16 Red Invitation Ideas For Your Chinese Wedding

It’s time to think of your invitations and you’re quite torn on what design to go with. Do you go with something classic and traditional? Or do you play it up a little and add some elements that reflect your style, your wedding theme, or your personality? Here’s a roundup that will solve all your problems. We put together a collection of red invitations to give you some ideas! Whether you stick to a traditional look, or you decide to be more creative, we have all kinds of inspo for you. So, start scrolling right now!


Traditional Gold and Red

If you want to stick to tradition, here are some ideas that come in the classic colors, red and gold.

[Photo: @en_fleur_wedding]

[Photo: @weddingfishes]

[Photo: @ppweddingdesign]

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We Can’t Get Over The Stunning Scenes From This Engagement Session in Dubrovnik!

Here’s a pre-wedding location we don’t see often but would love to because it’s such a beautiful place, Dubrovnik! This picturesque city in Croatia gained fame with the release of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. Several iconic scenes were shot around this city. Today, we get to see more of the beauty of Dubrovnik through the lens of Cadenza Studio. The stars of today’s shoot are a darling pair, Doris and Justin, who are dressed to the nines. Doris’ gowns from Merry Marry Bridal and Bliss Bride Couture are extra classy, while Justin, on the other hand, made sure to step it up in a crisp navy suit. While we are drawn to the handsome pair, we are also equally captivated by the view all around Dubrovnik–the street and buildings, the scintillating sea water, and the romantic aura all around! Do not make the mistake of passing up on this engagement session. Do keep scrolling to see more now.

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The Look



Wedding Gown Styles That Are Perfect for Destination Weddings

Having a destination wedding is the ultimate dream for many brides! And for those who have chosen an overseas location already, the next step is to make every detail of your wedding match your destination to a T, and that includes your wedding gown! You want to make sure even your bridal look matches the beautiful destination you’ve picked and the theme that your wedding will be built around. Today’s article is the perfect guide for brides who plan to have destination weddings and are looking for the perfect dress! Circle Weddings, a luxurious bridal shop in Hong Kong, helped us round up a selection of dresses for every kind of destination wedding setting and theme. Circle Weddings picked out gorgeous pieces from four renowned bridal designer brands, Daalarna, Zahavit Tshuba, Blumarine, and Anya Fleet. Read more now to find out what will suit your very own wedding!


Castle Church Wedding

For brides who have always wanted to be princesses on their wedding day, a grand church or castle wedding is definitely makes the fairy tale come to life. What look goes best for this kind of wedding? You guesses it right: everything and anything that exudes luxury and extravagance–from big voluminous skirts, romantic lace, and dreamy silk and satin!

[Dress from: Blumarine]

[Dress from: Blumarine]

[Dress from: Blumarine]

[Dress from: Blumarine]

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See How The Mix of Pastel Colors Made This Sanya Outdoor Wedding Utterly Romantic

As soon as we saw the first few photos from today’s feature by Jin Wed Photography, we knew that today’s feature was going to be special. Cui and Han’s wedding day was set in a beautiful place with a garden venue for the wedding ceremony and banquet and a beach as the accompanying backdrop. The outdoor scenery was adorned with a pretty pastel palette of blush, lavender, and white, turning the couple’s union into an utterly romantic event! We absolutely love the bride’s wedding gown, too–the off shoulder details and the tulle fabric were feminine and fun at the same time. The bride tribe’s outfits also followed the pastel palette color theme, tying everything together. And lastly, you shouldn’t miss out on the couple’s beautiful post-wedding beach shots! Read more now.

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The Look



Period On Your Wedding Day? Here’s What You Need To Know

Let’s be honest, every bride worries about getting her period on her wedding day. Even if you’re focused on all the wedding planning details, at the back of your head you’re thinking about this huge “what if.” Some may think, okay we can worry about that when it happens, but the wiser mindset would be: how can I prepare just in case my wedding falls on a red day? No need to worry, because we have the answers right here. Here’s what you can do to prepare for as well as what you should do if you get your period on your wedding day.


(1) Track your cycle.

[Photo: Pixabay]

As early as possible, use a period tracker. There are many app available to help you track and manage your cycle. Take advantage of technology so you’re fully aware of your cycle and you can anticipate better once your wedding day draws closer.


(2) Invest in good undergarments.

[From: A Tender and Romantic Boudoir Session / Photo: Angel Cheung]

Aside from making sure you have apt underwear that will ensure your wedding dress fits perfectly, you should also invest in good underwear just in case you get your period. You’ll want underwear that holds up well.


(3) Try a menstrual cup.

[Photo: Pixabay]

The advantage of the menstrual cup is that it can last longer than a regular napkin or tampon. This way, you can avoid the stress and hassle of having to change every few hours. The likelihood of overflow stains is low when using a cup.

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