5 Gorgeous Flower Crown Styles That Make Perfect Hair Accessories

Ever since I was a child, I loved the look of enchanted characters from books and movies in their flowing dresses and flower crowns. Bride’s today love flower crowns, too–and with good reason! There’s a natural charm to them that is undeniably attractive and inviting. You can’t deny the effect of a flower crown on a maiden’s head. It’s an elegant hair accessory that transforms its bearer into a beguiling lady. To show you exactly what we mean, here are a few gorgeous flower crown styles to ogle at. Enjoy!


In Full Bloom

Here are some flower crowns that are filled with a lot of greens and blooms, a popular choice among brides. What makes this style a much loved one is the way it beautifully frames the face, drawing attention to that bridal glow.

[Photos: MS Bridals, Savour Productions, Lukas Chan Photo Lab, Wedding Gallery Studio]


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Chinese Wedding Traditions: Hair Combing Ceremony

Today, Chinese traditions and family customs that have been passed on for generations remain to be an important part of Hong Kong weddings. One of these important Chinese traditions is the hair combing ceremony. This tradition dates back to ancient times and symbolizes the transition into adulthood. Originally, it was conducted when a male reached his 20’s, and for females, at around 15 years of age. After this ceremony, a young man or woman was deemed ready for marriage. Through the years, this tradition evolved and became a pre-wedding ritual. Planning on including the hair combing ceremony to your pre-wedding traditional activities? Here’s what you need to know.

[Photo via @clarissalum]

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Video: An Intimate and Heartwarming Church Wedding

If this morning’s wedding day photos made you feel all sorts of lovely emotions, this video will steal your heart. Christine and Paul’s wedding film by Woody Storytelling, made us grab a roll of tissue each–we couldn’t fight back the sobs! Keep the love coming by watching this now.

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An Intimate and Heartwarming Church Wedding

When weddings make their way over to us, we’re always too excited to take a look at all the photos. Love inspires us in every way, hence we’re instantly moved by intimate scenes of raw, unfiltered love. Today’s wedding captured by Feel in the Blank tugged at our heartstrings from the very first photo, up to the closing frame. This simple and intimate wedding is overflowing with love. Christine and Paul’s union couldn’t be more tender sweet. Stay a while longer and savour all the emotion each photo brings!

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The Look



6 Timeless Wedding Hairstyles for Every Bride-to-Be

There are certain looks that surpass time and trends. They last for many years, and look good no matter what. Today, we’re showing you classic and timeless hairstyles that any bride can rock during her wedding. Beauty stylist, Chiali Meng, reveals six looks that will surely make any bride look extra stunning!


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