10 Points to Be Aware of For Your Chinese Reception Seating Plan

It’s about a month or less until your wedding day and it’s time to do one of the most dreaded parts of wedding planning: the seat plan. It’s not that bad a task but it can get tedious and confusing. Where do you put the elderly since they must be seated comfortably? Where do you put your nieces and nephews so that they don’t end up distracting the other guests? There are so many questions and concerns related to guests seating arrangements–how do you manage to make everyone comfortable? Here are some points to note when you are arranging the seats for guests.


1. Family goes first.

You must arrange seats for family members according to how close you are to them and how senior they are. You must also always consider their comfort and ease above all other considerations. In Western-style weddings, the bride’s usually walks the bride down the aisle. Hence, it will be ideal to put him closer to the aisle so it is easier for him to get back to his seat afterwards. Some parents might have families from a second marriage. If this is the case, you can put the father and his new wife on the second head table at the second row, and you can put the mother and her current husband on first head table at the first row to avoid any awkward situations.


2. Seat grandparents where they can be comfortable.

For grandparents, put them at seats that are close to stage. Make sure that they can easily to move in and out as well where they are seated. Also, position them away from the place where waiters give out dishes and away from loud speakers.

[From: This All-White Wedding in Hexa Comes With A Beautiful View of Hong Kong’s Cityscape / Photo: Patrick Photography]

3. Position males at the left; females at the right.

This rule is usually applied to relatives to separate bride’s and groom’s guests. If one side has more guests, or if one group inlcudes is your common friends, you can put them at any side to balance out the layout.

[From: This Bride Had 5 Stunning Outfits During Her Wedding, Including a Chic Lace Jumper! / Photo: My Memory Wedding Production]

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This Couple’s Genuine Love is Undeniably Inspiring

A warm ray of sunshine–that’s how I’d describe this wedding. From the smiles of the bride and her bridesmaids, to scenes of the parents holding back tears, and the groom’s awe-stricken face upon seeing his wife-to-be, every moment and every scene will give you the feels. Daniel Yim captured every part of Shirley and Andy’s wedding day and shared with us all the beautiful moments they shared with friends and family. Seeing all the snaps from their most special day makes us feel all warm inside because Shirley and Andy’s love seems to just emanate. This kind of raw, genuine emotion is what keeps us so inspired and we hope that by sharing this wedding with you, you feel the same, too.

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5 Jewel Tone Colors Worth Trying For Your Wedding

While yes, it’s true, we love pastels and everything feminine, but we also can’t deny that we love bold statement colors, too. Deep hues bring an undeniable aura of sophistication–don’t you agree? A pop of color can also make any venue or space extra magical! Today’s post is all about colors that are striking and inviting! We’re spoiling you with mood boards using beautiful and rich jewel tones worth trying for your special day. Scroll on over now and see them; you might be surprised and find yourself saving one of these mood boards for your wedding!




[Photos: Hi Miss Puff, Kira Stein Photography, Shelby Flowers, Martin Aesthetics, Zsuzsi Pal Photography, Country Western Blooms via Etsy]

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Sweet Church Wedding With a Special Song From The Groom

Today’s couple will fill your hearts with glee, not only because of their beautiful church wedding, but also because of their love and sweetness! Melissa and Kevin’s wedding day started like any other–with the Chinese pre-wedding ceremonies. But their wedding day photos revealed so much more as the day unfolded. We see both, the bride and groom, overjoyed and so filled with affection. We also see their family and friends just as excited about the union. All the jubilant faces made our hearts melt; we’re sure they will also touch yours. The groom even threw in a special song number for the bride which touched us deeply! Lastly, worth mentioning as well are the beautiful blush details used to accentuate the ceremony and banquet venues–the hue filled the room and the celebration with even more joy. Scroll on and see all the moments and details we keep raving about from photos by Cadenza Studio and highlight video by Pixel Hall Productions!

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8 Gift Ideas for Your Husband This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and naturally, you’ll want to give your special someone the best gift ever! But what to give? Do you already have something in mind? If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, we have just what you need! Here’s a list of gift ideas for your husband. We thought long and hard about this, so scroll on now and find something that your man will love.


A Statement Watch

[Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash]

You can’t go wrong with surprising your husband with a beautiful watch. Think about it–it’s that one accessory men really love! And what can be more stylish than a statement watch that will complete your husband’s dapper attire? Nothing we can think of!


A Premium Network Subscription

[Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash]

If your husband love to binge watch shows on Netflix, or is he a die hard sports fan? A premium subscriptin will be perfect especially for those chill weekends at home where you can both just binge watch all day!


Workout Gear To Keep Him Motivated

[Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]

Is your hubby a fitness fan? Well then getting him new workout gear will surely be a sweet way to show your support and keep him motivated!

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