An Intimate Wedding Styled Photo Shoot Inspired by a Sculptor’s Studio in Portugal

One of the things we miss the most about traveling is the inspiration it brings. Seeing different places, meeting people from all walks of life, and just being an environment that’s strange and new can spark inspiration. Thankfully, today’s styled shoot is here to gift us with loads of inspiration and fill our need for awe and wonder. Nicole Please Weddings joined hands with Kuenzli Photography, GOMANGO Wedding Films, and MyAwina to bring this styled wedding shoot to life. Inspired by a sculptor’s studio nestled in a quintessential fishing village along the Portuguese coastline, this intimate wedding setup made use of soft shades of sand, grey and sage. To accentuate the Portuguese maritime vibe, MyAwina added large basket lamps and fishing nets to the floral installations. The table setting included a stunning flower chandelier with dried lotus leaves, lisianthus, white bougainvillea and amaranthus, while the rest of the room featured various stone pieces and artworks. The muses of the shoot, Dina and Yannik wore attires in the same palette, with Dina sporting a modern dress and cape combo. But out of all the well-thought-out details, what came as a surprise to us was the deconstructed stone wedding cake by A Cake Story. Who would have thought a casual scene along the Portuguese coastline could turn an empty room into this unconventional and artistic wedding setup? Scroll on through to see the rest of the stunning elements of this styled shoot now.

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The Look



Your Style Guide for An Ultra Chic Minimalist Wedding

Less is more–we’re sure you’ve heard this countless times already. The increase in minimalist weddings these days is proof enough that you really don’t need a lot of decoration–or very luxurious ones–to achieve a stunning wedding day. You can still have an utterly romantic and memorable wedding even with details that are more toned down. If you love the minimalist trend but are still clueless as to how to achieve such a wedding, this style guide is exactly what you need! In this feature, we break down the essential elements behind an ultra chic minimalist wedding.


(1) Consider a bouquet with minimal foliage. Pick flowers that are striking on their own, like tulips or orchids!

[From: An Intimate Pre-wedding Portrait Session at Rosewood / Photo: Sophia Kwan]

[From: These Lovers Made Sure Their Wedding Day was The Best Day Ever, Masks and All / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

[From: These Timeless Pre-wedding Photos Were Shot in Two Locations / Photos: ]

[From: A Romantic Glass House Wedding at Crown Wine Cellars / Photo: The Hour Gallery]


(2) Keep your table looking clean. You can still add decorations and flowers, but the overall look should still look neat. You can stick to neutral colors to tone down the decorations.

[From: Lucy Li and Darren Wong’s Minimalist Engagement Shoot is #Goals! / Photos: Heather Lai Photography]

[From: A Modern Black, White, and Gold Themed Wedding in Phuket / Photos: Danae Herrmann]

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COVID-19 Restrictions Didn’t Keep This Duo From Tying The Knot

Because of the COVID-19 surge, Sabrina and Nelson couldn’t celebrate their wedding the way they had initially planned to. Strict restrictions were back, so inviting all their loved ones was no longer an option for their original wedding day. The couple decided to postpone the big celebration but knew that they didn’t want to wait any longer before becoming Mr and Mrs. Hence, armed with a love to last a lifetime, Sabrina and Nelson put on simple outfits and headed out to register their marriage on their original wedding day. Then to celebrate their first few moments as husband and wife and immortalize the day, they went out into the streets and took romantic shots with their photographer Blancs Production. And even if it rained and the day was mostly cloudy, this couple’s optimism and love turned the mood around. See how this darling couple made happily ever after happen despite all the odds.

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24 Elegant Cookie Designs To Sweeten Your Wedding With

If you’re thinking of how to sweeten your wedding day, we have the perfect solution just for you. This line-up of 24 elegant cookie designs will show you that this dessert choice will not fail you. There’s nothing more adorable than wedding cookies that are in theme. You can hand them out as edible souvenirs or you can display them at your dessert table. Either way, wedding cookies that are carefully made to match your wedding theme will give your special day that extra element of surprise. Take a look at these wedding cookies and see for yourself!

[Photo: @Sweetcheeksbyrenee on Instagram]

[Photo: @Ems.custom.cookies on Instagram]

[Photo: @Poppyflourbakeshoppe on Instargam]

[Photo: @Sugarsbyshell on Instagram]

[Photo: @Sugarandspice_customcreations on Instagram]

[Photo: Lynn Crosier on Pinterest]

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7 Wedding Photographers Share Tips on Planning an Outdoor Engagement Shoot

Are you heading outdoors for your engagement shoot? Before you do, you might want to drop by and read what these seven Hong Kong photographers have to say about planning an outdoor pre-wedding shoot. Learn insider tips about choosing the right location, what to wear, and more! The details are just below. Read on.

(1) Choosing a Location

Try to go to places that feature rocks and stones for added drama to your photos. Most people go to Shek O, but in recent years, Hok Tsui and High Island Reservoir East Dam are also popular choices among couples because of the rock formations. But if you want to shoot at night, go up to a hilly site to capitalize on the stunning city lights from down below. – Redblue Creation

You can get more of your outdoor engagement shoot if you pick a location that supports your theme, style, and concept. So when choosing a shooting spot, think about how it can achieve your ideal look. – Blancs Production

When choosing a location for a photoshoot, we recommend a quiet location, or a place that means something to you. This is very useful because it will help you completely relax during the photoshoot. In addition, a forest, or a cozy, private room with zero interruption are also perfect locations for pre-wedding photoshoots because the intimate setting allows the photographer to capture the sincere emotions from the couple. – Hatsumori Photo by Gavin.Y

In addition to popular locations, we love to explore different unique spots in Hong Kong to take pre-wedding pictures. We suggest that before your pre-wedding photo day, go out more to look for special locations that you are fond of. Suburban areas can surprise you with some interesting places that can help you create stunning pre-wedding pictures! If you happen to have found your place, you can take pictures with your phone, and mark down how to go there. After that, you can discuss with your photographer on whether this is a viable location for a pre-wedding shoot. – Film Komolebi

Find locations that have sentimental value for you guys. That will bring back fond memories and will create a loving, natural atmosphere. – Lauhaus

Certain locations deliver the best photos at specific times of the day. So when choosing a location, you can also discuss the right timing with your photographer. For example, Lions Nature Education Centre, Sai Kung and the city’s streets are best during noon time, while places like Chung Hom Kok Battery, Hong Kong South District, are beautiful during sunset, with unobstructed views of the beach sea. –  SHUCHi Production

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