11 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas

Just like putting together your bridal look, combining all the details for the rest of your wedding is a lot of fun! You start with a theme and inspiration board, then you start gathering all the details that will bring your ideas to life. And if you feel discouraged because you’re working with a budget, don’t be! There are so many options out there that are cost-effective and just as capable of delivering elegant and stylish looks for your wedding. In fact, we listed down 11 of them for you today! So, read on now and find out what budget-friendly decorations you can use for your big day.


(1) Photo Booth Props

Whoever said photo booth props are just for the photo booth? You can use these anywhere–as table centerpieces, or even outdoor garden decorations. The trick is to choose designs that match your theme.

[Photo: BHLDN]


(2) Vintage Blackboards

Are you having a classic, vintage-inspired wedding? Consider vintage blackboards for your signages and ask a talented friend with impeccable penmanship to write on the blackboards for you.

[Photo: Chalk Boss]

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11 Ways You Can Have A More Eco-friendly Wedding

More and more brides are becoming conscious of their environmental footprint and so of course, more and more brides are also looking into how they can make their wedding more eco-friendly. You’ll be surprised that there are many things you CAN do to make your wedding less wasteful and more economical. You don’t have make big changes or spend more–not at all! Simple adjustments here and there will already make a big impact. And because we’re here to help you out, we listed them down for you! Here are some simple things you can do to make your special day more environmentally friendly.


(1) Choose Eco-friendly Invitations

[From: Picturesque Cliff Wedding at Cleawater Bay / Photo: Patrick Photography ]

Try going for recycled paper or upcycled materials like fabric, leather, or even wood! You can get creative with these other alternatives, too.


(2) Donate to Charity as Alternative Wedding Favors

Instead of giving chocolate as wedding favors, why not donate that to your chosen charity? We are sure your guests will appreciate that. You can also engage a civil celebrant who can help connect you with various causes.


(3) Go for An Outdoor Venue

[From: All-White Garden Wedding with Beautiful Draping Lights / Photo: Hyggeland]

You can take advantage of the time of the year when the weather is nice and cool and go for an outdoor wedding. This way you’re consuming less electricity and energy. Outdoor venues are also usually beautiful on their own, so you won’t need a lot of extra decorations to make the place look pretty.

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All Our Eyes Are On This Romantic Floral-filled Garden Photo Shoot

Many times have we been enchanted by flowers, gardens, and beautiful outdoors. Today’s pre-wedding shoot did just the same! Jess and Marcus had their shoot in a hidden garden, tucked away from all things worldly, surrounded by beautiful flowers in radiant reds mixed with feminine peaches created by Miluna Studio. They also took time to enjoy the pastry table spread. The gorgeous outdoors paired with all their intimate moments, caught all our hearts. No wonder all our eyes are fixated on these photos by Daisy Yiu Photography! Swoon with us now and scroll on.

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The Look



This Bride Had 5 Stunning Outfits During Her Wedding, Including a Chic Lace Jumper!

We always love to see how brides get creative during their wedding. Today’s bride, Cindy, was definitely one stylish lass who changed into five different outfits during her romantic wedding at Panda Hotel Hong Kong. She started the festivities in her traditional gua, then slipped into a chic lace jumper for the garden ceremony. Then at the banquet that followed, we see Cindy in 3 more gowns: a dainty white off-shoulder gown, an alluring figure-hugging blue gown, and finally, a stylish red dress! Man Lung, the groom, definitely got himself a keeper who is extra fashionable too! Their wedding details likewise showcased their classic taste and easygoing demanor. Browse through all the photos of My Memory Wedding Production and enjoy every bit of this wedding now.

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The Look