The Peach and Cream Color Scheme Turned This Wedding Into An Extra Dreamy Union

Thuy and Alvin’s wedding day took place at the oh-so-stunning Aquila Villa Phuket–everything was utterly romantic! Their intimate ceremony took place by an infinity pool that overlooked the sea. Then, while they pledged forever to each other, they were framed by a lush peach and cream floral arch. And that’s not all there is to swoon about! Their garden reception that ensued was filled with more flowers in theme and candlelit table lights which set the night in a dreamy glow. We’re grateful for all of Madiow Photography‘s photos and can’t wait to share them with you. So without further ado, here they are.

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B&B Hosts Its Very First Workshop for Vendors!

In the past years that we at Bride and Breakfast have meeting and collaborating with vendors in the wedding industry, we’ve become acquainted with the common challenge many vendors face today: branding and marketing. Hong Kong is home to great wedding vendors that produce quality work. But there has been a gap in vendors reaching their desired target markets. And since our mission is really to help make wedding planning a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all parties–brides and vendors alike–we decided to host our very first workshop that aims to help vendors build their brands and speak to their audiences at The Aisle. Here are some highlights from the workshop.

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4 Trendy Color Combinations for You Can Try For Your Wedding Flowers and Decorations

When it boils down to finally choosing the color palette for your wedding and decorations, it can be extremely overwhelming. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration, but it can also give you too many ideas that you end up lost after seeing hundreds of swoon-worthy pins! So today, we’re going to help you by showing you some trendy and unique color combinations that you can try out. We talked to fellow wedding decoration stylists and here’s what they recommend! Check these palettes out now.

Mustard Yellow and Emerald Green
by Once Wedding Decoration

[Venue: Kowloon Tsai Park / Rental Furniture: Fiesta]

For a playful twist and a more festive feel, try this combination of mustard yellow flowers and decor and emerald green accent chairs. The pairing brings life to this garden wedding setting and has that happy and cheerful vibe that will surely rub off on all your guests.

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6 Bridal Party Outfit Ideas For You and Your Bridesmaids

What are you doing with your girls for your bachelorette party? Well whatever you will be doing, it will be extra fun if you all have cute outfits too. Today, we rounded up 6 outfits that you and your bridesmaids can wear during your bridal party. We’re sure they will love these, so check them out now!


(1) Tanks and Tees

Something casual yet fun. Your whole tribe will be looking extra cute in statement tanks or tees!

[Photo: David’s Bridal]

[Photo: Etsy by TeamBrideDesigns]

[Photo: Etsy by PineappleBunApparel]



(2) Sexy Swimsuits

Now if you’re having a swimming party or a beach getaway, this is perfect for all of your lady friends.

[Photo: Show Me Your Mumu]

[Photo: Etsy by TheCoutureKitten]

[Photo: Etsy by TotallyBrides]


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This Sweet Couple Took Photos Amidst The Beautiful Scenes at Tai Tam Reservoir

Sometimes it all just boils down to two things: a unique location and a sweet couple. That may be all you need to have great photos! Today’s couple, Ivana and Nic, prove this to be true. They took Storyteller Studio with them for a day at Tai Tam Reservoir and just strolled along enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Storyteller Studio just kept snapping away, so no moment was missed and we have a collection of endearing photos at out midst! Take a break to see all the photos from this Hong Kong engagement shoot. You’ll feel refreshed and renewed after letting this charming couple fill your tank with love.

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