Emotional Shots Photographers Look Out For in Weddings

Your wedding is the most important day of your life! Naturally, you’ll want your photographer to capture every detail–your dress, your hair, the flowers, the decorations, family, and friends. Weddings are also such beautiful milestones filled with moments that touch us deeply. So aside from all the gorgeous details, photographers are also keen on capturing everything else that happens in between. We approached some of our partner photographers to share with us some emotional moments they look out for when shooting weddings. Get ready to feel all the love you’ll ever need with this roundup of photos that will definitely pull on your heartstrings. Enjoy!


From miLa story:

Dot and Mike from miLa story emphasize that they treasure the connection between couples and their beloved parents and family. So what they look out for in weddings are the emotions and interactions between couples and their beloved family. Here are some examples.

That crucial moment when the veil is placed over the bride’s face right before she walks down the aisle.

The mother of the bride hugs the bride when she sees her daughter wearing the same gua she wore on her wedding day.

Here’s an excited groom who can’t wait to finally claim his bride after all the challenging door games.

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A Romantic Garden Wedding with a Dreamy, Candlelit Dinner Reception

Because Fiona, from Hong Kong, and Eric, from New York, lived on opposite ends of the world, they wanted to choose a special place in the middle that would serve as a perfect escape for their friends and family. They tied the knot at the beautiful Masia Ribas, an old mansion from 1779 in Barcelona, and transformed it into a dreamy and romantic site for their special day. With the help of wedding planners from Bodas de Cuento and florist Távola, the Orangerie of Masia Ribas was decorated with abundant flowers and candles–lots and lots of candles. It looked like everyone was sitting outside, instead of inside, under the trees and a sky full of stars. At this very intimate celebration, guests were able to guests enjoy delicious Spanish food by Esther Conde alongside the music of a Spanish guitarist, lending a cozy atmosphere for the rest of the night. Eric and Fiona were aglow throughout the day, filled with love and happiness. We can’t get enough of all these photos by Sara Lázaro. This wedding will make you feel love, happiness, and inspiration altogether, so don’t stop reading. Scroll on!

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The Look


How to Deliver a Perfect and Memorable Maid of Honor’s Speech

If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and you have been tasked with delivering the Maid of Honor speech, then you must be terribly worried about the wedding day. There’s a lot of pressure to say something funny and heartwarming at the same time, as well as pressure to keep your audience’s attention with something concise and witty. You must be thinking, how in the world will you pull this off? Here are ten tips to help you out. Your speech will be a hit if you follow these, we promise.

[From: An Enchanting Blush Wedding in Phuket / Photo: ]

[From: Intimate All-White Wedding in Hong Kong / Photo: Moonbird Production]


(1) Start with introducing yourself and how you know the bride, move on to about the couple, and end with how they’re perfect life partners.

(2) Add some sweet details about their relationship, but avoid too many clichés.


[From: Intimate All-White Wedding in Hong Kong / Photo: Moonbird Production]

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This Bride Wore An Embellished Cape Over Her Wedding Gown and It Looked Stunning!

Opening the morning with this effortlessly elegant wedding will surely set the most inspiring tone for the rest of the day. Iluminen‘s photos stole our hearts, so we can’t wait for you to see all the details of this union. Grace and Cliff choose a romantic site to tie the knot–everything about Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali is utterly beautiful. The all-white theme fit the venue perfectly, framing ever corner in an immaculate glow. We also couldn’t take our eyes off of Grace’s beautiful bridal ensemble. She dressed in a figure-hugging tube gown with an embellished cape draping from her shoulders–she was absolutely stunning. I don’t think any one would want to miss Grace and Cliff’s special day, not when everything is this picture perfect.

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The Look