Forced to Postpone Your Wedding Day Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here are the Next Steps to Take

If you’re forced to postpone your wedding day because of the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t panic. We’re here to help you get through this trying time. While emotions are heightened and the atmosphere of stress and worry is too thick to ignore, here are the next productive steps you can take to bring back your wedding planning into perspective.


Personally Inform Your Guests

[From: Tones of Soft Blush Made This Wedding Exceptionally Dreamy / Photo: MC Photography]

When you invited your guests to your wedding, you did it very personally through a printed invite, a social media event calendar, or a meet-up. Now that you have decided to postpone your wedding, your guests will appreciate it very much if they hear the news from you instead from any of your vendors. No need to re-send a new invitation for the new date. Just notify them and make an effort to connect with them as a couple.


Revisit Supplier Contracts

[From: A Delicate Blush and White Wedding That’s Overflowing with Emotions / Photo: Emma Fok Photography]

Now is the time to check your existing vendor contracts from your file and study the clause for postponement or cancellation. Talk to your supplier and discuss how you can form a new agreement now that both parties are faced with this situation. Write the new agreement down to safeguard both parties and continue to work together towards your new wedding date. Remember, listen to your vendors and be considerate to them too because they are affected by the situation.

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8 Rules to Determine How Much Laisee to Give to a Couple During Weddings

When you are invited to a wedding, one important thing you must prepare is the laisee packet for the couple. For most Hong Kong weddings, money is given instead of material wedding gifts–such a practical practice! But how much money should be put into the laisee? There are several rules that help determine the amount that you need to put into the laisee. We listed them down for you and included some other points you must note. Let’s go through them now.



Rule 1: Give in Amounts That Total to Lucky Even Numbers

[From: This Wedding at Rosewood is Adorned with Elegant Gold Details / Photo: MC Photography]

The common amounts are 600, 800, 1500, 2,800, etc. Avoid giving amounts that result in odd numbers because this is only suitable for funerals, not for weddings.


Rule 2: Consider Your Relationship

[From: A Simply Sweet Hong Kong Wedding with Romantic Red Details / Photo: Sophia Kwan]

The closer the relationship, the bigger the amount for the laisee. By relationship, it can mean your relationship with the couple or the parents, depending who invited you. If you are part of the bridal party, even if you will receive another laisee from the couple separately, you should also prepare one for the couple too.

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A Fun Wedding at Jucker Farm During the Pumpkin Festival

Every year, Jucker Farm holds the Pumpkin Championship, which includes an exhibition of creative displays made with pumpkins and an award for the heaviest pumpkin. In today’s feature, we find Renee and Andee tying the knot right in the center of the festivities at Jucker Farm! Their ceremony took place in an intimate barn with rustic elements which where fitting details for the venue. Left and right bright orange pumpkins surrounded the couple, who made sure to take snaps by the beautiful displays. They incorporated the theme into their wedding details as well complete with mini pumpkins as table accents. We’re truly fascinated by all the photos by Terry Li who captured every detail–pumpkin display and all! More delightful photos await, so scroll along.

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The Look


9 Dainty Wedding Band Styles for the Feminine Bride-to-Be

It’s time for you to choose your wedding bands, and well, in all honesty, none of the traditional styles really appeal to you. You’re a fun-loving, feminine bride and you want something a little more reflective of your personality. Not to worry, today’s feature is perfect for you! We gathered some extra dainty wedding band styles that will get you inspired right away. So without further ado, here’s what we came up with!


(1) For those who don’t feel like veering away to much from the classics, here’s a more delicate take on the studded band. Slimmer, with a little bling, and stackable, this beauty of a band is undeniably as pretty as can be!

[Image Source: JSV Concepts via Etsy]


(2) You love everything rustic? If yes, this style is right up your alley! Mimicking a vine with vivid green stones, this style reminds us very much of fairies or even elven princesses (ala Lady Arwen from Lord of the Rings).

[Image Source: Luster Gems via Etsy]

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B&B HK’s Styled Shoot Giveaway Revealed: A Modern Industrial Pre-wedding Session

Do you recall our Christmas Styled Shoot Giveaway? We opened the floor for all of our readers to get a chance to win a FREE pre-wedding shoot that will be styled by the Bride and Breakfast. Today, we’re sharing with you the photos from the styled shoot and revealing the winning couple, Suki and Mike! Keep scrolling to find out more about the details from the shoot.

We chose an industrial setting for the shoot for a modern yet raw look and feel. To bring life to the scenery, we chose accent jewel colors of blue, wine, and marsala.

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The Look