Civil Celebrant Amy Pan Shares Her Tips On How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony and Support Your Favorite Cause

Lots of our brides and grooms have shared with us the pain of ploughing through the 200-page list of Civil Celebrants online when trying to find someone to officiate at their wedding ceremony. Some ended up picking the ones they found on the first page of their Google search, while others opted for those who can do it at the lowest fee, or just picked whoever was officiating at the last wedding they attended. They are all pretty much the same anyway, aren’t they? Maybe not.


As a Civil Celebrant, Amy specializes in creating and conducting bilingual and bespoke marriage ceremonies which incorporates the couple’s unique story and donates part of her proceeds to a charity chosen by them. Read on to find out more about her services.

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This Traditional Hong Kong Wedding is Extra Heartwarming and Touching

Traditions make gatherings and celebrations extra meaningful, so it’s always a pleasure to see weddings that uphold family traditions. Karen and Watermelon’s wedding was rich in traditions and we loved every bit of it! Both of them wore traditional attires for the pre-wedding ceremonies and they even had a lion dance accompany them while they moved from the bride’s home to the groom’s home. Their formal ceremony and reception at Club One Bay East was no less entertaining as the couple are constantly caught in laughter. While all these photos by Ming Yung Photo are heartwarming and touching, we’re sure the actual day can’t compare. See more of this charming celebration now.

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10 Scenic Outdoor Engagement Spots in Hong Kong

We’re very well aware that outdoor locations are a favorite among couples. And why wouldn’t they be? The outdoors can captivating and breathtaking, and surely, they’ll deliver stunning backdrops for all your engagement photos! So for those in search of the perfect scenic spot for your pre-wedding photo shoot, here’s a second list of outdoor location spots in Hong Kong.


(1) Waterfall Bay, Pok Fu Lam

This gorgeous location is a sight to behold! Achieve dramatic photos aback a raging waterfall and a rocky seascape at this stunning location.

[From: After 5 Years of Marriage, This Couple Decided to Have a Romantic Photoshoot / Photos: TIKIT Production]

[From: This Summer Photoshoot is Full or Romantic Details / Photos: miLa Story]


How to get there:

Bus: 43M, 70, 72, 4, 970 / Minibus: 23, 31
Get off at Wah Fu Shopping Centre or Wah Kwai Bus Terminal then 10 minutes walk


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6 Tips to Achieve Oil-Free Skin During Your Outdoor Wedding

Worried about how to look and stay fresh for your outdoor wedding? Don’t worry, because we’ve got 6 essential tips for you to oily skin during your outdoor wedding. Take note, ladies, because these skin saving tips will make all the difference!

[From: A Breathtaking Bali Wedding with Unique Details / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]


(1) Follow a proper skincare routine.

Months before your wedding, you should already formulate a proper skincare routine and stick to it. Consult with a dermatologist, if you have to so you know exactly what your skin needs to stay fresh and oil-free. You’ll reap the benefits of a proper skincare routine over time, so it’s best to start this step as early as possible.


(2) Prep your skin for the Big Day.

As early as 6 months before the wedding, you can avail of other beauty treatments, like facials, lasers and the like, to prep your skin for the Big Day. But with new treatments or additional procedures, timing is key! You want to make sure that there’s enough time between the treatments and your wedding day so that your skin can still heal if ever you develop negative reactions to any of the treatments. Makeup Artist Gabbie Lee also shared with us her tips on how to prepare your skin starting 6 months before, to the day before the wedding. Read all her tips here.

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Start Off The Chinese New Year With This Elegantly Styled Dinner Banquet (Recipes Included!)

With the beginning of the lunar new year comes a much awaited celebration with family and friends–a time to be grateful for the year that passed, a time to cherish one another, and a time to make way for what is to come. Opening the Year of the Pig in style is definitely how we’d like to kick-start 2019, so we’re sharing with you this beautiful Chinese New Year feast styled by renowned destination wedding planner and stylist, Joy Proctor. Here’s a bonus for all of you: we included the recipes for the delicious dishes featured in this post! Read on to see Joy created this beautiful table spread for a cozy home dinner celebration for the new year.

China and crystal from Joy’s cabinet, fruit and citrus, and beautifully arranged flowers by Heather of Myrtle et Olive in colors corresponding to luck and happiness were used for an elegantly festive table setting. She used a delictae palette in shades of red, pink, purple and orange, which are known to be lucky colors. Likewise, the overflowing bowls of citrus symbolize luck and add a pop of color to the whole scene!

Don’t forget envelopes of money for good luck! The envelopes are often red or gold and traditionally list the families name on the outside.

One way to invite guests to get into the spirit is by offering them hand embroidered fans to accessorize. Joy sourced fans by Luneville, which were exquisitely designed. This added detail sparked conversation on the history of embroidery, which began in China and made its way to Europe much later. A celebration is also not complete without delicate sweets that guests can take home. For Joy’s dinner celebration, she gave guests gorgeous year of the pig and florals cookies by Cake by Nicole.

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