Graceful Movement Makes All The Difference in These Bridal Photos

Adding your personality into a bridal shoot is definitely a plus, especially if it will really make your photos stand out, the way this bride’s photo do. By letting her natural grace take over and making her master of movement her ally, she was able to translate her beauty and personality vividly into all of her photos. We were instantly drawn to the angles and shapes formed by her lithesome body and the elegant stills captured by . Dainty flowers and calligraphy were perfect accompanying details adding that sweet touch to the whole setting. Finally, today’s bride was dressed in two gorgeous pieces from The Wed Genie–a sight that is not to be missed. Scroll along now to see more of what were talking about!

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The Look



Arrive in Style On Your Wedding Day with These Hong Kong Transport Services

[From: Forever and Always / Photo: Steven C Photography]

Have you thought about wedding day logistics? If not, then do stay a while for today’s post that’s all about Hong Kong transport services that you can hire for your special day. Whether you’re a high roller in need for the latest luxury car, or if you’re a classic queen who wants to make an entrance in a vintage, one-of-a-kind vehicle, this list of car rental and transport service is all you need to find the perfect wedding day ride for you! Ready, get set, go find that car right now.



[Photo: Microcars]

Get a luxury ride for your big day! AVIS, an international car rental company, not only represents the top-notch sector of the car rental industry, it also strives to maintain the resolute brand spirit and an uncompromising attitude to maintain the superior quality of services uniformly in 177 countries and regions around the global. Avis provides top-of-the-line rides–think Maserati, Porsche, and Tesla. To all the brides who want to ride in style, contact Avis now.


Classic Rolls

[Photo: Classic Rolls]

Nothing makes a statement like a vintage car pulling up into the driveway with a beautiful bride in tow. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to elegantly alight from an eye-stopping vehicle, call on Classic Rolls to drive you on your special day. Classic Rolls is a prominent Rolls Royce limousine service provider in Hong Kong. Since it began operations in 1995, numerous VIP’s have enjoyed their excellent transportation services. Classic Rolls carries more than 20 luxury vehicles include Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Silver Spur, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz. They also have an open-top Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in the color purple, a limited edition vehicle limousine service. Classic Rolls will definitely provide you with a unique and satisfying ride on your wedding day.

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The Wedding Beauty Timeline You’ll Need to Say I Do To

They say that women are the most beautiful on their wedding day. It is indeed true, but not without some homework behind the scenes. We know how wedding planning can be stressful, and having to manage all that and upkeep that image at the same time can be a challenge. That bridal glow that we brides aim to achieve for our big day–radiant and clear skin, perfected brows, silky hair and that shining smile–it seems like another endless to-do list with so little time. Not to worry, we’ve done your homework for you! Here’s a list of monthly beauty regimes to help you achieve effortless beauty on your wedding day. What are you waiting for, let the countdown begin!

[Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


8 Months

  • It’s better to start early for appointments with your reputable dermatologist or aesthetic doctors. Make a list of what you want to achieve and discuss with them your plan for the big day.
  • If you want to try botox to smoothen fine lines, try them at this point. Effects will last about 6 months so it will give you ample time to test if you’re comfortable with it.
  • Procedures such as chemical peels, micro needling, and other facial procedures should start 8 months or earlier as well.

[Photo: Skin Laundry / Source: Professional Beauty]


6 Months

  • If you have yet to visit your dermatologist, don’t worry, you still have time. So make that appointment now!
  • This will be the best time for one last round of facial procedures such as micro needling or laser procedures.
  • From this point, start to focus on regenerating and healing your skin instead of getting more procedures.
  • If you are going to try eye brow tints, now is the time to try them. Start the brow grooming because it will take time to grow out those brows (just in case).
  • Start to fine tune your hair cut and color with 8-weekly appointments. Go with simple and natural styles and remember to condition those tresses weekly.

[Photo: Browhaus / Source: Honeycombers]

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You’ll Love All The Details of This Sweet, Blue-Themed Wedding at Harbour Grand Hong Kong

Hannah and Hang’s special day couldn’t be any more charming. Everything about it–from the romantic blue color theme, to the elegant reception setup–was perfect! We especially loved Hannah’s dress too. She looked radiant in it and it was obvious that Hang coundn’t keep his eyes off her when she appeared at the aisle. Then as the night opened their new life together, Harbour Grand Hong Kong served as a most romantic sanctuary with glamorous crystal chandeliers and ceiling-high mirrors, adding that sparkle that made the celebration extra stunning. Scroll through the snaps taken by zOO Wedding by Cheric K. and see all the beautiful details of this Hong Kong wedding.

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6 Useful Tips for Planning a Big Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding in a tight budget is extremely challenging, especially if you’re going to have a big wedding. Expenses tend to bloat and naturally, you can easily find yourself way over what should be spending. But here’s the thing, dear brides–if there’s a will, there’s a way! And today, we plan to show you that it can be done! Even just by following these six simple tips, you’ll already see the difference in the numbers. So, don’t fret just yet, instead, read up now for 6 tips on how you can cut costs while planning a big wedding.

[From: This Wedding is Full of Classic Blue Details / Photos: Carter and Rose]


(1) Say “No” to One-Time Usage

Skip the extras that will only be used once. For example, instead of having individual menu cards per seat, you can just have one per table or one main menu signage. You can also forego printed save-the-date cards and send an e-card instead because the printed formal invitations are the priority.

[From: A Charming Seaside Wedding with a Surprise Table Top Dance Number from the Entourage / Photos: Isa Photography]


(2) Smart Floral Decorations are a Must

You can be creative with your floral decorations and speak to your florist on how you can save on costs. You can still create the look you want without spending a ton if you work closely with your florist and stylist.

[From: This Garden Wedding Was Adorned with Beautiful Red and Blush Flowers / Photos: Belle & Olive]

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