Vendor Contracts 101: What You Need to Know

Every time you decide to hire a wedding vendor–photographer, make up artist, florist, planner–you will need to sign a contract and give a down payment. Until this document is signed and the deposit made, your chosen vendor will not secure your wedding day. Your contract is a very important piece of paper; it will be the basis of the service you availed of, down to the last and smallest detail. Therefore, knowing what should go into your vendor contract is vital. Today, we’re listing down all the things you need to remember and do, before affixing your signature on any vendor contract.


[From: A Traditional Wedding Decked with Beautiful Red, White, and Gold Details / Photo: miLa Story]


1) Make sure all the important details are included.

[From: A Garden Wedding With a Beautiful Mustard and Emerald Green Color Palette / Photo: Moonbird Production]

Make sure all the relevant details are included in your contract. These include: event date; event time; name of service, its details, and all inclusions; names of all parties involved in the agreement; the amount to be paid, the deposit amount, and all the other payment schemes and terms; contingency plans (if any), liability clause which states who is liable in case of damages, losses, or other mishaps.


2) If there’s anything not yet finalized, include provision for other future arrangements.

Sometimes you and your vendor will agree to sort other details later on. If this is the case, make sure you have a clause or provision that says which items are to be finalized later on and will be agreed upon in writing. You can make and addendum to the contract once those details have been agreed upon to make.


3) Check if additional details will affect the price.

[From: A Cute Star Ferry Wedding in Hong Kong / Photo: Terralogical]

Be sure as well to clarify with your vendor if additional loose details that have yet to be agreed upon will affect the overall cost of the service. If it will you might want to decide BEFORE signing to secure the cost.

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Tones of Soft Blush Made This Wedding Exceptionally Dreamy

One fine day, on an overlooking terrace decked with beautiful blush flowers, Nicole and Kenny joined hands and said “I do,” starting off their journey as man and wife. It was definitely a day to remember. For one, the bride was utterly radiant in her gown, simple yet elegant in every way. The bridesmaids that surrounded her were in the same soft blush palette and the rest of the wedding details turned Repulse Bay into a dreamy setting–the kind that will have you on cloud nine! MC Photography and AP studio gifted us with such a beautiful wedding that we’re so excited to share it with you. Please do scroll on and enjoy!

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The Look



A Delicate Blush and White Wedding That’s Overflowing with Emotions

There are so many beautiful things about this wedding at Auberge Discovery Bay that I had a difficult time putting my thoughts into words. Perhaps we can begin with the opening photo: Amy and William walking down the aisle as newly-weds beaming with joy and love. Noticeably, the crowd is just as jubilant, and this is one reason why this wedding tugged at our heartstrings. From start to end, everyone’s emotions are overflowing–not only that of the couple! Photo after photo we see smiles, laughter, tears, and affection, enough to make our hearts swell. And that’s not all there is; the details are similarly captivating. Blush pink was the hue of choice for the couple, paired with elegant elements all around–think white flowers, gold accents, and more! Emma Fok Photography and Woody Storytelling surely made our day when she shared this special set of photos and highlight video with us. And since words really can’t capture everything about this wedding, do see the rest of the photos and enjoy Amy and William’s lovely union now.

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The Look


Here’s a Financial Timeline To Help You Prepare for The Wedding and New Life After

Let’s talk money. Yes, this is the more serious side of getting married; it’s also a very, very important detail that you and your husband-to-be need to sit down on and discuss fully. To help you both easily see the financial horizon ahead, we made a simple financial timeline that you can follow. Planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and taking active steps for the expenses for your wedding and life after will be a great way to get your married life off to a good start. So, here goes! Let’s get down to business now.

[Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash]


One Year Before Your Wedding: Set Budget and Consolidate Financials

[Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash]

  • Set your wedding budget. We can’t stress enough how important this first step is. It’s going to be the basis for many–if not all–of your wedding-related decisions. When making your budget, ensure that it’s a realistic one so you don’t end up going overboard or scrimping on some of the important details.
  • Talk about who pays for what for your wedding. From the beginning, be clear with who pays for what. This way there will be no problems when the bills come and it’s time to settle them.
  • Understand each others individual financial situation and decide on how you’d like to handle both of your earnings and expenses. You’re both coming from a life where your only concern is your own financial needs and habits. Now, you must understand each other’s status and talk about how to move forward.
  • Consolidate and arrange all your bank accounts, investments, loans, and other assets. This is the time to decide on whether you will have a joint bank account or keep separate individual ones. This is also the time to decide on what to do with all your other financial obligations and owned assets. Openness and transparency is key so you and your future husband are on the same page on your soon-to-be conjugal possessions.

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