Reasons Why You SHOULD Have a Trial Makeup Session Before Your Wedding

The process of creating your bridal look is very crucial–from the gown, to your shoes, and of course, your makeup! Everything has to blend perfectly so you emerge as a radiant bride-to-be! One pre-wedding preparation step that should not be missed is a trial makeup session with your potential beauty stylist. We’ve heard some horror stories and would not want that for any one of you! We want to help you make sure that you have the exact makeup that will match your desired bridal look. So, here are some very good reasons why you should have a makeup trial session before your wedding day, from the beauty experts themselves!


Sonia O Makeup

  • Communication between the bride and her makeup artists is of crucial importance during makeup trial.

Having a trial session will give your makeup artist time to get to know you. Please don’t be shy to let your makeup artist know more about your background, personality, makeup preferences, style of your gowns, the theme of your wedding, and etc.  Each and every piece of information helps your makeup artist create a unique style that perfectly matches you and your wedding.

[Photo: Belle & Olive ]


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We’re in Love with These Beautiful Autumn Color Palettes!

Autumn, a season where the air is crisp and leaves outshine their floral friends with myriad shades of red, orange, and yellow. If those were the colors you had in mind for a your wedding, you will be amazed by these other shades we’ve put together for you. Three color palettes, three different themes, and three times the surprise–we know you’ll fall in love with these inspiration boards too!


Autumn leaves with shades of rust, orange, and hints of yellow–this color palette perfectly describes autumn and all its beauty. Cinnamon, pumpkins, and pears are fruits of the season too. So why not incorporate these in drinks or desserts? The result: a festive feel with warm and inviting color tones perfect for an outdoor wedding.

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Get Inspiration for Your Wedding Day Portraits from This Elegant Bridal Photoshoot

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful bridal portraits? We’re 100% sure that every bride out there wants to nail every photo frame and master the killer ‘smize’ that model, Tyra Banks, teaches all her top models. If you’re worried about how to go about your wedding day portraits, take it from Tiffany and her elegant shots by . The camera loves her candid smiles and sweet stares. Every shot captures her effortless grace and  every detail in the attire–from the delicate appliqué on her gown, to her loose bun and radiant makeup–emphasizes her innate femininity. Start scrolling on, ladies. You’ll want to take a look at these photos so you get inspiration when it’s your time to face that camera.

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The Look



Beautiful Red Umbrellas to Shelter You On Your Big Day

We could not wait any longer to show you what we have found after much sourcing. Red umbrellas–think traditional, modern, patterned, flowers, prints–all in the color red! A short recap on the significance of red umbrellas, they are used in traditional Chinese weddings to ward off evil spirits when the bride is picked up by the groom after the door games. We have decided to inspire you to embrace your cultural roots with these gorgeous red brollies. They are so pretty that we would gladly use some of them after the wedding. Let’s start exploring the options to make that shot instagram-worthy. Here we go!

[From: A Heartwarming Cream-colored Wedding at Hyatt Regency Shatin / Photo: MC Photography]


Simple and Classic Go a Long Way

If you are the bride that does not want to attract too much attention, here are some simple styles suited just for you. The shape and texture of umbrellas can change the look entirely, giving off vintage or Mary Poppins vibes. Yes, we do have an umbrella that looks just like hers! These umbrellas will make a statement without stealing the limelight of your embroidered gua.

[Photo: DiCesare Designs / Shop Link]


[Photo: Mabu / Shop Link]


[Photo: Rakuten / Shop Link]


[Photo: Taobao / Shop Link]

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Important Details to Take Note of When Booking a Government Venue for Your Wedding

Today, many couples opt to book government venues for their wedding. It’s a good idea, especially if you’re want to keep things simple and stress-free. However, your wedding day will be anything but stress-free if you don’t make the necessary preparations for a wedding in a government venue. Without the luxury of a venue team, there are details that you will need to handle on your own. Worry not, these are all very manageable with your entourage and family to help. To help you out some more, here are the important things to check and prepare for when booking a government venue for your wedding.

[From: A Charming City All Celebration / Photo:]


Check the list of provided materials.

Some venues might only provide very minimal materials and equipment, so do check the number of chairs provided, if a sound system is included, and if they have other props available for your use. It’s good to make an initial inventory of what is available so that if you need to rent, you can reserve the other items you need ahead of time.

Come up with a wedding layout that will provide more privacy.

Most government venues are public places and the last thing you want is a whole audience of people you don’t know watching your special day. You can fix your setup so that you have more privacy. For example, choose to face away from the crowd, or hold the cermeony an area away from passageways.

Do a very thorough ocular inspection of the venue.

It is very, very important that you do a thorough inspection of the venue so you can make the necessary adjustments in case of constraints or concerns. Some important venue details you should check are the following:

  • Car parking slots
  • Drop off for vendors’ materials
  • Storage areas for supplies


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