Wedding Gown Style Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

The year has just started and we’ve been privy to what you can expect for wedding gowns this 2019. We talked to our friends bridal shops and got the inside scoop on what wedding gown style trends will be dominating the year. Here’s a list of what’s hot and what’s definitely in this 2019. Read up, brides!


  • Floral Appliqué Accents

Adding floral accents is one way to add femininity to any dress, and feminine dresses are the way to go this 2019! This dainty Lihi Hod gown from Le Soleil Bridal Closet perfectly exemplifies the wonders of floral appliqué. Le Soleil Bridal Closet is known for the premium Israel labels it carries and shares that this piece is only one of the many beautiful dresses with floral appliqué that are lined up in their store.

Here’s another gorgeous dress with floral appliqué details from Le Soleil Bridal Closet. This Olivia gown from NOYA by Riki Dalal features a dramatic back design that is absolutely beautiful.


  • Ribbons, Lots of them

Ribbons have already been in the scene, and this year, they’re staying and introducing elegant new ways to be creative and fun! Here’s a Julie Vino dress that’s executes a most delicate way to use ribbons. This design elegantly accentuates one’s shoulders, too! Loving everything about this dress the way we are? It’s available at Le Soleil Bridal Closet too.

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You Have To See The Beautiful Blush and White Details of This Enchanting Wedding in Phuket!

Wing and Steven’s special day was the outcome of Wing’s clear vision and The Wedding Bliss Thailand‘s capability to turn that vision into reality–with made with curated elements of tasteful aesthetic. Before diving into the photos that were taken by of this gorgeous wedding at our midst, let me first tell you what makes this wedding really special. The venue, Sava Beach Villas, comes with a stunning garden that opens into the beach. It was a perfect canvas for the beautiful blush and white flowers and vintage-inspired decorations. Wing’s bridal look was also utterly breathtaking–from her Inbal Dror wedding gown, all the way to her Christian Louboutin shoes. And finally, the added touch of elegance by the drapery and chandelier lights made the entire event an extra enchanting one! So, what are you waiting for? Scroll on now to see all of the photos now.

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The Look


Funny Door Games Costumes from Taobao for The Groom and Groomsmen

One of the most entertaining parts of Hong Kong weddings is definitely the door games, where the groom and his groomsmen have to prove themselves to the bride through various games and challenges. In many cases, the groom and his team must also come in creative costumes. Today, we’ve decided to help the groom and his team impress the bride tribe with some really cute and fun costumes from Taobao! We’re sure these will catch you lady’s attention and make her laugh loads. What a fun wedding it will be!


Kaonashi Masked Men

Perhaps a little scare won’t hurt? This costume will probably come off as frightening at first, but surely the love of your life will warm up after she realizes it’s all in the game.



Shop Link / RMB¥66


Alien Invasion

We can’t stop laughing–this costume is hilarious! Well, at least if there’s an alien invasion you know your husband will have had enough experience to save you and your family.

Shop Link / RMB¥150

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Serve These 10 Delicious Cocktails at Your Wedding Reception

When the ceremony is over, everyone’s had a sumptuous meal, and the dance floor has opened, it’s time to open the bar and serve the alcohol! Of course, you can’t party without beer, wine, and cocktails. Now, you don’t want to serve your everyday cocktails–you want to open the night with a display of beautiful concoctions that are just as yummy as they are pretty. So, to add that extra flair to your after party, here are 10 cocktails that look and taste irresistible!


(1) Metropolitan Martini

No ordinary martini will do for your special day. Take it up a notch instead with this Metropolitan Martini. It’s the prefect balance between sweet and tart with that unexpected twist!

[Recipe and Photo: Garnish with Lemon]


(2) Spiked Peach Punch

Fruit lovers and juice drinkers will keep coming back to this Spiked Peach Punch–we’re sure of it! It’s a delicious infusion of ripe, luscious peaches delicately blended with vodka. Yum!

[Recipe and Photo: Sugar and Soul]

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See How This Couple Celebrated Their Wedding Day at Brick Lane in Admiralty

What a great way to celebrate a wedding–at a delicious restaurant! Jennifer and Kuan’s special day was full of joy, cheer, and of course, good food. Their pre-wedding activites in Cordis Hong Kong were so fun to watch, and their ceremony was even more delightful to see. The blush color theme was a sweet addition to the overall look and the intimate gathering sparked so much happiness that it definitely came through in all the photos of Steven C. Lastly, with a mouthwatering menu from Brick Lane, you have a wedding feast that’s one for the books! See more of this celebration now, scroll on.

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