Step Up Your Look With One of These 25 Elegant Chinese Fans From Taobao!

Accessories make all the difference for an outfit. In fact, sometimes they can drastically turn a basic look into something extraordinary! So, for your Chinese traditional pre-wedding ceremonies, why not look your best and turn up your accessory game a notch with today’s feature accessory: fans from Taobao! These fans make elegant additions to your whole look. You can use them in place of the standard bouquet. You can also opt for a D.I.Y. version if you want to add a personal touch. For bridesmaids out there, why not gift the bride with a fan as a surprise? To get you inspired about fans and how they can update your look, here’s a roundup of gorgeous fans of different styles, all from Taobao!


If you’re a classic bride and you want something that looks timeless, here are a number of elegant gold fan styles for you.


Shop Link / Product Link / RMB¥118 / D.I.Y. set available


Shop Link / Product Link / RMB¥135


Shop Link / Product Link / RMB¥128

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7 Tips for An Absolutely Breathtaking Ceremony and Reception Setup

How many of you have seen amazing looking photos (usually on Instagram) of beautiful ceremony and reception setups? We always delight in seeing the different, creative, and breathtaking ways couples, suppliers, (and Mother Nature) come together to make it happen. Today, we’re going to be breaking down some tips to help you get the ceremony and reception setups of your dreams.



Try finding unique venues. 

[Left: Taylor Bartram | Right: Rachel May Photography]

One of the ways you can guarantee an IG-worthy setup is by finding a unique-looking venue. From museums and bridges to castles and greenhouses, there’s really no hard and fast rule when it comes to deciding where to get married. You can even get married in an old warehouse that you can turn into a wonderland! Think out of the box, and don’t let initial looks deceive you, as you can always spruce it up once your big day comes along.


[Left: Laura Gordon Photography | Right: Katie Grant]


Utilize the natural scenery around you.

[Left: Donny Zavala Photography | Right: Lunalee Photography]

Outdoor venues or venues with a great view are good options when it comes to choosing your venue because you can utilize the natural scenery around you. Think of it as decoration you don’t even have to pay for! You can try looking for places with a mountain, cliff, or beautiful sunset/sunrise view, a waterfall in the background, or even a lush field will look great too!

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Photographers Share 10 Scenic Spots in Hong Kong for Your Engagement Shoot

Are you planning your pre-wedding shoot? Have you already figured out the perfect spot for your photos? We understand that it can be hard to pin point the best location, especially when you’re looking for something in particular. But the great thing about Hong Kong is that there are so many beautiful places–in the city and outside–that will deliver stunning scenes for your engagement shoot. Be it a romantic beach location, or casual streets with character, there’s something for every kind of couple here in Hong Kong. To help you find the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoot, a list of suggestions from Hong Kong photographers. Check out their top recommendations now! Scroll on.


(1) Tap Mun

Looking for a carefree spot outdoors? Take a boat from Sai Kung Country Park out across the bay to Tap Mun (Grass Island). Once there take a quick walk headed up to the beautiful coastline that surrounds the island. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, ignore the tape that says “go no further” and explore the paths and cliffs thereafter. The amazing scenery looks more like Cornwall or the East Coast than Hong Kong! In this shoot, Jamie Ousby took advantage of the stunning view and captured equally stunning photos of these soon-to-weds.


(2) City Star Ferry Tour

If you live in the city, you don’t really need to go far to find a location for beautiful pre-wedding photos, says Jamie Ousby. The Star Ferry is a Hong Kong icon that has been going for over 100 years, so why not take photos here? You’ll have the cityscape as your backdrop. Jump on in and mix with the locals for photos that have a casual vibe. If you choose the later afternoon for your shoot, you’ll also have the Hong Kong sunset as your companion. Check out this engagement at Star Ferry for some ideas!

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Don’t Miss Out On This Utterly Breathtaking Engagement Shoot in Cappadocia

There’s nothing more romantic than spending a day amidst the most gorgeous scenery with the love of your life. And just our luck, today’s engagement is all that and more! ‘s photos of Cindy and Edison’s pre-wedding photo session are absolutely captivating. The scenes of Cappadocia are stunning, more so with the hot air balloons afloat all around! The two also take shots strolling all around, taking us with them to see more of this beautiful place. This location is easily a bucket list destination now that we know just how gorgeous it is–don’t you agree? Keep scrolling and let the rest of this destination shoot unfold in front of you. You won’t regret it.


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