9 Cost-free Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you struggling to plan a wedding on a budget? There are many ways to cut down on wedding costs, but aside from that, there are a number of wedding ideas that won’t cost you a single thing! Yes, you heard that right. In this blog, we listed out some cost-free wedding ideas that won’t dent your budget at all. Read on now to find out what they are.


(1) Backyard or Dried Flowers

If you have a friend or relative with a garden full of flowers, you can create your very own wedding bouquet at zero cost! If your wedding is during springtime, you’ll have an array of blooms to choose from! But what if you’re getting during winter? Option B is dried flowers! Dried flowers are popular home decorations since they last a long time. If you already have them already at home, or if you know someone who has them, you can definitely repurpose them for your wedding.

[Photo by Jan Ranft on Unsplash]

[From: A Solemn Wedding at House 1881 / Photo: Littlemore Photography]


(2) Pressed Flowers and Leaves

Aside from using backyard flowers and dried flowers for your bouquet, how about using them for decorations as well? We love the idea of framed pressed flowers and leaves as decorations. This D.I.Y. option is not only really easy to do, it’s also something you can use even after your wedding. You can keep them afterwards and hang them on the walls of your new home.

[Photo by Cary Bates on Unsplash]

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A Serene Garden Wedding with a Peach and Cream Color Palette

Who loves the outdoors? We do! To our delight, today’s wedding is a beautiful outdoor celebration with the most stunning elements you can imagine! The couple, Eunice and Raymond, went for peach and cream hues which brightened the garden venue at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin. With flowers in the same palette and hints of copper accents here and there, their wedding was, without a doubt, an extra romantic event. captured Eunice and Raymond’s wedding day perfectly. No detail or moment was left undocumented. You’ll be missing out on a lot of inspiration if you don’t scroll through all the photos now.

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How to Prepare For Your Pre-wedding Shoot

Being engaged is fun and exciting! Aside from diving into wedding planning, you will also need to prepare for your much-awaited pre-wedding shoot. Many couples look forward to their pre-wedding shoot because it’s a way to showcase their love and document their love story. Engagement photos also serve as beautiful details at your wedding. For example, include framed photos to your banquet tables, around the venue, or at the table where guests log into the guest book. That’s not all–you can also fill your new home with your pre-wedding photos!

But what are the things you need to do for your engagement shoot? To help you out, we listed all the steps you need to do. Read on now.

[From: Make Way for Today’s Beautiful Mountainside Engagement Session / Photo: Momo de Film]


(1) Get inspiration from your love story.

As me mentioned, may couples really look back on their love story and use this as inspiration for their pre-wedding shoot. It’s really such a great way to capture your relationship and then share it with others through beautiful photos. Is there a unique story behind how you met? Is there anything you want to highlight from the years you spent dating one another?

[From: For Their Pre-wedding Shoot, This Couple Opened a Box Full of Keepsakes / Photo: Michelle Kwok]


(2) Reveal your shared interests.

What are the things you like to do together? If you’re both into a sport or hobby–or anything else, for that matter–you can include this as part of your engagement shoot so people see what you love as a couple.

[From: This Couple Had a Fun Pre-wedding Shoot Doing What They Love, Rugby / Photo: Bliss Meeting Film]

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This Couple Sang During Their Rust-themed Wedding at House 1881

Emily and Sanders’ rustic wedding at House 1881 was a beautiful celebration filled with exquisite details and a showcase of the couple’s talent: singing. At first glance, you’ll notice the warm and inviting rust color palette that accentuated all corners of the venue. The pop of color was the perfect addition to House 1881’s all-white walls. Emily’s gorgeous wedding dress from Le Soleil Bridal Closet is also worth taking a close look at. Notice all the beautiful layers and intricate appliqué details–her look is one for the books! Finally, we especially love how the couple shared their love for singing during their wedding–from the ceremony until the the reception. Their guests must have had a grand time celebrating with them. Scroll on and see Moonbird Production and Dino W Video‘s snaps of this special day.

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Wedding Day Photography Styles Explained

When you’re on the hunt for your wedding day photographer, there are many things to consider. But one of the first things you will need to choose is the style of wedding photography you want. Yes, there are different kinds of wedding photography styles and choosing one can be confusing, especially if you don’t know the difference between them.

If you’re feeling clueless about the different wedding day photography styles, today’s feature will give you the 101 on each style. By the end of this article, we hope you can already choose which wedding photography style best suits you. Here we go.



(1) Journalistic Photography

Also known as Photojournalism or Documentary-style Photography, this kind of wedding photography that focuses on capturing candid moments in an unobtrusive manners. Photos are less formal–no posing or group shots–and your photographer will steal valuable spontaneous moments from the background. From the word “journal”, the goal of this type of photography is to tell a story in the most natural way possible.

[From: This Bride Planned Two Weddings From Across the Globe and with a Tight Schedule / Photos: ]

[From: This Couple Chose PMQ as Their Wedding Venue, and It was Extra Stunning! / Photos: Lauhaus.co]

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