19 Beautiful Single Layer Wedding cakes

Contrary to popular belief, height does not always equate to might–the same goes for wedding cakes! While towering cakes can look majestic, a single layer wedding cake can also be a scene-stealer. As long as it’s styled well and elegantly decorated, a single layer cake will make its mark on all your guests as well! Here are some beautiful single layer cakes that are definitely attractive. They look delicious, too!


(1) Rustic and Floral Toppers

For that rustic feel that matches any outdoor wedding, adorn a single layer cake with flowers, shrubbery, and even twigs! Blooms will always make a cake stand out no matter what the size.

[Photo: Anna Roussos Photography]

[Photo: Jessica Lorren]

[Photo: Max & Friends Photography]


[Photo: Paula O’ Hara]


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An Intimate Blush-Themed Wedding at The Upper House

Juni and Victor chose to tie the knot at The Upper House with their family and and close friends. It was a private and intimate celebration filled with love, cheer, and sweet moments. Steven C snapped away and took delightful photos of the events of the day. In each frame, he captures the couple’s joy, as well as the happiness that surrounded everyone. Scroll on for a inspiring wedding with the daintiest blush decor and details!

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The Look



A Sweet and Simple Engagement Shoot in The University of Hong Kong

I’ve seen a lot of engagement shoots. I’ve seen engagement shoots that are held at the beach, in a park, in a house, even in another country! But this is the first time I’ve seen an engagement shoot at a university. Do you think it would look nice? Well today, I’m showing you Emily and Gabriel’s pre-wedding shoot in… The University of Hong Kong! It’s sweet and simple, with no extra props–just the couple and a lovely bouquet. It’s at times like these when you can really focus on your love for each other as engaged couple. So, go on and view these beautiful photos by Momo de Film now!

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The Look




23 Ultra Luxe Bridal Looks To Set Your Heart Afire

If there’s anything to spark your fancy on this fine Friday, it will have to be the Spring Bridal Collection of Viktor & Rolf! These looks have an avant-garde quality to them without being over the top that one couldn’t slip any of these beauties on for their walk down the aisle. They appear absolutely timeless and pure with the classy ruffles, sweetheart necklines, bowties, and dainty detailing. For those who want hems above the knee, there are a few darling options for your viewing pleasure. Do take the time to scroll through this lovely set!

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Every Bride’s Must-Have Wedding Details and Decor Checklist

Every little detail in your wedding is important. Each item, no matter how small it may seem, plays an integral role in the big picture and contributes to the turnout of your most important day. Hence, you need to make sure you didn’t miss on any decor or detail, whether it be for the ceremony, reception, or even the traditional prewedding activities. You may have particular requests for select items in relation to your theme. Or, you may also want to DIY other items. So, to help you keep tabs of everything, here’s a very useful checklist of wedding details and decor that you should have prepared or discussed with your planner for the wedding. Download the PDF version of the checklist here: B&B HK Wedding Details and Décor Checklist

Download the PDF version of the checklist here: B&B HK Wedding Details and Décor Checklist

Photos: Ming Yung, Darin Images