A Heartwarming Cream-colored Wedding at Hyatt Regency Shatin

What I love most about weddings is that it reflects a beautiful encounter between two human beings and the journey they have chosen to embark together. Starting off with Fiona and Tony’s wedding is just about the best way to stock up on inspiration for the day. Fiona looks extra radiant in all of her three dresses and has the prettiest bouquet in hand. Tony, looking polished as ever, has his loving gaze fixed on his bride–moments like this make me melt instantly! And if all these aren’t reason enough, take note of the cream color theme that makes this wedding extra classy! Thank you, MC Photography, for granting us a gorgeous wedding to swoon over today. Scroll on for more now!

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5 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas, Part 2!

Making your wedding details fun and creative can be a challenge, especially when you’re already knee deep in things to do! But that’s what were here for–to give you fresh, new ideas every step of the way. Today’s feature zeros in on the wedding guest book. Have you been looking for a fun and different way to get your guests’ well-wishes? If the answer is yes, this feature is just for you! A while back, we rounded up some wedding guest book ideas for you. Today, we’re adding to that list with even more guest book ideas that are unique and extra cute, too. Read more now!


Themed Framed Heart Messages

Framing messages has been around for a while already. But this execution is really cute! It adds so much character at an instant.

[Photos: Strangely Yours via Etsy]

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A Romantic Outdoor Wedding in Portugal

It’s not often that we’re greeted with a wedding like this one–beautiful in every way possible! Cheryl and João’s wedding was simply stunning. They tied the knot in a quaint garden, which was followed by an elegant reception at Quinta do Hespanhol. The ceremony was tucked away in a serene open space surrounded by beautiful greens with a rustic arch that opens to the aisle. Cheryl wore a beautiful lace dress from The Lace Atelier, and looked extra radiant thanks to her makeup by Yoyo Yip. The reception was lit by a canopy of lights that enveloped the room in a warm, romantic glow. I could go on and on, but I think it’s better if you see the beautiful photos by Lauhaus.co yourself–every little detail was captured perfectly. Do stick around because you’ll definitely want to see more of this wedding.

… But wait, there’s more! We’re adding some special discounts along with today’s feature. Scroll down to find out more about them now.

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An Intimate and Elegant Wedding by the Beach

Today’s feature is one you shouldn’t miss! Tingi and Tim’s beach wedding was an intimate occasion that touched our hearts tremendously. The couple’s ceremony was filled with so much love and joy–you can see it in the eyes and smiles of their friends and family. All the emotions of the day tugged at our heartstrings! And when you have a serene beach as your wedding venue, you know you have the best kind of backdrop anyone could ask for! The beautiful sea view of Villa Tievoli gifted the wedding with an exquisite tapestry of the ocean and sky. Finally, the couple kept everything elegant with a neutral color palette of cream beige, and white. Indeed, Darin Images made our day with this photo collection. Stay a while and let them work their magic on your day, too.

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Every Bride’s Wedding Wish List: The Perfect Bridal Style

We know how important it is for brides to achieve perfection on her wedding day. And she works extra hard to make her wedding ideals a reality! Secretly, she may be toying with the idea of a genie grating every wish at an instant. We’re not magical, nor are we capable of instant results, but we do have some solutions to help grant every bride’s wedding wish list. So, here are six wedding wishes every bride has on her mind and what we think will help in making them come true!


(1) Makeup That Will Turn Her Into The Most Beautiful Woman of the Day

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. With this at the top of her list, she naturally wishes to have the best makeup and the best beauty team behind her on her most special day. Aside from that, she also wants to make sure she’s well-prepared with the proper skin regimen and helpful beauty tips to look extra radiant. Wish granted, ladies! Here are some features you can read to help you.

[From: Intimate Boudoir Session for Husband-to-be / Photo: Sophia Kwan]


(2) A Jaw-Dropping Wedding Gown

Wish two is to have the most jaw-dropping wedding gown ever! Naturally, ever bride wants to wear the most gorgeous wedding gown anyone has laid eyes on. Finding THE DRESS can be a daunting task, but we’re right beside you every step of the way. We have 12 bridal salons to help you find the perfect wedding dress. Click here.

[From: Carefree Romance / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]

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