Get Inspired By The Elegant Details of This East Meets West Portrait Session

Chinese details and decorations can be stylish and elegant at the same time. You can also add a twist to these details by mixing it with modern or Western elements. To our advantage, today’s photo session shows us exactly how this can be done and we’re extremely inspired by all the photos of Angel Cheung. The muse of today’s photo session is dressed in modern qipaos from Yi-ming with chic, side-swept hair for one look, and an accented updo for the other–both were absolutely stunning ensembles! To complement her oriental look, a Chinese-inspired table display was set up, complete with blue and white china and a three-tier cake. We love how this photo session mixes both Chinese cultural details and modern elements and takes the whole look to another level–one that is refined and so sophisticated! If you see the rest of the photos, we’re sure you’ll love everything about today’s feature. Scroll on now for more.

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10 Ways You Can Get Your Fiancé to Feel More Comfortable Behind The Camera

Let’s face the truth, a lot of brides have there have fiancés that are super camera shy–what a challenge for your engagement shoot! So how does one get your husband-to-be to relax and fear not of being in front of the lens? Here are some useful tips from Hong Kong photographers. Be sure to take these down now so that when it’s time for that pre-wedding shoot, your main man is comfortable and ready to take the best photos with you!


(1) Include a hobby that you love to do together.

Getting your husband-to-be to do something he loves doing with you is one great way to make him feel less tense and more relaxed, assures Martin Aesthetics. If you like doing a sport together like boxing, why not shoot in your boxing studio. If you like painting or doing home decoration shopping, go ahead and take shots while prepping your new home.


(2) Turn your shoot into a fun vacation.

You can always make your pre-wedding shoot coincide with a vacation, claims Martin Aesthetics. Book a trip somewhere beautiful or simply drive out of the city to a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. This will make shooting just like taking travel snaps in a scenic place you both love.


(3) If you’re school sweethearts, go back to school with your childhood best friends.

How about making your the photo shoot like a walk down memory lane? Reminisce what it was like to be in school together. There’s nothing more romantic than going back to where it all began! No doubt, your fiancé will loosen up to the familiar sights and remembering how he fell for you all those years ago. Martin Aesthetics shot this couple and says it was truly a fun experience for everyone.

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This Couple Renewed Their Wedding Vows and Had a Romantic Photo Session After

Every milestone as husband and wife should be celebrated. Think about it, you’re going through life’s challenges together, and every triumph–no matter how big or small–is a testament of your love and commitment to one another. Today’s couple, Baijing and James, decided to do just that during their fifth wedding anniversary and upon getting news of a soon-to-be new family member. With the help of stylist and planner AF Atelier, they put together a romantic renewal of vows at Island Shangri-la, Hong Kong. They adopted the theme ‘Old World Elegance’ and found that Island Shangri-la’s vintage interiors suited the look perfectly and delivered a stunning aura to the occasion–complete a chandelier, chinoiserie walls and paintings, and a wooden fireplace. Island Shangri-la was also the same place where the two got married, so naturally being there again made everything extra special. All the details came together beautifully so we’re all captivated by each of these photos by Mattie C. Lastly, so much love fills this celebration, it’s hard not to be overcome with joy. I will now leave you with a sweet quote from James’ vows: “There has not been a problem too big or too painful, knowing that you are always by my side. Life would be a meaningless path, were you not there to see it through with me. I promise to keep falling in love with you, with our children and our family for as long as I shall live.”

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New Bridal Collections Out Now and Where to Find Them in Hong Kong

We always look forward to new bridal collections, don’t you? We can’t wait to see what designers from all over the world have made for all brides-to-be. In fact, we always await the new arrivals at Hong Kong Bridal Shops. So for all those that are just as eager and excited as us, we decided to consolidate all the NEW collections of the season that are available at local bridal shops now. Yup, you heard it, here’s the latest of bridal fashion and where you can get your hands on these beyond gorgeous gowns in Hong Kong!


Julie Vino‘s works have graced our blog several times, and these dresses, from the 2020 Royal Collection of the Romanzo by Julie Vino line, are just as stunning as always. The designer’s signature sultry lines are always something to look forward to, and the delicate accent details are also a woman’s best friend–covering just enough to reveals every bride’s best assets. You can don any of these dresses on your wedding day! Just schedule a trip to Le Soleil Bridal Closet to start fitting one of these gowns now.

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