After Cancelling Twice, This Couple Finally Pushed Through with a Wedding with Only 8 Guests

Charlotte and William’s original weddings plans were literally flipped upside down as their actual final wedding date started to draw near. They initially planned two weddings in two countries with over 200 guests from all over the world. When borders started to close, they postponed their banquet and Bali wedding by a year and started preparing for a in-suite cocktail event. Charlotte bought a new dress and a new set of flowers. They also sent out new invitations.

But two weeks before their wedding, the Hong Kong government implemented even stricter guidelines for public gatherings. Charlotte and William didn’t want to look back on a date that would have been their wedding day, so they were determined to push through no matter what. After all the changes, their wedding finally happened with only 8 of their nearest and dearest present. The rest of their guests who couldn’t be there physically attended via a live stream video.

In addition, since they couldn’t go on their honeymoon, Charlotte and William wrote a business plan for a virtual weddings and events business. Their company, Gold Ring Virtual Weddings was born. “We can relate to couples who have family and friends abroad but still want to get legally married, so we are using our personal experience to help couples host their virtual weddings,” explains Charlotte. If any of you are in the same situation, they can be of help!

When asked for a tip for other brides, Charlotte simply responded, “There are no rules. Weddings may not look the same as they previously were but we’re back to basics now– celebrate the love you and your fiancé have. That’s the most important.” In the end, what matters is what you think is best for you two. Let your love for each other lead the way.

See how Charlotte and William’s wedding day unfolded below. Scroll through the photos taken by Jeremy Wong now.

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How To Politely Say “No” To Wedding Suggestions

When you start planning your wedding, a lot of people around you will want to help and give suggestions–your parents, your bridesmaids, etc. Everyone is just too excited for you and wants to help out. The truth is, you will not like all the suggestions that they give. And many times you might find that there are just too many ideas from everyone. Sooner or later, you will have to politely decline the many recommendations coming at you, left and right. Of course, you don’t want to offend anyone, right? So how you say “no” without hurting others’ feelings? Here’s how you can politely say “no” if someone makes a suggestion you don’t like. Use these phrases to gently let others know you have other ideas in mind.


(1) “I love that idea, but I’ll change it a bit.”

[From: A Serene Garden Wedding with Blush and White Decorations / Photo: Aupho Wedding]

Some ideas do align with your own, but need a little adjustments. If that’s the case you can say, “I love that idea, but I’ll change it a bit.” This way, you’re not entirely shunning the idea. Instead, you’re saying that it’s something you like and will customize a bit to make it fit your vision. For example, your parents might be adamant about you wearing a certain dress style, but you find it a bit outdated or ill-fitting. You can always say you will take the suggestion but tweak it.


(2) “Let’s try a different day or another related task.”

[From: This Styled Shoot Shows Us How to Pull Off an Elegant and Refined Wedding / Photo: Terry Li]

You may have photographer friends who will offer to shoot your wedding. If you’re not too confident in getting them for your wedding, you can always suggest they shoot your pre-wedding instead. You can still make them a part of your wedding but move their offered services to another related task. The same can be done if a friend offers to be the MC. If you prefer that you hire a professional, maybe your friend can say a short speech instead. Or, you can suggest that your friends can just attend the wedding as guests–less pressure for them and they can fully enjoy the day.

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Wedding Gown Designer Rania Hatoum Tied The Knot in an Elegant Black and Gold Wedding at St. Regis Hong Kong

If you’re a fan of wedding gown designer Rania Hatoum, then you won’t want to miss out on her stunning wedding day at St. Regis Hong Kong. Her wedding was an elegant celebration filled with flowers and details that came in a black and gold palette. Of course, our eyes were drawn to all of Rania’s custom gowns–she wore three stunning creations that blew us away. She also made custom dresses for her bridesmaids who were all clad in black ensembles. Rania and Jamie’s special day will inspire you with its grandeur and sophistication. Let’s indulge a little bit more by going through the rest of CM Gallery‘s photos together.

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Airbrush vs Traditional Makeup: Which One is For You?

How you will look on the most special day of your life is one of the top priorities for all brides-to-be. So when it comes to makeup, a popular question among brides is whether to go for airbrush or traditional makeup. What’s the difference? Which one will best suit your needs? Today, we hope to help you figure out which one is for you. We’ve listed out the difference between and some pros and cons to consider. Read on to find out what kind of wedding day makeup you should go for.

[From: This Couple Planned A Simple Outdoor Ceremony in a Month / Photo: MC Photography]


What is airbrush makeup and what is traditional makeup and how do they differ?

Airbrush makeup refers to makeup that is applied with a special air compression machine. This machine sprays on a very fine layer of foundation onto the skin. This machine requires silicone-based on water-based foundations with formulas specifically made to work withe the air compressor–in other words, you can’t just use any kind of foundation with the air compressor. Because of the machine, airbrush makeup results in a very light and flawless finish.

Traditional makeup refers to makeup–either in liquid, cream, or powder form–that is applied using different kinds of makeup tools. These tools include all kinds of brushes and sponges. Makeup artists have a wide variety of foundation products to use for traditional makeup for all kinds of skin types, making traditional makeup a very versatile option.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of each.


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