17 Personalised Wedding Favors Packaging Designs from Taobao

As you Big Day comes to a close, don’t forget to send a little token of thanks to all those who came to celebrate with you and show their support for your new life ahead. Their warm and encouraging presence is a testimony of their love for you and your wedding wouldn’t be the same without them filling each moment with so much joy! One way to go the extra mile in extending your gratitude is by personalising your giveaways. The added detail will surely get the message of thanks across. Consider, for example, these cute wedding packages from Taobao! You can personalise your message, you can include your wedding logo, and you have so many package designs to choose from! Without a doubt, a wedding favor wrapped in any one of these will be very much appreciated by your wedding guests.


Floral and Feminine

A romantic themes are a favourite among brides. Hence, these floral and feminine packaging designs will do be a hit.

[Price: RMB$1.5 per piece | Shop Link]



[Price: RMB$1.5 per piece | Shop Link]


[Price: RMB$1.3 per piece | Shop Link]


[Price: RMB$3.71 per piece | Shop Link]

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A Feminine Photo Session with a Bride and Her Sisters

Having a sister is one of the bests things in the world–you have an instant best friend and confidant. Hazel was blessed with not one, but two sisters. Naturally the two are part of her wedding entourage. In this photo session taken by TIKIT, you can tell that Hazel and her sisters are really close. You can also see the genuine happiness Hazel’s sisters have for her. Truly, every photo in this set reflects the special bond between sisters, and it’s so refreshing to see it in it’s raw, tender form. See more of this feminine photoshoot now, and don’t miss the video at the end as well! Scroll on.

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The Look



A Stylish Shoot in the Park and the Streets

Now this is a photoshoot that will definitely inspire you! Looking through the photos taken by Kel Li art Gallery left me in awe and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. The photoshoot was beautiful and unique in so many ways. For starters, the couple had a very stunning shoot by the park that was simply glamorous. The chemistry between Vivi and Terry was definitely felt by just looking at the pictures! Aside from the park location, they also opted to have a more casual photoshoot in the streets and in a bar. They wore matching denim jackets–it was so adorable that I wish I thought of that idea myself. To top it off, they had a very nice video made by them as well. You simply have to see all the photos and watch the video yourself!

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The Look



3 Ways You Can Make a Statement with Your Wedding Dress

Let’s be honest, brides. We want nothing else than to look absolutely perfect on our wedding day. Hence, the hunt for THE dress is a journey that we take very seriously. Going through rows and rows of dresses during your rounds in bridal shops can be confusing–you might find it impossible to choose! Today’s style feature from Carolina Herrera will be a lot of help in this area. These style ideas will surely make a mark on your wedding guests and will bring your bridal look to perfection! So, you’ll want to keep these in mind. Here are three ways you can make a statement with your wedding dress.


(1) Beautiful Bows

A big bow is a statement in itself! It brings two important style elements to a gown: volume and character.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

As soon as you get engaged and start wedding planning, the first item in your to-do list is to choose a date and a wedding venue. Of course, the idea of having a destination wedding always comes to mind at this point. Here at Bride and Breakfast, we’re no strangers to destination weddings with breathtaking views. Wouldn’t it be a dream to fly off and tie the knot in an exotic island or in the European countryside? Before you make a decision, here’s something to help you. We’ve listed the pros and cons of having a destination wedding. Read each carefully and hopefully after, you will know if a destination wedding is right for you!

[From: A Breathtaking Bush Wedding at the Bvlgari Resort in Bali / Photos: Terralogical]

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