Here’s a Financial Timeline To Help You Prepare for The Wedding and New Life After

Let’s talk money. Yes, this is the more serious side of getting married; it’s also a very, very important detail that you and your husband-to-be need to sit down on and discuss fully. To help you both easily see the financial horizon ahead, we made a simple financial timeline that you can follow. Planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and taking active steps for the expenses for your wedding and life after will be a great way to get your married life off to a good start. So, here goes! Let’s get down to business now.

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One Year Before Your Wedding: Set Budget and Consolidate Financials

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  • Set your wedding budget. We can’t stress enough how important this first step is. It’s going to be the basis for many–if not all–of your wedding-related decisions. When making your budget, ensure that it’s a realistic one so you don’t end up going overboard or scrimping on some of the important details.
  • Talk about who pays for what for your wedding. From the beginning, be clear with who pays for what. This way there will be no problems when the bills come and it’s time to settle them.
  • Understand each others individual financial situation and decide on how you’d like to handle both of your earnings and expenses. You’re both coming from a life where your only concern is your own financial needs and habits. Now, you must understand each other’s status and talk about how to move forward.
  • Consolidate and arrange all your bank accounts, investments, loans, and other assets. This is the time to decide on whether you will have a joint bank account or keep separate individual ones. This is also the time to decide on what to do with all your other financial obligations and owned assets. Openness and transparency is key so you and your future husband are on the same page on your soon-to-be conjugal possessions.

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A Heartwarming Wedding in Japan with a Special Appearance by Alpacas

I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing with you the wedding of our very own editor, Nikki. It’s a day we’ve all been looking forward to and now we can share all the beautiful details with you through the lens of . The ceremony took place at a chapel that was tucked away in the woods with a pair of special ring bearers making an appearance at the aisle, alpacas! They were absolutely adorable that all the guests were so excited. Nikki wore a minimalist dress from The Wed Genie and had her hair neatly gathered into a loose bun by Euthy Wong Makeup. Nikki really put in extra effort on all the details, especially since she was on a budget. She tried to D.I.Y. everything, including the invitations, place cards, menu, and even the selfie pre-wedding photos that were used as display (#photographersgoal)! For everything else, she tried to keep a clean and modern look and maximize the use of flowers–focus on the main table as that is the photo background, and use small flowers in different vases as centerpieces. While many tears were shed throughout the celebration, they were that of love and joy for the two souls that have finally become one. Congratulations once again, Nikki and Simon! We wish you all the best.

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The Look




8 Wedding Dress Trends Coming Your Way This 2020 with Over 35 Gowns as Inspiration!

2020 is here and we’ve started the year by consulting and finding out what wedding dress trends will be dominating throughout the year. Today, we’re revealing what some Hong Kong bridal shops revealed to us, so get ready for loads of pretty dresses. We couldn’t contain our ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ so come join us as we get a glimpse of what’s in store for wedding fashion this 2020! Let’s start.


(1) Elegant Off-Shoulder Details

It’s about time to add extra details to a woman’s shoulders. Elegant off-shoulder accents are entering the scene and with the intricate creations from these samples below, you can tell that it really makes a big difference.

[Dress: Danit Levi from Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

[Dress: Danit Levi from Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

[Dress: Elia Vatine from Le Soleil Bridal Closet]

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Clear Blue Skies and a Lot of Love Wrap This Couple On Their Special Day

For Agnes and David’s special day, they had the clearest of skies–a bright blue horizon with the beaming sun greeting them. It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding! And while the lovers were surrounded with such skies, they were also surrounded by so much love. As guests flocked the pretty garden terrace at One-thirtyone, it was obvious they each one of them was overjoyed for the couple. Tears were shed–the happy kind–and love shared by all embraced Agnes and David. Lastly, just the perfect complement to the blue horizon, the couple’s color palette of choice was a combination of baby blue and white–how fitting, don’t you think? Here are more photos from Kel Li Art Gallery for you to enjoy!

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The Look


12 Simple and Sweet Gestures for Your Husband On Valentine’s Day

And so the month of love is here yet again–what a great time it truly us! We love seeing all the flowers everywhere during the time of the year and we love spotting women extra happy, bouquet in one arm and the other, intertwined with their men. Grand gestures are surely appreciated, but did you know small ones are just as touching? If in case you’re more inclined to simple sweet gestures, we made a list of things you can easily do to make Valentine’s Day special for your hubby. Here it is!

[From: Sweet and Candid Scenes Fill This Pre-wedding Shoot with Intimacy / Photo: Hyggeland]


(1) Bring him breakfast in bed.

Wake up a tad bit earlier to prepare some breakfast and as soon as the hubby awakes, make your grand entrance, tray in hand with the smell of coffee filling the room.

(2) Dedicate a song to him on the radio.

He won’t expect this at all–and that’s why it’s a perfect idea! Make his morning drive sweet by calling his favorite radio station and dedicating a song to him.


[From: This Couple Had a Sweet Honeymoon Photo Session in France / Photo: Saya Photography]

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