13 Wedding Dress Shots You Need To Take During Your Wedding (With Over 50 Samples!)

Now at the final stretch of wedding planning, you can’t wait to get married! You’ve finished all your dress fittings and your wedding gown is as perfect as can be. You can’t wait to wear it–and we can’t wait to see you in it! We also want to help you make sure you document your whole wedding day look, so we prepared this list of photos that you MUST take of you in your wedding dress! This list will ensure you capture everything about you and your look on your most special day. Scroll on and keep tabs of this shot list now.


(1) On The Hanger

[From: Heartwarming Hong Kong Wedding Full of Smiles, Tears, and Overflowing Love / Photo: Feel in the Blank]

[From: This Couple Renewed Their Vows and Had a Romantic Photo Session Afterwards / Photo: Mattie C Fine Art Photography]

[From: Details From This Romantic Wedding Will Keep You On The Edge of Your Seat! / Photo: Iluminen]

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The Look



    Janice Man’s Champagne and Blush Wedding Palette is Utterly Romantic

    Janice Man and Carl’s wedding was an absolutely romantic sight. What made it so special, you might ask? From the onset, the couple’s palette of choice was definitely a huge factor. They chose champagne and blush–delicate, elegant, and dreamy. With details in this combination everywhere, Janice Man and Carl’s wedding was beautiful from every angle and at every moment. The Peninsula Hong Kong was overflowing with flowers in theme, and even the towering cake by Pandora Cake Shop was such a pretty sight. Janice Man’s modern dress by Viktor&Rolf was such as stunning a modern, sophisticated piece as well. We can keep raving about all the pretty details, but it will be better if you see it for yourself. We will let Belle & Olive‘s photos and Mattography‘s video do the story-telling now, so keep scrolling!


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    The Look



    See How This Couple Incorporated Their Culture And Beautiful Blue Details Into Their Intimate Wedding

    One thing we really appreciate is when couples really put effort into incorporating their culture into their wedding as well as the small details that really make all the difference. Today’s couple, Olly and Paul, surprised us with their baby blue themed wedding that was adorned with the most romantic decorations by IAMFLOWER and ME Events Phuket . And just like everything about their wedding, their pre-wedding ceremony, which features their Thai roots, was also filled with chic details–from the flower all the way down to Olly’s traditional dress. Darin Images has yet again given us a gorgeous wedding to view, so keep scrolling with us to see all of this intimate wedding now.

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    The Look


    What is Worth The Splurge? Find Out What You Should Spend On and Save On For Your Wedding

    Let’s be honest, the reality is that couples can’t always have it all for their wedding day. Most couples have to work with a budget, and that means adjusting here and there so they can still achieve the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank. Usually, the most cost efficient way to go about it is by choosing certain details to spend on while saving on other details. This leads us to today’s topic: what is worth the splurge? What wedding details will be worthwhile if you decide to allocate more money for it? We’ve got the answers right here! Find out what is worth investing on for your wedding and what you can save on. Read on.


    • Wedding Dress

    [From: This Bride and Groom Turned Their Church Wedding Into A Stylish Affair / Photo: Chester Kher Creations]

    When you find THE dress, then go ahead and splurge on this very important attire! Don’t scrimp on style or settle for a look that is sub par. It’s your wedding day, my dear, you ought to look like the most beautiful woman on earth! But in case you’re still bounded by a budget, know that renting your dress is always an option. You can get that designer dress you want at a much more reasonable rate.


    • Wedding Shoes

    [From: Check Out The Elegant Details in This Blush-Themed Wedding / Photo: Belle & Olive]

    You want to be comfortable throughout your wedding day, so you want to spend–even a little more–on shoes that look nice and won’t make your feet hurt. If you’re not a fan of heels, you can also splurge on a good pair of elegant flats instead.

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    7 Beauty Tricks to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

    It’s time for beauty talk once again–something we love and know you do to! And for today’s article, we’re tackling a topic that we know a lot of brides-to-be are concerned about: how to make your eyes stand out. Yes, it’s true that Asian eyes tend to look so small and one thing we struggle with is accentuating our eyes. Don’t you want tantalizing eyes for your wedding day? We know you do, so we talked to some Hong Kong wedding makeup artists and they shared with us some tricks that you can surely take advantage of! Read on now to find out what they are.


    (1) Use long, natural-looking lashes to open your eyes.

    Without a doubt, longer and fuller lashes will open the eyes. However, makeup artist Yumi Yo recommends going for lashes that are also natural-looking. This way, your eyes will still stand out without looking overdone or unnatural.


    (2) Don’t forget your lower lashes!

    The hairs on your top lid are twice as full as your lower lash line. So make sure you don’t forget to put mascara on the lower lashes, too. She Makeup Studio made sure to add volume to Rachel’s bottom lashes for an extra fabulous look.

    [Photo: Tammy Shun Photography, Gown: Petite White Bridal Shop, Suzanne Neville, Accessories: Norahs Design, Model: Rachel Bae]

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