10 Timeless Wedding Details That Never Go Out Of Style

[Photo: Yoyo Iuiu Photography]

When envisioning a wedding, many brides want a celebration that will stand the test of time–the kind that you can always look back on and regard as a source of inspiration. Trends come and go but a classic wedding is forever. In fact, some of the most iconic weddings have timeless elements that brides still incorporate into weddings today. If this is the kind of wedding you’ve been dreaming of and if you want to your special day to be the epitome of enduring elegance, here’s a list of wedding details that your big day shouldn’t be without. No matter what the era, these 10 wedding details will give your wedding day a lasting impression.

(1) Classic Wedding Invitations

Focus on simple laser cut details and pair this up with clean typography and less busy layouts. The less going on, the more timeless your invitations will be.

[From: An Ultra Chic Wedding at The Peninsula Hong Kong with Only 20 Guests / Photo: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]

(2) White Chairs

With or without added details, like flowers or drapery, white chairs dress up any wedding. Not only that, white chairs look extra clean so they won’t clash with any other details or colors.

[From: This Couple Went for A Neutral Palette for Their Wedding at House 1881 / Photo: Mattie C. Fine Art Photography]

(3) Pearls

Pearls are classic accessories that you and even your bridesmaids can wear on your wedding day. This ocean gem should not be missed!

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This Feature Has All The Elements for An Elegant Outdoor Garden Wedding

There’s not as refreshing as a wedding outdoor, so we don’t doubt that couples always gravitate towards garden weddings. Aside from the greenery that comes with such a venue, you have nature as your backdrop–sometimes it’s rolling mountains, sometimes is a bed of blue ocean water. Today’s styled shoot was help at a picturesque outdoor garden venue called The White Barn. This local site features an open lawn that comes with a backdrop of palm trees and mountains which Hey! Wedding & Event Management decorated with warm tones and flowers in peach and burgundy. The White Barn also has a beautiful white marquee tent that can house a wedding banquet up to 300 guests. For the indoor setting, the styling team went for a rustic look that included wooden tables and chairs and lots of greenery. Both setups exude elegance and romance, so it was only fitting that the couple in this shoot wore outfits of the same nature, including two stunning gowns from Bliss Bride Couture. To top it all off, Lovespreading Calligraphy made exquisite stationery for the shoot. With these details combined, you have all the ingredients for a perfect outdoor garden wedding! For all couples who dream of an outdoor garden wedding, this styled shoot taken by Manfred Photography is an example of how your special day can turn out to be.

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The Look



Wedding-Worthy Donut Decoration Ideas with Over 20 Examples

Love donuts so much that you want to add them to your big day? If you want to take these treats to the next level at your wedding, this feature has the perfect solution for you. We rounded up some ideas on how you can serve donuts during your wedding reception. What’s more, we included some elegantly decorated donuts that look way too gorgeous too eat! There is to better way to keep your guests happy than by giving them lots of sweets during your wedding day. But if you offer them donuts that look like this, you’re giving them a feast for the eyes plus the most exhilarating sugar rush all in one!


Donut Wall

[From: Lemonade Pictures]

[From: Paper Hearts Invitations / Photo: Alexa George Photography]

[From: Rock My Wedding / Cake: Sweetmama and Southern California Bride / Photo: Katie Jane Photography]

[From: Martha Stewart / Photo: Bryan Miller Photography]

[From: Cheersmt / Photo: Kelly Kirksey Photography]

[From: Save The Dates Design Co on Etsy]


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This Couple Registered Their Marriage Then Hit The Streets for a Photo Session

Jacqueline and Joe decided to hit two birds with one stone on the day of their marriage registration. They started off at the registry, then they headed out with their photographer, Sham2 Photography, to shoot some photos all over Hong Kong. Their formal and official wedding banquet will come at a later date so they really had all the time to themselves. This simple tweak to the schedule made this particular day extra meaningful for couple because they started the day on a high note and spent the remaining time left exploring their home city and taking beautiful photos along the way. See where they went and the captivating photos that were born out of their genius idea. Read on now.

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Wedding Photography Package Details Explained

Your wedding is too important a day not to immortalize in photos. Hence, hiring a wedding photographer is a must, no questions asked. But when you approach photographers and start canvassing wedding photography packages and prices, you can easily get overwhelmed with the choices laid out in front of you. And since you want to get the best package for your wedding, you might choose options that seem like you’re getting more, but in actuality, are not aligned with your needs. In this feature, we break down the common package details inclusions for wedding photography services so you can better decide what is best for your wedding, be it a grand celebration or an intimate one.


Hours of Coverage

The common hours of coverage in wedding photography packages come in 8,  10, 12, and sometimes 16 hours of coverage. A whole day’s worth of activities calls for the last option, while a smaller wedding with less activities will only need the 8 hours worth of coverage. However, for very intimate weddings–which is the more common option these days–you can ask if your photographer has a 4-hour option for a simple signing ceremony, or a 6-hour option if you’ll have a simple luncheon after.

[From: This Intimate Wedding Had The Perfect Mix of Modern and Traditional Elements / Photo: The Hour Gallery]

Number of Shooters

Some wedding photography services already consist of several members and couples can choose to add more shooters to capture the big day. This is especially helpful for large weddings with a lot of activities happening at different places, i.e. the groom and bride are at different, far away venues for the preparations and Chinese pre-wedding activities. During these scenarios, having a second and sometimes even a third shooter is necessary. But for intimate weddings, usually having just the main photographer on site is enough.

[From: A Luxurious Garden Wedding at The Pavillion / Photo: Kel Li and Koody Pixel]

Deliverables After The Wedding

Digital files, prints, photo albums–you will see these as post-event deliverable options in wedding photography packages. What do these mean? Digital files refer to retouched soft files of the photos which you will get through an online gallery, from which you can download all the edited photos, or via a USB. Prints means the package includes a certain number retouched printed photos which you usually select prior to printing. Lastly, some packages also give you the option add a full wedding photo album with preselected, retouched photos. Which option is best? It really depends on you. Some couples prefer digital files so they can decide how to print their photos later on–whether in frames, or in their own albums. Other couples want ready-made prints or full albums so they don’t need to select and print themselves.

[From: A Classic Hotel Wedding at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong / Photo: Cy Poon Photography]

Travel Arrangements

If you will be flying out to another country, or if your wedding venue is a far drive away, you will need to check the travel arrangements and options in detail. Most, if not all, photography services have extra fees for weddings outside of their main city of business and outside of the country. Then if accommodations are needed, additional costs will depend on the accommodation details.

[From: A Classic Wedding at Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong with Priceless Moments / Photo: Lily and Moon]

Rights and Ownership

This part is important, especially if you’re very particular about your wedding photos being seen by other people. Discuss with your photographer who has the rights to the photos, whether to share online or print, now or later. In this day and age of social media, wedding inspiration is in demand and made available online. If you want to keep your wedding photos private, then choose the option to do so.

[From: This Wedding at Kerry Hotel Included a Cute Floral Wall and Instagram-Worthy Pastries! / Photo: Anthony & Shawn]


Generally, these are the main package details you’ll encounter when talking to wedding photographers. We hope this helps you decide which options are best for your wedding and what you should look out for when finalizing the details.


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