Tips On How To Achieve a Travel-Inspired Wedding

These days, traveling is one of the most loved activities among friends, families, and couples. So for weddings, we’re not surprised at all that the recent years have gifted us with weddings and engagements that allude to important travel-related experiences or moments spent abroad. For example, this couple shot their pre-wedding photos at the travel spot in Japan where the groom proposed. Meanwhile, this couple revisited Paris during their pre-wedding shoot since this was where they had their first date.

If you and your partner love traveling and many places abroad hold significant memories, then a travel-themed wedding is right up your alley! You can share all the special experiences from all over the world with the ones you love the most. But how do you condense multitudes of memories from places across the globe into one venue and on one night? Here are some tips on how you can put together a travel-inspired wedding!


Since your invitations serve as the first preview of your wedding, you can kickstart the journey for your guests here. You can design invitations that resemble passports, boarding passes, or vintage postcards and reference places you’ve been to together. You can also use maps or globes as background images to set the tone.

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Venue and Decorations

For your venue, you can make use of a space that will complement your desired wedding day look and feel. If you’re planning a luxurious celebration, a ballroom will be a good choice. If you prefer a relaxed atmosphere, an open garden setting will set the right tone. Then, insert travel-related elements to your final venue setting like vintage suitcases, globes, maps, and compasses. You table centerpieces can include miniature airplanes, maps as table runners, or travel-related items like old cameras.

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Seating Arrangements

To take it a step further, you can name your tables after travel destinations you went to as a couple. Play it up as well by using luggage tags as escort cards. If you want to challenge your guests, you can also add some travel trivia quiz questions in the escort cards with the answer being the name of the destination.

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A Dramatic Indoor Styled Shoot Featuring Luxurious Wedding Gowns

When planning a wedding, it’s not always just about finding the exact elements to fill your day with. There might be a time when you’re just too overwhelmed with everything and you just want to take a step back. Wedding planning burn out is real! When this happens, it’s the perfect moment to seek inspiration in other forms. For example, you can try going to a new place, immersing in an art gallery, or watching a play or concert. Inspiration is everywhere; we only need to slow down and appreciate the things around us. Today, let’s take a break from wedding planning and wedding details and instead, just marvel at the creativity and artistry behind today’s styled shoot. We’re loving the luxurious wedding gowns from Bliss Bride Couture and modern makeup and styling by HayLi MakeupM Capture‘s dramatic photos are more than enough to make any bride-to-be regain the drive and creativity! Keep scrolling to get your fill now.

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The Look




Cute and Unique Laisee Packets From Hong Kong Local Vendors

An important wedding detail that is used throughout a Chinese wedding is the laisee packet. The couple will give laisees to the entourage, guests gift the couple with laisee packets, and couples may also give vendors tip using laisees. You can read all about the 7 kinds of laisee you usually need or use at your wedding here. And since laisees are an integral part of your wedding day, it makes perfect sense to choose the right ones for your special day and the people you will be giving them to.

You can easily find laisee packets in Hong Kong, but for a celebration as important as your wedding, we believe that unique and memorable laisee packet designs will make the gesture even more meaningful. Hence, we did a little research and found these cute and unique ones that are made and sold locally in Hong Kong. Come and see them now!

Amazing Packet

Amazing Packet creates laisees with beautiful designs that are amazing artworks already on their own! Just like receiving a greeting card that’s made with extra care, receiving a laisee of this quality will be very much appreciated.

Cheeky Cheeky

If you’re the kind of couple that loves humor, these laisees from Cheeky Cheeky are not only cute but also funny! The artwork is enough to make any receiver smile.

Mosi Mosi

Mosi Mosi laisees are made with the local community in mind. The human-centered studio behind these laisees aims to build a more inclusive society through design. Their products, including the laisees, are designed by people with different abilities promoting awareness and inclusivity for these other members of the community.

Paper Moments

These cute cate laisee packets from Paper Moments are definitely going to put a smile on the receiver’s face. Paper Moments has adorable laisee packet collections as well as elegant luxurious ones. If you want to give out laisees that stand out, check out the rest of their designs.

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Celebrate Life’s Most Precious Moments with The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s “Timeless Memories” Wedding Showcase

Every special occasion in one’s life calls for a unique experience that will fill everyone in attendance with only the best memories. It is in these instances that lasting moments are made, the kind that you can look back on and will last a lifetime. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong has been a trusted partner for couples who want to celebrate their life milestones in luxury and style. Known for their legendary service, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong promises to make each #RCMemory as your journey into married life and beyond a testament of your love and legacy.

This coming February 24, 2024, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is opening its doors to all couples from every stage of life to the “Timeless Memories” Wedding Showcase. Their team of wedding experts have thoughtfully curated a lineup of wedding partners and creative workshops so couples can envision what their celebration at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong could be like.

Envision Your Dream Event at The Wedding Showcase

Experience The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s grandiose venue spaces at the wedding showcase and witness firsthand the Diamond Ballroom adorned with elegant floral decorations. Meet with the team and understand how you can build the wedding of your dreams with their personalized approach as well as their impeccable service and attention to detail. At the wedding showcase, you will also be greeted by a display of photographs of past couples with their compliments and testimonials about their very own #RCMemories. A visit to the wedding showcase will already be a special preview of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s dedication to making your celebration truly one of a kind.

Participate in Unique Experiences Built on Sustainability

At the “Timeless Memories” Wedding Showcase, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong couples can learn more about the hotel’s services through unique experiences. Guests can sign up for the exclusive tasting menu at the banquet kitchen and indulge in the exquisite cuisine crafted by the culinary team. Cocktail enthusiasts will delight in the personalized cocktail samples by the resident mixologist, so you can serve a distinct drink on your special day. Moreover, partner vendors will be hosting special workshops that aim to spread awareness on sustainable wedding practices. The calligraphy workshop will make use of vegan leather coasters made of recycled materials. The planting workshop will focus on how to create a Kokedama plant or moss ball, which can either replace the traditional fresh bouquet or be a trendy and environmentally friendly gift option.


Take Advantage of Exclusive Offers at The Wedding Showcase

Wedding couples who confirm their special day during the showcase will enjoy an array of exclusive privileges*, subject to availability:

  • Special wedding package for weddings held on or before September 30, 2024
  • Special minimum food and beverage charge 
  • 50% discount on beverage package for weddings from October 1 to December 31, 2024 
  • 5% discount for wedding banquet at sky100 for weddings on or before December 31, 2024 

The first five couples who confirm their wedding at the wedding showcase will receive a one-night stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou in a Deluxe River View Suite, with Club access for 2 persons.

* Terms & Conditions apply.

Your Bespoke Event Made Extra Special

The hotel offers a diverse selection of wedding venues for all kinds of occasions, from wedding ceremonies and banquets, to intimate birthday parties and soirées. For each of these events, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong provides more than just a space to house your moments, rather, the hotel gives you the opportunity to design a bespoke event fashioned into lasting memories you can call your own.

“Timeless Memories” Wedding Showcase

Venue: The Diamond Ballroom, Level 3, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Time: 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Price: Free Admission (Advance registration is required)
Online Registration Link:


(1) Modern Calligraphy Workshop x Vegan Leather Coaster by Be One Letter

In the workshop, you will be introduced to the work of contemporary Calligraphy. Together, we will use hands-on Calligraphy by dip pen skill to make your own Vegan Leather Coaster as a gift. 

(2) Mini Kokedama Workshop by Home Sweet Florist

Making a mini succulent Kokedama plant, a moss ball plant that you can display and grow at home!

For more information:


How To Glam Up Your Wedding Or Engagement With The Vibrant Color Red

Red is an absolutely lovely color to use for your special moments. Aside from all the luck this color is believed to bring, it is a hue that can level up any look and any occasion. If you’ve been eyeing red for a while for your wedding or engagement, today’s feature will definitely get your creativity going. We rounded up 10 red-themed weddings and engagements that are exemplary sources of inspiration. Each one shows how you can use the color red to glam up your look or event! Let’s go through them together.

This couple went all out with the reception flowers. They also mixed in some other colors, like blush and peach, to add soft touch to the predominantly red flowers. The bride’s red dress also features red lace that crawls from the neck all the way down to the bottom of the skirt.

[From: A Romantic Hong Kong Wedding with The Most Stunning Floral Decorations / Photos: KC Chan Photography]

In this dramatic pre-wedding shoot, the bride-to-be went all out with the color red. She not only donned a sparkly red mermaid gown, but also had red shoes, red statement earrings, and red glittery lipstick. If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a red ensemble that makes a mark and this one definitely does!

[From: An Edgy Red and Black Pre-wedding Shoot by The Ocean / Photos: The Gal Boss Wedding]

Going all out with red isn’t the only option. You can also just use it subtly and the color itself will already work its magic. In this styled shoot, a modern bouquet made with red and white flowers added a flair of sophistication to the bare industrial setting.

[From: This Portrait Session Is a Captivating Mix of Dreamy and Dramatic Looks / Photos: Tikit Production]

Wearing a red dress is definitely a must, whether it be for your pre-wedding shoot, Chinese wedding, and even your wedding banquet. There are many dress options out there but for this shoot, two red dresses, one made with tulle and the other with lace, took center stage.

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