Rising Sun! 

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The Look




    Etiquette 101 – Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for the Bride and Groom

    Social media has changed the landscape of communication, even in the wedding industry. Some changes are for the better, while others have created a gray area for what is polite and proper. To remind everyone of wedding etiquette that should still win over social media, here’s a list of some social media do’s and don’ts couples should take note of. You do want to make the most of the benefits and convenience social media, without compromising wedding etiquette!



    [From: The Pretty Pastel Color Made this Wedding Come to Life / Photo: Belle & Olive]


    Do ask your girl friends to be your bridesmaids personally.

    It’s a big role to take on, so asking in a memorable and fun manner will make the role all the more meaningful for you and your gals.


    Do send formal invitations.

    You can have e-invites and social media save-the-date posters, but you should still send out formal invitations. Weddings are formal events and sending out proper invitations reflects the respect that such a monumental event deserves.


    [From: Vibrant Colors Made This Lakeside Wedding Come to Life / Photo: Aviana Arden Photography]


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    A Classic Cream and White Wedding That Will Fill You with Lots of Love

    A wedding is not just a union between the couple, it is also about two families coming together as one. Looking through the photos by Sophia Kwan, I could tell how close Emma and Matthew’s families were as they celebrated the day with lots of love. Let’s also take note of all the pretty details in this wedding. Embracing their Chinese roots, Emma donned a beautiful qun gua adorned with gold jewelry and Matthew wore a Chinese silk shirt while they enjoyed themselves thoroughly during the door games. And do look at the Atelier Lyanna wedding gown with a lace appliqué bodice and button back details–Emma looks so stunning in it with her soft peach bouquet. Lastly, and most noteworthy, we see Emma and Matthew exchanging their vows against a floral arch, accompanied by loved ones, and with an exquisite wedding cake–what’s not to love? Scroll away, lovelies for more!

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    This Quaint Engagement in Adelaide Will Leave You Awestruck

    A warm and fuzzy feeling is simply an understatement for this inexplicably cinematic series of seasons and stills. Gazing at this engagement shoot feels as if you’re hearing the distant yet resonating wedding bells, as this couple takes a serene stroll through the endless charm of Adelaide, Australia before tying the knot. From the couple stepping foot on the monumental scene of the city, gracing the green grass of the quaint countryside, and walking hand in hand to the brimming sunset light–everything about this engagement shoot will delight the lovers of love. With every surreal detail falling into place, you’ll fall deeply in love just like today’s couple, Hugo and Cingel, all thanks to Victor Lui Photography‘s glorious set as you go through it!

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    13 Hong Kong-Based Wedding Cake and Dessert Makers You Can Get to Sweeten Your Big Day

    Hello, brides! We can all agree that the wedding cake is clearly the belle of your reception and not to mention, the grand focus of your dessert bar. Finding the baker fit for your celebration’s theme, dietary needs, and style as a couple can be challenging enough. We rounded up these brilliant Hong Kong-based bakers that could cater to your wedding cake and dessert bar dreams. You’ll certainly find one (or maybe even two!) that’s bound to meet your needs and encapsulate the essence of your special day. Cut the cake of your dreams and take a bite of the married life’s sweet first slice!


    (1) The Sweet Spot

    Whether it’s for cake or just a simple decorative piece to be placed at home, it will be timeless and a special memory to be kept. From birthday celebrations and baby showers, to weddings, or even for enjoyment, The Sweet Spot strives to provide clients with a bespoke cake catered to all their needs. Cakes are individualized and made to order, with the team’s undivided attention on every detail. Everything that’s baked is made from scratch with quality ingredients and classic flavors. The Sweet Spot’s love for floral decor in soft pastel and muted hues translates through their designs, a colorful reminder of the homey loving flavors from your own kitchen.

    Starting rate for wedding cakes:
    All wedding cakes are custom designed for clients. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the final design of the cake. The starting prices for wedding cakes are HK$4,000 with a minimum of 2 tiers.


    (2) Phoenix Sweets

    Phoenix Sweets is a bespoke cake brand based in Hong Kong. Founded by Ms. Phoenix HUI as an online artisan confectionery store, the team behind Phoenix Sweets is passionate about creating made-to-order cakes and baked confectioneries for weddings, business events, celebrations, and all memorable occasions. Phoenix Sweets uses the finest ingredients and craftsmanship to bake their artisan sweets. Each piece of their delicate work is a precious gift for your beloved ones.

    Starting rate for wedding cakes:
    For the most popular wedding cake sizes (i.e. 8″+6″+4″ and 8″+6″, diameter), the starting price is HK$ 6,980 and $5,680 respectively. Please note that the actual price of wedding cake depends on the finalized design requirement. ​

    Starting rate for dessert table:
    HK$ 1,280 for 24 pieces of mini cupcakes, 24 pieces of marshmallow pop, and 24 pieces of macarons.


    (3) SIFT

    Sift is modern patisserie driven by an exclusive passion to bring the most refined, gourmet cupcakes, French pastries, macarons, and cookies to our customers. They source the world over for the highest quality ingredients–whether it be their Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate products, or dairy imported from France, they believe in using the very best. Every item is flavoured with all-natural ingredients, real strawberries, cherries, etc. flown in fresh to guarantee the most pure and unadulterated of flavors.

    Starting rate for wedding cakes: 6” + 8” diameter 2 tier celebration cake HK$ 1,440
    Our celebration cake is one of the best option as wedding cake! It can be in a form of 2-tier cake, best for 50+ people.

    Starting rate for dessert table:
    HK$ 1,880 for 30 pieces of mini cupcakes, 24 pieces of macarons, 24 pieces of cookie lollipops, and 24 pieces of marshmallows.

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