A Beautiful Chinese Opera Style Shoot Complete with Traditional Headdresses

Today started out looking extremely beautiful thanks to this editorial shoot by Binc Photography and Woody Storytelling. Inspired by the Chinese opera, the team created a stunning mix of traditional Chinese details and contemporary styling. The muses donned stylish dresses from Pier94 with elaborate Chinese-style headdresses and modern floral bouquets from Anot Studio as accompanying accessories. Modern makeup by Yumi’s makeup & hair completed the look making every photo a perfect rendition of tradition turned anew. What makes this styled shoot inspiring is the way in which traditional elements were updated and turned into something fresh and new. Brides-to-be, for your weddings, don’t be afraid to try something the old and new. Don’t be afraid to create something completely your own. Usually, that’s when the magic happens.

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A Modern Black, White, and Gold Themed Wedding in Phuket

If there’s one thing 2020 has gifted us with, it’s the push for more contemporary looks and styles or weddings. In today’s wedding, we see how this is perfectly executed. Renee and Aaron’s wedding day was a stylish modern celebration filled with chic details. Wedding planner and stylist, Wedding Boutique Phuket, shares that to create this look, they used a gorgeous mix of modern décor, tropical greenery, lush white flowers, with hints of gold and a touch of black. The goal was to create a wedding that is modern, chic with a hint of luxury. Without a doubt, the theme came together beautifully. Ghost chairs also lined the ceremony venue and filled up the banquet tables making everything look exceptionally clean. Finally, a worthy takeaway from this union is that yes, you can have a wedding color palette with black. Still in doubt? Scroll on to see more of Danae Herrmann‘s photos and you’ll find yourself agreeing in no time!

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10 Tips for Couples Who are Having a Summer Outdoor Pre-Wedding

Hi summer brides! We decided to drop by to give you some tips in case you’ll be having your pre-wedding outdoors. The summer weather can be your best friend–especially for capturing photos–but it can also cause inconvenience for you if you’re not prepared. We don’t ever want you to be unprepared for the summer heat, so here are useful tips for your outdoor summer pre-wedding. Here’s what you need to know to beat the summer heat!


(1) Wear sunscreen.

[From: This Couple Made Hong Kong Their Playground for Their Engagement Shoot / Photo: Terralogical]

This is a MUST. You can also work with your makeup artist. You can ask her for the best kind of sunscreen for a summer outdoor pre-wedding–something that feels light yet provides ample protection.


(2) Put on some mosquito repellent.

Summer brings out the critters we all hate, so it’s best to be ready with some mosquito repellent. If you don’t like the smell, try some essential oils too. Some oils help repel mosquitoes and smell good, too.


(3) Prepare fans and drinks.

[From: A Chinese-Inspired Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Taken All Around Hong Kong / Photo: Bliss Meeting Film]

Don’t forget your suppliers. Prepare fans and drinks throughout the photo shoot to make sure that everyone is comfortable. The heat can make people feel very irritable so have refreshing drinks ready and give each person a fan they can bring around. Another options is for you to provide hats.

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A Sweet Church Union with a Gold and White Banquet That Followed

Melody and Jacky’s wedding day started out just how you would imagine–laughs and giggles with the girls during the morning preparations and sentimental moments as Melody got dressed with the help of her parents. But the as the wedding unfolded through Flowerspace Production and AP Studio‘s lens, you can tell that this was a day unlike any other. It was the beginning of Melody and Jacky’s lifelong journey together! This filled the couple with immense joy, so much that their happiness trickled over to all parts of their wedding. Their wedding details were also so elegant, by the way. White and gold details lined every corner of their banquet along with neutral flowers and dramatic lighting. We loved how the couple turned their indoor venue into a such a romantic scene. As a parting message, here’s a quick tip from the bride herself: “Do your research and understand what you want. And make sure you decide on how many dresses you need for the day. Or else, you’ll end up like me–having five dresses for the banquet but not enough time to get changed!”

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    Etiquette 101: What You Need To Know When Hosting a Bridal Shower

    As part of the bride tribe, you (and some of the other girls) are tasked with planning the bridal shower. Before you start out with the planning, it will be best to acquaint yourself with the common etiquette rules for bridal parties. A good host should know all these and abide by them. Let’s begin!


    (1) Who takes the lead?

    [From: Tones of Soft Blush Made This Wedding Exceptionally Dreamy / Photo: MC Photography]

    Common practice dictates that the maid of honor (with the bride tribe backing her), a family friend, or a member from the in-laws hosted the bridal party because people found it in bad taste if the bride’s mom hosted the party. Nowadays, however, any person can host. In fact, some brides have several bridal parties hosted by different sets of friends – friends from work, friends from school days, etc. In the end, it really depends on who wants to throw a party for the bride; anyone can take the lead!


    (2) Who can be invited?

    [From: This Bride Wore a Beautiful Sweetheart Cut Gown During Her Wedding at Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong / Photo: Patrick Photography]

    The only thing you have to be careful with when inviting people to the bridal shower is making sure that all those you do invite are also invited to the wedding. Other than that, it’s really all up to you and what you think your bride will like. She might prefer a small, intimate gathering. Or in contrast, she might be thrilled to have everyone present. Connect with the bride’s friends to get in tough with all those who matter to her and whose presence she will appreciate.

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