From Romantic and Classic Scenes, To Stylish Retro and Bohemian Looks, This Studio is Perfect For Your Themed Engagement Shoot

Your engagement shoot is a time for you and your husband-to-be to be creative and have fun! It’s the best opportunity to go all out with a theme that suits your personality and showcases your interests. Fortunately, for couples who really want to take their themed engagement shoot to the next level, the flagship studio, Studio998, is back and has been revamped with new themed studios for you to enjoy! Couples can look forward to the new series “Cherish” which just got an upgrade—imagine a complete combination of romantic, classic, retro, and bohemian themed looks all at your midst! Officially open this August, brides and grooms can now visit the studio and take stylish engagement photos at these new must-see photo shoot spots.


The Secret Garden

Are you the kind of girl who fantasizes about romantic gardens and being surrounded by greenery and flowers? If you answered yes, this glasshouse will transport you into a scene from your dreams! Once you step into the glasshouse, you can feel the romance that fills the air. You’ll instantly be surrounded by the lush blooms aback white window frames and the afternoon sun’s warm glow. Crystal chandeliers line the ceiling and a hammock lies at the center for those intimate scenes under the sun. This studio looks just like your dream European secret garden!

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Check Out This Couple’s Picturesque Outdoor Wedding with Rustic and Earthy Details!

A natural scenery is effortlessly beautiful, but when styled with the perfect details, it can be even more breathtaking! This is what I loved the most about Suwan and Jean’s wedding. It is just perfect from every angle! The earthy and elegant styling and decorations by ME Events Phuket highlighted the venue’s fresh feel. Everything blended so flawlessly with the natural scenery that it’s almost like watching an artwork come to life! Also noteworthy in this wedding is the bride’s stunning look! I am in love with her dress with its beautiful cut and delicate floral details. She definitely stood out in this picture-perfect wedding. The photos captured by Bloc Memoire Photography are also all too good not to share, so scroll down and see this picturesque wedding for yourself!

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The Look




There’s Nothing More Inspiring Than a Gorgeous Paris Engagement, Like This One!

If you’re looking for a little something to pick up your moon, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s feature is a beautiful pre-wedding shoot taken by Oliver Fly Photography in a place that’s oozing with romance: Paris! Evelyn and Rex make sure they’ve got photos in all the best spots–with the Eiffel Tower, along the river, and in quaint-looking streets around the city. Evelyn also made sure her outfit matched the grandeur around her. She wore gorgeous dresses from Elysian Bridal Couture and Rania Hatoum Bridal. We’re also quite enamored by the beautiful hair accessories from Twigs & Honey. Lovely form every angle, this engagement will surely make you inspired all throughout the day! Read on now.

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The Look



Important Do’s and Don’ts For Your Chinese Traditional Dress or Qun Gua

Qun Gua has a long history of over 100 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Guangdong area during the Qing dynasty, and through the years, its popularity spread all over mainland China. Today it’s still deemed a very important garment for weddings because of the history and heritage it carries. Naturally, because the qun gua is very important, there are some unspoken rules that come with bearing it on your wedding day. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind so you can avoid doing anything inappropriate with your traditional dress.




  • Don’t try both garments at the same time during your dress fitting.

You must try the top jacket and bottom dress separately, because you can only wear qun gua once in a lifetime. If you try the full set during your dress fitting, this means you will be getting married for the second time on your wedding day.


[From: This Couple Shows Playfulness in Their Traditional Wedding / Photo: Martin Aesthetics]


  • Don’t wear makeup that is too simple.

Because the qun gua is red and represents happiness, brides cannot wear makeup that is too simple makeup–you want to avoid looking too pale amidst the very elaborate dress. Of course nowadays, some brides prefer minimal makeup. This is fine as long as you at least put some lipstick and mascara on.


[From: An All-White Wedding at Hexa / Photo: Patrick Photography]


  • Don’t let pregnant women or people whose parents just passed away touch the dress.

Pregnant women and those whose parents just passed away cannot touch qun gua because it will be bad luck for the bride.


[From: This Wedding at The Intercontinental Hong Kong Has The Sweetest Moments / Photo: History Studio]

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5 Tips To Make Your Red-Themed Wedding Even More Beautiful

It is obvious that red is a favorite color among Hong Kong couples, and there’s not question as to why. Traditionally speaking, it’s THE color for luck and good fortune! Since this color has been used over and over throughout the years, it’s easy to fall into the cycle and lose inspiration. How do you create something different and new with this traditional color? Here’s where we come in! Today, we’ve rounded up some red-themed wedding inspo ideas for you! Here are some tips on how you can turn it up with this color and make your red-themed wedding an event that’s out of the ordinary.


  • Soften the look with a red ombre palette.

[Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

Traditionally decorations for red Chinese banquets are very monochromatic, with the color red taking over almost everything–this can be quite overwhelming! So why not use red in more subtle ways, suggests Timeless Event Design? Here, instead of the usual backdrop, the couple’s initials spotlight was shone on pale curtains instead, with lush floral arrangements on the stage, providing more depth visually. Also, rather than an all-red floral arrangement, mixing red with pink flowers will instantly give a more soft and romantic look.


  • Rock a red outfit for the Tea Ceremony and toasting.

[Photo: Kary Ng]

For brides who do not wish to wear the traditional Qun Gua, a great alternative outfit is the Qi Pao or Cheongsam. Nowadays, there’s no limit to the style given, says Timeless Event Design. It can be tailor-made according to the bride’s preferences in order to suit her figure. Here is a stunning sample of a modern-style Qi Pao in a vibrant red hue. Yes, that’s right, you can rock a red dress for the Chinese traditional ceremonies and banquet toast! Feel free to also make the look more current and modern–this is one way to play it up a little!

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