5 Alternative Venue Ideas for Your Intimate Wedding

Since large weddings will have to wait, it’s time to work on your intimate wedding, that includes finding alternative wedding venues that are smaller and hopefully, more cost efficient since you won’t be inviting a lot of guests. You can defer your wedding banquet at hotels and larger venues for later. Then in the meantime, it’s time to scout the metro for what other places you can hold your wedding in. So where do you start looking? Here are four alternative wedding venue ideas that you can consider.

[Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash]


(1) Restaurants

[Photo by Nils Stahl on Unsplash]

There are many local restaurants in the city that can cater to your small wedding. The best thing about restaurants as weddings venues is that you have their entire menu selection at your fingertips. There are many restaurant options that have beautiful interiors or rooftop space with good a good view. To jump start your search, check the links below.

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This Couple Had a Fun Pre-wedding Shoot Doing What They Love, Rugby

Bowie and Calvin’s love for sports was their top-of-mind theme choice for their pre-wedding shoot. So when it was time to start taking photos, they did not hesitate to head outdoors with photographer, Bliss Meeting Film, for some fun. To say that they enjoyed every moment of their photo shoot is an understatement. Clearly, all their snaps reveal that this was what they loved to do together. If you and your husband-to-be are sports lovers too, consider sweating it out during your pre-wedding shoot. This couple did it and their photos are absolutely fun!

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The Look




Come and See Vivienne Westwood’s Latest Bridal Collection at Rosewood Hong Kong

Calling all brides-to-be! Right at this moment, you can get a preview Vivienne Westwood’s latest 2021 bridal collection at Rosewood Hong Kong. The final collection is going to be released worldwide this January 2021, but you’ll get a glimpse of the full collection before everyone else because The LOFT Bridal brought in the collection for all of you to see this weekend.

Vivienne Westwood’s new Made-to-Order collection features iconic catwalk silhouettes curated to celebrate the brand’s 25th year. Each gown is reminiscent of Vivienne’s signature looks through the years and all the pieces feature her known avant-garde tailoring combined with historical and experimental patterns.

Here’s a quick teaser of some gowns to get you excited. Read on for more.

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10 Must-Have Home Appliances For Newlyweds

While you’re preparing for your wedding, you also need to prepare for your future home. Make sure that as soon as you come back from the wedding and the honeymoon, a cozy home is ready to welcome you and your husband. If you haven’t started just yet, today’s feature will help you get to it right away. We listed out important appliances that you can’t live without! All these items are #homeessentials that will help you transition into your new life as a wifey! Scroll on find out what exactly you need to start buying now.


(1) Electric Griller

Are you fond of grilled food? Admit it, that charred flavor can be the best treat on a weekend. If this is something you love, then an electric griller should be one of the things on your must-have home appliance list!


Bruno Compact Hot Plate

German Pool Mini Korean Barbecue Grill

Zojirushi Electric Griddle-ta

Recolte Multi Functional Plate

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How to Work Well with Your Vendors During Times of Uncertainty

Here are the hard facts. During times of uncertainty, wedding planning can easily turn into a chaotic experience. To add to that, the stress of not knowing what to expect in the near future can take a toll on your optimism. You feel down, you feel terrified, and you don’t know how to move on with your wedding plans. Does this sound a lot like you now?

Now, the question is: how can you navigate through all this uncertainty? How will you pull off your wedding–whether it be a small-scale gathering this year, or a postponed celebration later on–when everything is a blur? The best way to get back on track is by working closely with your wedding vendors. Don’t forget that they’re here to help you out. Apart from your spouse and loved ones, your wedding vendors are the people you can rely on. Hence, now more than ever, it’s important to form a good relationship with your vendors. Together, you can weather this storm make it to your beautiful march down the aisle. Here’s how.



(1) Stay calm.

[From: This Couple Chose a Casual Pre-wedding Shoot Inspired by Their Homeland / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]

First of all, don’t panic. Stay calm. Panicking right away will heighten the tensions that everyone is feeling–that includes the tension you’re already feeling. Instead, try your very best to stay calm and prepare to engage in open dialogue with your vendors instead.

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