This Exquisite Temperley Bridal Collection is Coming to Hong Kong

Just when we find ourselves yearning for more, the perfect bridal pop up comes just in time to fill our inspiration tanks to the brim. The esteemed U.K. brand, Temperley Bridal, makes its way to Hong Kong alongside luxe bridal shop, Central Weddings, for a unique pop up event from May 1-27, 2018, featuring its latest gowns from the Primrose S/S 2019 Collection. With Primrose as her primary source of inspiration, Alice Temperley moulds each dress in this collection into a romantic masterpiece. Every single gown is a perfect balance of decadence and delicacy. The craftsmanship behind the intricate embroidery, the appliqué details, and the feminine lacework are simply enchanting! Feel inspired by the creativity behind this collection, and let the sight of these gowns sweep you off your feet.

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Chinese Wedding Traditions: Checklist for Betrothal Ceremony

The Guo Da Li (過大禮)or the traditional betrothal ceremony is an important Chinese wedding custom that happens between fifteen to twenty days, or up to two months before the wedding. During this ceremony, the groom’s family presents the Pin Jin (聘金/ 禮金) and betrothal gifts to the bride’s family as a symbolism of the groom’s sincerity towards the marriage and assurance that he will care for his bride-to-be. The bride and her family’s acceptance of the Pin Jin and betrothal gifts means that the proposal is accepted, and the marriage, approved. Upon the acceptance of the Pin Jin and betrothal gifts, the bride’s family will also reciprocate the gesture by returning part of the Pin Jin and some gifts. This custom is known as Hui Li (回禮). What does the groom need to prepare for the Guo Da Li and what does the bride return during the Hui Li? Here’s a guide and checklist for you to make sure you don’t miss out on any item for your betrothal ceremony. You can also download a your own copy at the end of the article.

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7 Cute Outfits for Your Page Boys

Did you think all page boy ensembles look the same? Well then, you’ll have to see the outfits below because oh boy, there’s a whole lot more to choose from! Note, taking or adding just one element from or to the outfit can make all the difference. Depending on the locale, season, and style you’re going for for your big day, take inspiration from each of the dashing looks and prepare to have your page boys be dressed to the nines!


1. Simple and Dapper

If you want to go for a simple yet dapper look for your page boys, this long sleeved shirt and bow tie pairing would work just fine! It’s a stylish, no-fuss ensemble.

[Photo from Ariz]

[Photo from Live The Fancy Life]

[Photo from H&M]


2. The Slick Trick

This outfit has a little bit more suave factor put into it. Adding a blazer or coat to the long sleeves and bow tie pairing makes a big difference!

[Photo from DH Gate]

[Photo from Inside Weddings]

[Photo from Ali Express]

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A Star-Ferry-Tale Wedding with Rustic Details

Rustic, elegant, and charming are just a few words to describe this wedding! There is so much nostalgia in being in the midst of water and saying your vows, which made me wonder why Renee and Keane decided on having their ceremony on a ferry. Truly, all of us have that one quintessential memory growing up that remains with us forever. Word has it that this marvelous idea was derived from the times Keane and her mother rode the ferry in the 1960s. Many thanks to the folks at Origami Florist and Jamie Ousby for sending in these photos of the wedding. Ride along this journey with us as we unwrap this beautiful celebration of love.

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The Look



Sweet Engagement Shoot in Shek O and the University of Hong Kong

You don’t need an extravagant gown or a destination location to make your pre-wedding photo shoot special. All you really need is enough love fill all your photos with! That gleam in Elaine and James’ eyes, the caressing gestures caught in each frame, and they way their smiles light up their faces are the true ingredients to engagement photos that touch the heart. History Studio made sure to capture all these special moments for us to enjoy on this fine day.

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The Look