All Brides Want for Christmas: B&B’s Grand Giveaways 2018

It’s our favorite time of the year and we can’t help but feel the spirit of Christmas already! 2018 has been a wonderful year for all of us at Bride and Breakfast Hong Kong, so we want to end it with a bang by giving back to our readers who have been and continue to be a source of inspiration for us. Today, we’re revealing our B&B Christmas Grand Giveaways 2018, so keep reading to find out more about our 12 giveaways (yes, you read it right, 12!!!) and how you can get a chance to win any one of them this Christmas.

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This Romantic Lakeside Wedding in Italy is As Picturesque as Can Be!

To wed in Italy with a gorgeous lake as your view–how can anyone resist this? We know we can’t, so today all our eyes are fixated on today’s featured wedding. Loraine and Nick’s special day couldn’t be any more romantic. They opted for a white and champagne color theme–a subtle pairing that matched the venue’s elaborate architecture. They said “I do” and celebrated in a beautiful garden overlooking Lake del Garda, surrounded by rich greenery and peaceful waters. KC Chan‘s unerring eyes captured every bit of elegance from this wedding, so we’re going to make sure we view all the photos right now. Come join us!

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The Look



Tips on How You Can Take Beautiful Bridal Shots from Photographers Themselves!

When it’s time to take bridal shots, we all want to have our A game on. We want to get that perfectly dreamy bridal shot that will immortalize our most radiant selves ever! But let’s be honest, not all of us are comfortable on camera. Many of us worry about how to look good on camera and how to project our true selves on screen. To help you all out, we talked to our partner photographers and asked them to give us expert tips on how any bride can take beautiful bridal portraits. So listen up and take notes now. Come wedding day, you’ll breeze through your bridal portrait session–we’re sure of it!


(1) miLa Story

  • Don’t worry too much about your smile.

Think less about your smile and try to just let it come naturally. Your photographer will guide you so that you get that perfect, natural-looking smile, so no need to worry. The more you worry, the more it might look awkward.


  • Think happy thoughts.

Think of something funny or interesting during the photoshoot–this helps bring out that natural smile that you shouldn’t need to stress too much about.


  • Go with the flow.

To avoid looking stiff, just go with the flow and move around. Don’t think of trying to achieve a specific kind of pose. Instead, go for spontaneity and fun. It will make a huge difference in your photos.


(2) Martin Aesthetics

  • Don’t be afraid to follow your mood and natural movement.

Laugh, speak, smile–do what you feel like doing and let your photographer capture these spontaneous moments. You don’t need to pose like a pro. You just need to really be YOU!


  • Play with the light.

Pay attention to the light and how it catches your face. You can ask your photographer for help guide you if you’re not sure how to go about this. Light can create all kinds of beautiful effects on your shot, so it’s best to be mindful of it. Use the light as well to develop a sense of tranquility and peace. It will help you leave out all the tension.

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Wedding Trend Alert: Create a Unique Wedding Guest Experience with this Bespoke Perfume Blending Bar

Weddings are special occasions, not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone else who comes to witness the couple’s union. Family and friends—sometimes even from all over the world—come to show their love and support for the bride and groom. And as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for guests sharing such a momentous milestone with the bride and groom, one would want to make sure that they enjoy every bit of the celebration—from food and beverage, all the way down to the decorations and entertainment!



One way you can make your wedding a unique and enjoyable experience for guests is by including this one-of-a-kind, bespoke Perfume Bar by SOVOS Perfumery. A personalized wedding favour, an interactive entertainment and a beautiful wedding decoration all in one, the Perfume Bar will definitely spark interest and excitement among your wedding guests! No doubt, it will also be an instant hit for your wedding and here are some reasons why.


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Paris Je t’aime – An Engagement Session in the City of Love

Today, we have a classic and romantic overseas engagement session for you in the well-known city of love, Paris. Kaixiang and Casabella flew across the globe from Singapore to have OneThreeOneFour capture these stunning images at none other than The Eiffel Tower and Palace Of Versailles— both places which hold significant memories for the couple as they reminisced their schooling and dating days. They definitely took us on an adventure through the streets of Paris with four gorgeous outfit changes, including a cute café break at Les Deux Magots and a casual boat ride alongside swans at the lakes of Gardens of Versailles. We won’t keep you waiting any longer, scroll on now. We hope you enjoy this set as much as we do!

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