Can You Dispose or Give Away Items From Your Chinese Wedding? Find Out Here.

After the wedding, you’ll have a lot of materials on your hands, both from your Chinese wedding and your western one. Now, what do you do with your items? Can you give them all away, do you donate instead, or do you dispose of them? For many of the items, any of the mentioned are fine. However, there are some items that need to handled properly, especially because they hold a significant meaning for your marriage. Find out what these items are and what to do with them here.

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This Classic Wedding is Adorned with Beautiful Details in Hues of White and Gold

Picture this. You’re against a romantic backdrop where the sea and sky merge into a colorful display of blue. Then, all around you are flowers and decorations in hues of white and gold. This is the scene that greets you at James and Kay’s gorgeous wedding at Villa Aye. The classic color palette that filled the venue turned the whole celebration into an extra elegant affair. Dancing lights and the couple’s beautiful table setting display kept the reception that followed extra romantic. We have Saya Photography for this captivating wedding. They made sure they captured every moment and details and we’re extra lucky to be privy to such a special union. See more now!

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10 Common Wedding Day Disasters and Quick Fixes for Each One

Let’s be honest, weddings aren’t perfect. Many times, there’s a miss here or there, and things don’t always go 100% as planned. Accidents do happen and the best thing to do is really just keep going and not let it ruin your most special day! Quick fixes are also every bride’s best friend. Today, we listed out some common wedding day disasters and the quick fixes you need to know just in case. So, read up and remember these tips, ladies. We hope you will not have to actually use them, in case you do, at least you know you prepared! Let’s start.

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(1) Makeup smudges.

From all the tears of joy, it is absolutely possible for your makeup to turn out messy and runny.

What to do: First and foremost, you should make the necessary preparations for lasting wedding day makeup. This should at least minimize the chances of smears and runny makeup. But if it still fails, don’t rub! Dab over the section with tissue or blotting paper. Then, use a brush to even out the color and re-apply makeup.

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There’s No Place Like Home

For today’s pre-wedding shoot, stylist AF Atelier went for something more intimate, raw, and natural. Inspired by the home, a place where the couple, Stephanie and Dicken, will be spending most of their time together and building their new life as one, the shoot took place in an English-style cottage accentuated with muted earthy tones and gold. Fruits were added to capture the autumn season and the cozy ambience of casual home living. It’s evident that photographer Heather Lai framed every sweet moment shared between the two lovers–and boy, do we love how stunning every photo is! See more of this engagement now.

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The Look



11 Wedding Hacks That Every Bride Should Know

Hi, brides! Today we have something special for you. We’re revealing 11 wedding hacks that will surely be useful for your special day. Some of these will help you save a bit, other will make your life easier, but ultimately, no bride should face her wedding day without knowing these tips. So, it’s time to start getting acquainted with these tricks of the trade! Read on.


(1) Use a separate email address for all wedding correspondences.

Before you even start emailing your first ever potential vendor, create a separate email address for all wedding-related correspondences. This way, you will not get wedding planning details mixed up with your personal emails. A little organization will help a lot!

[Photo: John Schnobrich on Unsplash]


(2) Use a convertible dress instead of having two or more dresses.

This will save you a lot of money and effort! A convertible dress will give you an instant second look, and will cost a lot less than getting a whole other second dress!

[Photo: Oscar de la Renta]


(3) You can keep your veil from flying using small magnetic weights.

If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding where it can be potentially very windy, secure your veil using tiny magnetic weights.

[From: This Cream and White Wedding Comes with a Dreamy Post-Nuptial Sunset Session / Photo: Iluminen]

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