A Red and Olive Themed Wedding at a Beautiful Hillside Resort

Romancing our way through the week has never been this delightful because today’s wedding is absolutely beautiful–from the hilltop view at Alila Ubud, to the elegant details that filled every part of the union! Xiao Yan and Jia Ning chose a dramatic palette of red and olive green, a fitting one for the nature-filled surroundings of their venue. Flowers were in theme as well but kept at a minimum to allow Alila Ubud’s scenery to command the view. Lastly, we love Xiao Yan’s minimalist dress, a modern chic choice that fit her perfectly! With her short bob loosely framing her face with soft curls and a cascading veil, she stunned everyone when she stepped on the aisle. I’ve said much but I think you’d better see all the photos of Iluminen for yourself! Scroll on now.

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The Look


5 Red and Burgundy Velvet Accents at For An Extra Stylish Wedding

The truth is, velvet is such a beautiful accent to use anywhere, and most especially at weddings! The textured hues of velvet add an extra dimension to anything paired with it. Today we’re exploring the wonders of velvet details and how you can use these for your wedding! In addition, we chose your favorite palette: red and burgundy!


(1) Wear velvet shoes!

Walk down the aisle in style with a beautiful pair of velvet shoes! Whether it be pumps, peep-toe heels, or even flats, a velvet pair on your feet will surely make your bridal look a little more exciting!

[Photo: Shoewishes]

[Photo: Maria Lamb]

[Photo: Lindsay Hackney Photography]

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9 Cute Instagram-worthy Snacks for Your Hungry Wedding Guests

We’ve said it over and over before: food is the best way to make your guests happy! Truly, the banquet menu is crucial for your wedding day, but don’t forget to also prepare snacks for guests who will get hungry while waiting for the banquet to start, and guests who will party the night away with you can find themselves famished by midnight. Today we rounded up some delicious snacks that you can serve for your hungry wedding guests. But we also decided to step it up by putting together a super cute and Instagram-worthy list! All your guests will be extra thankful you provided cute snacks–we’re 100% sure they will also be snapping shots left and right to document them too!


Tuxedo Cheese and Crackers

For starters, this classic pair makes snacking extra dapper.

[From: Kitchen Mason]


Fish Tacos with Tequila

Cocktail hour is looking extremely cute with this duo of tequila and tacos.

[From: Belle the Magazine, Photo: Cynthia Martyn Events]

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Keeping It Sweet and Simple Made This Couple’s Shoot Extra Appealing

If there’s a valid lesson to be learned from today’s pair it’s this: you can have a simple yet stunning engagement shoot! Vincent and Crystal didn’t go far away, nor did they have many wardrobe changes. They picked a classic look–Vincent in a suit, and Crystal in a white gown–and shot at Hong Kong University. What they didn’t have in terms of additional embellishments they made up for with all their love! Tammy Shun‘s photos of the two are full of endearing moments. They’re enough to spark inspiration and to give you all the feels! Scroll and enjoy every photo from this sweet Hong Kong pre-wedding shoot now.

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The Look



Easy, Step-by-Step Guide On How to Make a Mood Board For Your Wedding

This first part of wedding planning, deciding on your wedding color and theme, is probably one of the most fun parts, for me. It’s a process that really lets you tap into that creative side of you and once you see the colors and styles coming together, it makes the start of wedding planning a very exciting one! The best way to really go about deciding on your wedding color and theme is by creating your own mood board. And today, we’re sharing with you an easy, step-by-step guide on how to do it! Let’s begin.


(1) Start gathering inspiration on Pinterest.

Aren’t we lucky to have Pinterest in this digital age? You can find all the inspiration you need here–start pinning away! You can create one board first for all the things you see that interest you and inspire you. Pin colors, decorations, flowers, gowns, and more! Don’t worry first about how they go together; we will come to that later. Just keep adding all your favorite things first. I absolutely loved diving into Pinterest and just immersing in all the beautiful finds in the site!

[Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash]


(2) Narrow down your choices.

After you think you’ve searched enough, it’s time to start narrowing down your choices. You can do this by creating another board then moving your absolute favorite pins there. For this second board, instead of it just being a second dump of photos, try to group together ideas, colors, and details that look good together. If you realize that you have more than one set of photos that look good together, you can make a third board and put the other group there.

[Photo by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash]

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash]

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