28 Chic Wedding Dresses with Beautiful Bows

Do you want to make a statement on your wedding day? Consider rocking a gown with a bow! A sleek and simple look can turn into a head turner if you add a bow in the right place. Aside from adding extra flavor to an otherwise minimalist dress, a bow is the perfect accent for […]

4 Life Topics You Need To Discuss Before Getting Married

Getting married is a big leap in life. It means that from the moment you say “I do,” you and your partner will be building a new life not as separate individuals, but as a united pair. Life isn’t only about you anymore. Rather it’s about you and the other person who will stand by […]

15 Stunning Civil Wedding Makeup Looks From Hong Kong Makeup Artists

Looking for the perfect makeup for your intimate civil wedding? If your answer is “yes,” you’ve come to the right place. With the help of our partner beauty stylists, we put together a round-up of looks that will complement your intimate celebration. Aside from makeup, we included some tips on hair styling, too. Let’s go […]

This Romantic Photo Session Features a Unique Half Moon Shaped Setting for The Wedding Ceremony and Banquet

How can you make your wedding stand out? If you’re looking for ideas to make your special day truly one of a kind, this photo session features a unique half moon shaped setting both for the wedding ceremony and the banquet. This idea is the brainchild of photographer, Yoyo Iuiu, who is also responsible for […]

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7 Ways to Keep the Peace with Your Fiancé During Wedding Planning

They say that once you start wedding planning, you get a preview of what married life is like. Why is that? Think about it for a while. When you start wedding planning, you and your fiancé will start putting your values, priorities, and finances on the table and make crucial decisions together. If this is […]