A Tropical Wedding with a Dinner Banquet in a Famous Grotto

Getting married in paradise is THE dream and for Terry and Alex, they found that Rayavadee was all that and more! “I really love the fact that we were surrounded by the beautiful nature that Rayavadee offers–coconut palm trees, limestone cliffs, the famous grotto (often listed as one of the top 10 restaurants to go to by travel magazines), mountains and the beach!”, exclaims photographer, Terry Li. Their intimate wedding was a serene clearing tucked away behind a grove of coconut trees. Tropical decorations filled every part of their celebration with that fun, summer vibe. And our favorite feature of this wedding–definitely worth seeing–is the dinner that took place in a grotto! There’s something extra magical about a candlelit dining under towering rocks. Polina Ilchenko‘s beautiful photos make us feel like we’re in the island with the couple, too. Get a taste of this wedding in paradise now! Scroll on for more.

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A Serene Garden Wedding with Blush and White Decorations

Garden weddings have a way of making a wedding magical. Maybe it’s the refreshing greens or the fresh outdoor sun–whatever the reason, we can’t help loving every garden wedding that comes our way. Today’s wedding is no exception. Charis and Ming Yeung’s garden wedding at the Jockey Club Beas River Country Club is a sight that set our hearts aflutter. The blush details–the flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and even the sweets that lined the dessert table–were extra feminine. With the same femininity, a beautiful white and pink circular arch served as the backdrop at the ceremony. And when it was time to welcome the newly-weds at the banquet, everyone was greeted by an even more romantic garden set-up, complete with draping lights. Romance your way throughout the day by starting off with this beautiful wedding taken by Aupho Wedding. Enjoy!

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Get Your Copy of B Magazine 3 Now! Here’s a Preview for You.

It’s been a crazy couple of months, don’t you agree? We’re faced with uncertainty and fear. We can’t help but worry about what the future holds. We are filled with the very same fears and apprehensions as you, yet what really keeps us going is love. Love inspires us, gives us hope, and reminds us that beyond all the chaos right now, we have each other.

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This Pre-wedding Shoot Took Place in Scenic Locations All Over Hong Kong

The sun was high and the skies were clear for Dai and Trang’s casual engagement shoot in Hong Kong. They chose locations that clearly highlighted what’s to love about Hong Kong–the culture, the streets filled with character, and the scenic harbour. Chester Kher followed them as they meandered through the streets and into the evening capturing both, the loving couple and the views around them. We love how their sweet and casual demeanor was visible in all their photos. It was a very fresh complement to Hong Kong’s rich surroundings. For soon-to-weds who want to have a local pre-wedding photo session, take the cue from these two! Their photos are all beautiful. Scroll on for more.

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8 Tips for Writing Heartfelt Wedding Vows to Your Partner

Vows are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. There’s just something so significant about witnessing a bride and groom make promises to each other. Whether it’s something as serious as vowing to love, cherish, and support each other, or even something as lighthearted as vowing to allow your partner to choose which show to watch on Netflix every Friday, the best vows are always the most heartfelt and genuine ones. So if you’re looking for some tips for writing some of the best vows for the love of your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling!

[From: All You Will Ever Need is A Lot of Love! / Photo: StevenC Photography]


(1) Recall the significant moments and milestones in your relationship.

[From: This Wedding at Rosewood is Adorned with Elegant Gold Details / Photo: MC Photography]

Insert a few details about how you first met to give your wedding guests a background of how it all began, and recall the many milestones you achieved together. When did you first meet, and what were your first impressions of each other? Maybe talk about what you’ve been through together, and what you’ve supported each other though.

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