Let This Dreamy Portrait Shoot Inspire You During Your Own Bridal Photo Session

Whether you will be having a separate bridal portrait photo session, or squeezing in some shots during your actual wedding day, today’s feature will surely inspire you when it’s your turn in front of the camera. Let’s all stop for just a moment to look at these photos shot by Anton Kicker and see why. First and foremost, today’s muse dons gorgeous feminine dresses that bring out her beauty. We’re completely captivated with the way the soft tulle and floral appliqué wrap around her delicate frame. The gowns’ daintiness was complemented with natural makeup and a loose updo including whisps of hair falling on the bride-to-be’s face. The studio came with romantic interiors so it was only natural that pastel flowers would put the whole thing together. Swoon with us now as we browse through all these amazing shots now!

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The Look



A Garden Wedding With a Beautiful Mustard and Emerald Green Color Palette

Sometimes a pop of color is all we need to brighten our day, and luckily, today’s wedding will do just that. Scarlet and Kenny’s special day is bright and cheerful in every way. One thing that caught our attention from the onset is the color palette they chose: mustard and emerald green! It’s not very often that we see this pairing, and it’s very seldom used at Hong Kong weddings. The color palette and the couple’s sweet smiles definitely filled Bauhinia Garden with so much glee–every moment proved to be a joyful one! And the banquet that followed did not disappoint either. Decorations were still in theme, yet styled even more elegantly. Moonbird Production passed on all the photos from this wedding for us to enjoy, and also the highlight video from Wonderwall Videographic, so we highly recommend that you continue browsing with us!

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The Look


A Cute Star Ferry Wedding in Hong Kong

We love seeing couples celebrate their wedding in ways that are out of the ordinary. Today’s couple, Sinling and Lok, surprised us by saying “I do” on a ferry boat–how cute is that?! Though their wedding wasn’t grand, nor did it have a large display of decorations, it was surely heartwarming and fun as seen in all the photos taken by Terralogical. This union stood out precisely because of the location–at Wahfu Estate, on an actual ferry ride, and along the pier–but the details did not disappoint either. The bride wore a structured dress which was a perfect modern look to go with the post-nuptial shots taken in the city streets. The gown was made by Kath Yeung Bridal, who created and tailored the dress to the bride’s desire–sleeveless, long, plain white, with a scarf, and a big bow and long veil, which were both detachable! The groom matched his maiden’s look with a blue suit. Meanwhile, the bridesmaids donned fun yellow-toned dresses and matching plaid shawls. Finally, even the invitations were extra cute made with water color paintings for Hong Kong and the ferry boats that traverse to and from the island. What’s not to love about this wedding?

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The Look




Photographers Share Tips On How To Show Off Your Wedding Dress in Photos

We love to see bridal portraits and we love to look at shots that really highlight a bride’s whole wedding day look. We especially tend to ogle at the bride’s gown! But wait a minute, how do you make sure you document every part of your beautiful dress? How do you make sure you can highlight it in your photos? For sure, you want to make sure you snap every beautiful part and detail of your wedding gown–and we would love to see it, too. Here are some tips that photographers shared with us to help you show off your wedding dress in photos. Read their tips now and remember them for your wedding day photo session.

(1) Know your dress style.

First, you need to get to know what your wedding dress type is–what are the pretty details to be highlighted based on your dress? If you are wearing a ball gown, SA Wedding suggests that you show off your dress by sitting on the ground or on a chair and laying out your skirt on the floor. On the other hand, if you have a sleek, minimalist dress, an upright pose will better highlight the clean lines.
(2) Perfect that S pose.

You definitely want to flaunt the curves of your body if you’re wearing a mermaid dress! How do you do this? Time to master that S pose–keep your back straight, lift your hips up, put one foot forward and lift it up slightly so you can point your toes. Your photographer can help guide you, just the way SA Wedding guides their brides.

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Say “I Do” in One of These 8 Pretty Churches in Hong Kong

Scouring far and wide for the perfect church venue? No need to stress because we have a list of pretty churches from all around Hong Kong. From churches with pretty stain glass windows, perfect for those bridal portraits, to churches with colossal interiors that create a very solemn ceremony atmosphere–we have a list with a variety of looks for you. Choose your ideal church venue now, scroll on.


(1) Bethanie Chapel

As we said, here’s a church with beautiful stained glass windows. This bride surely made the most of the windows and the natural sunlight. If you get married here, you can too! And this church has no religious requirement so it is popular among Hong Kong brides.

[From: A Blush, Coral, and Red Church Wedding / Photos: Ming Yung Photo]

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