Well-thought-out Details Make This Blush-Themed Wedding Extra Special

Mandy and Sing tied the knot in the most elegant way ever! They made use of a well-loved palette–pastel pink, white and gold–along with curated details to turn their wedding day into a memorable celebration. Let’s go into each of the elements one by one. First off, Mandy’s bridesmaids wore mismatched blush dresses with elaborate beading and embellishments. They also received matching pearl bracelets from the bride. The surprise and appreciation from sweet gesture made every girl beam with joy. Mandy herself was also a vision on the aisle. She donned a stunning lace gown and lace veil. Her second look at the banquet was equally captivating as well–think sequins, beads, and everything sparkly! Lastly, zoom in on the wedding day stationery and tablescape. Did you notice the stunning watercolor images and calligraphy? Three, two one, go and start scrolling all of Tammy Shun‘s photos and Hazel Visuals‘s video to get you fill or elegance from this well-thought-out wedding.

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12 Adorable Holiday-Inspired Seating Name Cards

The holidays are here and we’re already high with the Christmas spirit! If you’re not feeling it just yet, maybe today’s post will get you right in the mood. In this feature, we put together a collection of adorable holiday-inspired seating name cards that are perfect for your intimate holiday dinner at home or even for a wedding during this season. These designs aren’t only cute, they’re also chic decorations that can work well with an existing wedding theme. Scroll on over now to see what we put together for you!


[From: Houzz]

[From: Christmas Warmth]

[From: Wedding Wire / Photo: BrightSide Weddings]

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This Couple Put On Their Skating Gear and Shot Stunning Engagement Shots at The Core Base

We love seeing couples’ hobbies and interests–yoga, pole dancing, movies, rugby, and so on! When we see these kinds of photos, it’s as if we meet the couples get to know them. Seeing them do what they love together through their engagement shoot is a refreshing way to learn about them and their love. We have a new hobby to add to the list: skating and skate boarding! Everyone, meet Tiphanie and Michael, a quirky and fun couple who love skating. For their pre-wedding shoot, they didn’t hesitate to put on their gear and head out to The Core Base to roll away all afternoon–what a fun way to spend the day and take photos! Get to know today’s couple some more through the snaps of Nicole Leung Photography.

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Meet the Cutest Soon-to-Weds Who Also Happen To Be Fun-Loving Musicians

Meet Mandy and Gary, two musicians who showcased not only their love for music in their pre-wedding shoot, but also their fun-loving and carefree demeanor. They played with an orange and white color scheme for some casual city shots then headed over to the beach and forest for a more romantic setting. We love how they made use of the colors and environment of the different locations and build their looks based on these. ‘s photos tell all so keep scrolling to see how much these two enjoyed their engagement shoot.

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    10 Outdoor and Garden Weddings in Hong Kong with Romantic Decorations

    Hello, brides-to-be! We’re opening the day with loads of inspiration for you. We put together this roundup of garden and outdoor weddings with romantic decorations to help give you ideas for your very own wedding. What will you see if your scroll below? Here are some details to get you excited: lots of flowers, unique installations, and dreamy color palettes. Start scrolling to get your fill of inspiration now.


    (1) We love this wedding’s rustic teepee overlooking the sea. It’s a simple addition to the captivating scenery.

    [From: An Intimate Wedding in Sai Kung Overlooking the Ocean / Photos: Jeff Lee Picture]

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