Venue Types That are Perfect for Intimate Weddings

Are you thinking of having a small gathering for your wedding? If you are, an intimate celebration will allow you to explore other venue options apart from the usual hotels or large event spaces. These include restaurants, maybe even historical spots, and unique spaces that no one has ever even thought of! You can definitely get creative with where you tie the knot with a smaller guest count because you won’t have to worry about not being able to fit everyone.

We have seen some gorgeous intimate weddings, some even held in unconventional venues. So to give you ideas as you find the perfect place to say, “I do,” here’s a list of venue types you can consider if you’re planning a small scale wedding.

[From: This Bride and Groom Let Their Fun-Loving Personalities Shine During Their Wedding / Photos: Jeff Lee Pictures / Venue: Billow Bar Seafood Bistro]

Garden or Rooftop Restaurants

Some restaurants in Hong Kong feature beautiful gardens or rooftop spaces, providing an intimate and romantic atmosphere. You can easily recreate the space into a little haven for your own.

[From: A Cozy Rooftop Wedding at Duddell’s / Photos: Patrick Photography / Venue: Duddell’s]

Private Dining Rooms

Look for restaurants with private dining rooms that can accommodate around 50 or up to even 100 people. These spaces often offer an exclusive and cozy setting for wedding celebrations. And since it can accommodate a larger number of people, if you has less guests you can use the excess space for a floral installation, a photo booth setup and other wedding details.

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A Romantic Beach Pre-wedding Shoot Taken at Dusk

It was beautiful day to be at the beach and it was timely enough for Jenn and Matt to be there with their photographer Adrian Ng for their pre-wedding photoshoot. With minimal details thanks to the scenic shooting spot, Jenn donned a simple deep V-cut dress from Miss Bride Wedding Shop. The dress also came with an open back and lace details. To complete the laid back look, Jenn kept her hair free flowing and in a low ponytail and held a warm colored bouquet made by Annn Fleur. Nightfall was an even more lovely sight with the couple enjoying quiet time by the shore wrapped in the glow of the fading sun. These photos will make your day; they surely made ours. Scroll on now to see them all!

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The Look



Tips On How To Achieve a Travel-Inspired Wedding

These days, traveling is one of the most loved activities among friends, families, and couples. So for weddings, we’re not surprised at all that the recent years have gifted us with weddings and engagements that allude to important travel-related experiences or moments spent abroad. For example, this couple shot their pre-wedding photos at the travel spot in Japan where the groom proposed. Meanwhile, this couple revisited Paris during their pre-wedding shoot since this was where they had their first date.

If you and your partner love traveling and many places abroad hold significant memories, then a travel-themed wedding is right up your alley! You can share all the special experiences from all over the world with the ones you love the most. But how do you condense multitudes of memories from places across the globe into one venue and on one night? Here are some tips on how you can put together a travel-inspired wedding!


Since your invitations serve as the first preview of your wedding, you can kickstart the journey for your guests here. You can design invitations that resemble passports, boarding passes, or vintage postcards and reference places you’ve been to together. You can also use maps or globes as background images to set the tone.

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[Photo: PattyJeanStationery on Etsy]

Venue and Decorations

For your venue, you can make use of a space that will complement your desired wedding day look and feel. If you’re planning a luxurious celebration, a ballroom will be a good choice. If you prefer a relaxed atmosphere, an open garden setting will set the right tone. Then, insert travel-related elements to your final venue setting like vintage suitcases, globes, maps, and compasses. You table centerpieces can include miniature airplanes, maps as table runners, or travel-related items like old cameras.

[Photo: Sophia Tolli]

[Photo: RoyalWoodArt on Etsy]

Seating Arrangements

To take it a step further, you can name your tables after travel destinations you went to as a couple. Play it up as well by using luggage tags as escort cards. If you want to challenge your guests, you can also add some travel trivia quiz questions in the escort cards with the answer being the name of the destination.

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A Dramatic Indoor Styled Shoot Featuring Luxurious Wedding Gowns

When planning a wedding, it’s not always just about finding the exact elements to fill your day with. There might be a time when you’re just too overwhelmed with everything and you just want to take a step back. Wedding planning burn out is real! When this happens, it’s the perfect moment to seek inspiration in other forms. For example, you can try going to a new place, immersing in an art gallery, or watching a play or concert. Inspiration is everywhere; we only need to slow down and appreciate the things around us. Today, let’s take a break from wedding planning and wedding details and instead, just marvel at the creativity and artistry behind today’s styled shoot. We’re loving the luxurious wedding gowns from Bliss Bride Couture and modern makeup and styling by HayLi MakeupM Capture‘s dramatic photos are more than enough to make any bride-to-be regain the drive and creativity! Keep scrolling to get your fill now.

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Cute and Unique Laisee Packets From Hong Kong Local Vendors

An important wedding detail that is used throughout a Chinese wedding is the laisee packet. The couple will give laisees to the entourage, guests gift the couple with laisee packets, and couples may also give vendors tip using laisees. You can read all about the 7 kinds of laisee you usually need or use at your wedding here. And since laisees are an integral part of your wedding day, it makes perfect sense to choose the right ones for your special day and the people you will be giving them to.

You can easily find laisee packets in Hong Kong, but for a celebration as important as your wedding, we believe that unique and memorable laisee packet designs will make the gesture even more meaningful. Hence, we did a little research and found these cute and unique ones that are made and sold locally in Hong Kong. Come and see them now!

Amazing Packet

Amazing Packet creates laisees with beautiful designs that are amazing artworks already on their own! Just like receiving a greeting card that’s made with extra care, receiving a laisee of this quality will be very much appreciated.

Cheeky Cheeky

If you’re the kind of couple that loves humor, these laisees from Cheeky Cheeky are not only cute but also funny! The artwork is enough to make any receiver smile.

Mosi Mosi

Mosi Mosi laisees are made with the local community in mind. The human-centered studio behind these laisees aims to build a more inclusive society through design. Their products, including the laisees, are designed by people with different abilities promoting awareness and inclusivity for these other members of the community.

Paper Moments

These cute cate laisee packets from Paper Moments are definitely going to put a smile on the receiver’s face. Paper Moments has adorable laisee packet collections as well as elegant luxurious ones. If you want to give out laisees that stand out, check out the rest of their designs.

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