7 Wedding Reminders You Should Not Forget to Tell Your Guests

When it comes to wedding details, you must not forget to keep your guests well informed. They are all very much a part of your special day, so making sure they’re knowledgeable of things that concern them is just as important. Trust us, they will appreciate it very much too if you show that you’re concerned about them and you constantly update them with the wedding details. Here are some of the reminders that you should not miss out on for your guests. Let’s get started!


(1) The Wedding Attire

[From: This Bride Wore an Elegant Ivory Qipao and a Stylish Modern Gown at Her Wedding / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]

Make sure to remind guests about what to wear. This is very important. Imagine this: you have a garden wedding and you have guests who come in stilettos–they will have the hardest time walking around! Or if the venue has special requirements for no jeans and sandals, or if you wish the guests to follow your color theme! Even up until the week before the wedding, don’t be shy to remind everyone about the wedding attire.


(2) The Wedding Hashtag

[From: This Traditional Church Wedding is Filled with Elegant Details and The Sweetest Moments! / Photo: Feel in the Blank]

Guests will be snapping away during your wedding. If you want to be able to look back on all the content they took, then making sure they’re all aware of your wedding hashtag. Even until the day of your wedding, it won’t hurt to have the hashtag displayed in key spots everywhere so that everyone can use it.

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Boudoir 101: Everything You Need To Know If You’re Having an Intimate Boudoir Photoshoot

Are you planning to have a boudoir shoot? If you answered yes, then you should stay a while to read today’s article. We talked to Hong Kong boudoir photographers and asked them for all the essential tips for an intimate boudoir photo session. Dig in now to get the 101 on everything–preparations, styling, posing, and more!


(1) Book in advance.

Hilary Chan highly recommends that brides book their boudoir shoot at least two months in advance. This will give you more time to prepare for the shoot–working out, make meal plans and prepare outfits.


(2) Don’t wait until you “get into perfect shape”.

Don’t let your self doubt stop you, says Tammy Shun. The most valuable thing of a boudoir shoot is having each bride see and acknowledge the beauty in herself, no matter what your shape is. Your photographer will always find the best angle and highlight not only the physical beauty you posses, but also your innate beauty.


(3) Have a detailed consultation with your photographer.

Having a consultation with your photographer is really important. Your photographer needs to understand your desired outcome and your comfort level. For example, some people are comfortable to go full nude in a shoot, while some may want to be more conservative. Open up to your photographer, advises Hilary Chan, so that you get the shots you want.

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This Couple Planned A Simple Outdoor Ceremony in a Month

With the COVID-19 pandemic still making wedding planning extra challenging for all couples, Crystal and Leo were faced with the tough decision of whether to push through with their Big Day or postpone it for a later date. After careful thought and consideration, they decided on having a simple outdoor ceremony at Kerry Hotel within a month. “It was a risky decision,” shares Crystal, the bride, “and we needed to spend another sum of money during the tough time, but it turned out to be our dream wedding, complete with our loved ones, cozy weather–simple and surrounded by blessings!” See more of their intimate wedding below, documented by MC Photography.

Crystal and Leo are very thankful to all their wedding vendors who allowed them to defer the booking of their wedding banquet for free with flexible arrangements. “We appreciate their help!”, says Crystal. For other brides and grooms who are struggling with their wedding planning at a time like this, here are some tips from the couple.

(1) Stay up-to-date with the government policy. New regulations ruin every couples’ plan. For instance our banquet needed to be postponed as expected. Be ready to adjust.

(2) Prepare for the best, prepare for the worst at the same time. Have back up plans because you never know what will happen as the weeks go by.

(3) As you prepare your contingency plan, constantly communicate with your vendors so they can adjust too.

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10 Fun and Entertaining Chinese Door Games for the Groom and Groomsmen (Part 2)

One of the important and entertaining Chinese wedding tradition is the “door games” activity. This is ritual is a symbol of the groom’s love for the bride, as well as an exhibition of his perseverance to claim her is his wife. The games serve as “tests” that prove the groom is worthy to become the bride’s wife. Today, we’re adding to our initial list of games in this article. Here are 10 more fun game for you to try on your wedding day.

[From: A Serene Garden Wedding with Blush and White Details / Photo: Aupho Wedding]


(1) Dirty Dancing

Time for your groom to unleash his alter ego, a.k.a. Patrick Swayze! Or, he can just really show off how well he can sway his hips to the beat. For this challenge, put on some sexy sounds and make the groom and the groomsmen show just how sensual they can be!

(2) Eat Up!

Since men have huge appetites, why not challenge the groom and groomsmen to a speed eating challenge? Set aside some crackers (or any biscuit you want) and tell the groom and groomsmen how many crackers they need to finish at a certain time. Those who fail to finish all the crackers in the given time lose and must face a consequence.

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A Romantic Pre-wedding Indoor Portrait Session at Rosewood Hong Kong

Yes, you may go to some far off place for your engagement session. You may also drive away into the countryside. But for Katie and Jim, these went for something more intimate–an indoor portrait session at Rosewood Hong Kong. Looking at their photos taken by Hilary Chan, it was good idea to turn to a place with beautiful indoor details for their shoot. Rosewood’s contemporary interiors serves are the perfect backdrop for the couple who both looked so glam. Putting together all the elements–Hilary’s eye for photos, Rosewood’s elegant interiors, and the couple’s stylish outfits–resulted in the most dreamy indoor pre-wedding portrait session we’ve ever seen! Come over now to see it for yourself.

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