After Postponing Twice, These Lovers Finally Had a Dreamy Phuket-Inspired Wedding in Hong Kong

Abigail and Adam had set their eyes on a destination wedding in Phuket. But like many couples, they had to go back to the drawing board and start over because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, a fairy godmother in the form of Nicole Please Weddings came to the rescue. The couple initially wanted to have a simple home wedding in Hong Kong, but Nicole wanted their wedding day to be nothing short of magical. With a wave of her wand and 2 months’ worth of planning and styling with Once Wedding Decoration, Nicole recreated Abigail and Adam’s dream wedding in Hong Kong. “This sweet couple deserved to have the best day ever!” exclaims Nicole. So despite the change in plans and everything else that happened in between, Derek Photography‘s snaps of the day reveal that the lovers got just what they wanted. They had the wedding of their dreams, and more importantly, they could finally begin their happily ever after.

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20 Wedding Veils Embellished with Romantic Appliqué, Lace, Embroidery and Sequins

When you think of your bridal look, do you spend extra time thinking about your veil? If not, then it’s high time you did! Your veil can take your wedding attire to a whole new level. In this feature, we’re going to show you exactly how. We gathered a lengthy collection of 20 veils with romantic details–think intricate lace, crawling floral appliqué, and even hand sewn embroidery! Any of these veils will be a stunning accessory to pair with your wedding gown so take some time to go through this selection now. Read, set, scroll!

[Photo: Camellia Bridal Shop]

[Photo: DavieandChiyo on Etsy]

[Photo: CathyTelle on Etsy]

[Photo: GibsonBespoke on Etsy]

[From: Martha Stewart  / Photo: Elodie Courtat]

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An Intimate Styled Boudoir at Tuve Hotel

Wedding planning may seem to be what fills a bride-to-be’s days and thoughts. But in truth, beneath all the wedding to-do lists, errands, and whatnot, every bride also goes through a very personal transition. Subtly, maybe even without knowing it, a bride sheds off her youth and emerges a new woman–a true result of the transformative power of love. Have you ever stopped to acknowledge this transition in your life? Have you recognized how you’ve evolved, more so as your wedding day draws nearer? One way you can celebrate your transition into married life is through a photo shoot. In fact, this intimate styled boudoir session taken at Tuve Hotel and shot by Hin.Production beautifully captures the emergence of a new kind of woman. In every photo, the muse looks radiant, strong, and confident–don’t these all encapsulate what it feels like to be marrying the love of your life? Consider this as the go signal to immortalize this special journey and transition in your life. Years later, you’ll be happy to see how love and marriage brought out an even more beautiful version of you.

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10 Wedding Reception Etiquette Rules for Guests

Attending a wedding reception and being able to witness your friends entering a new page in their life is surely a happy and auspicious event! On that day, in addition to offering your sincere blessings to them, you can also take pictures with them to capture the precious moments. However, are you aware of the rules and protocols to follow when attending wedding receptions? Before you head out to celebrate with the soon-to-weds, spare a few minutes and take a look at the below 10 rules that you should follow!



(1) Arrive at the venue earlier.

Being on time is certainly a must, but if possible, try to arrive the venue half an hour earlier. This will give you enough time to take pictures with the bride and groom as well as to be seated accordingly. If you arrive later than the specified time, the reception may start later than planned–especially if you’re a member of the entourage–with which affecting the rundown of the whole reception.

[From: A Wedding at The White Chapel Surrounded by Beautiful Baby Blue Hues / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]


(2) R.S.V.P. as early as possible.

Once you receive the reception invitation, you should R.S.V.P. as early as possible about your attendance as well as the number of guests that you will be bringing. In case something comes up and you can’t go after initially accepting the invitation, inform the bride and groom immediately. Click here to learn more about how you can express your blessings to them even when you cannot attend the reception in person.

[From: 27 Beautiful Invitations To Take Inspiration From For Your Own Wedding Suites / Photo: Iluminen]

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A Blush and Gray Wedding with Stunning City Skyscrapers as The Backdrop

Christy and Alvin’s wedding was as romantic as can be. In fact, their celebration took our breaths away from the very start. Let’s begin with the picturesque location the picked to tie the knot in. Kerry Hotel‘s open deck had city sky scrapers all lined up as the couple’s backdrop. And with the help of Once Wedding Decoration, the entire deck was adorned with beautiful blush flowers. Next to steal our hearts was Christy, who looked so stunning as she walked down the aisle donning a tube top gown from Bridalistic will layers and layer of tulle. Finally, as the rest of the day unfolded, the masks couldn’t contain all the love and excitement that filled everyone around them. We felt every ounce of affection and joy just by viewing all of Made in Mind Studio‘s photos and Bozz Wedding‘s video. Finally, we loved the couple’s post-nuptial shots by the famous grand staircase. It was the perfect finale to their most special day. Keep scrolling now to get your fill of inspiration from this wedding.

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