Wedding Vendor Etiquette 101: How To Build a Good Working Relationship with Your Vendors

It takes a lot of effort to plan your wedding and choosing the team that will help you is the first step to get the ball rolling. But once you’re all set and all vendors and suppliers an on board, how can you work with everyone seamlessly and efficiently? Look at this way, the people […]

A Romantic Mountain Elopement Far Away From The City

Many times we get carried away by the woes of the world and forget that despite all the challenges, there is a powerful force that helps us through it all: love. Hayson and Carle’s elopement reminds us of this simple truth. The couple left the congested city behind and fled to the mountains for a […]

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This Couple’s Wish To Marry in 5 Years Came True

Suki and Wayne have known each other for six years and dated for five years. During their first year, they went to Lam Tsuen and wished to wed in five years. On this beautiful day–with the sun smiling down on the lovers–the wish they made 5 years ago became a reality. Their special day was […]

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Hong Kong Photographers Reveal Their Most Favorite Wedding Moments to Capture

At Bride and Breakfast, we’re spoiled every single day with gorgeous wedding photos that melt our hearts! We have all the photographers to thank fr our daily dose of love and inspiration. Today, we asked some of our partner photographers to share which wedding moments are their favorite ones to capture. We love all their […]

Luxurious Greens Surround This Breathtaking Bali Wedding

Michelle and Jasper’s special day was as special as could be! They tied the knot in the beautiful garden of Khayangan Estate, surrounded by sprawling greens and aback an endless blue sea view. To make the scene even more romantic, Bloomz created a gorgeous reception setup! Rustic tables filled the intimate garden under a canopy […]