Pretty Pastel Dresses to Fill Your Wardrobe with This Summer

Summer here and it’s the best time to wear pretty colors! Time to change up your wardrobe (say goodbye to dark colors) and fill your closet with these pastel hues that will brighten up your look. Let’s get started with some dainty dresses in refreshing shades of baby blue, cream, peach, blush, yellow, and green. Browse now and start tabbing the items to shop for now.

[Dress: Zara]

[Dress: H&M]

[Dresses: H&M and Topshop]

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This Bride-to-Be Took Dreamy Portraits During Her Indoor Boudoir Shoot

Many brides think of having a boudoir session as a gift to their future husbands. But what if you want to have a portrait session for yourself? By all means, do so! The brilliant photographer behind today’s photos, Tammy Shun, shares, “I would tell the girls to have a boudoir or portrait session as a gift to herself. A boudoir is also like a love letter to the bride herself.” Tammy is right. Boudoir shoots also celebration womanhood–women are beautiful beings from the inside and out. So why not celebrate you and the amazing woman you are by having a boudoir shoot? Take today’s feature as inspiration. Leona’s stunning portraits will convince you that you have nothing to be shy about! Instead, you should be proud to reveal the feminine beauty that you are.

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Chinese Traditions: The Chinese Betrothal Ceremony Process, and What You Need to Know

Chinese wedding traditions make up an important part of a couple’s whole journey towards their Big Day. Each and every custom is full of meaning and keeps the rich culture of the family alive as it’s passed on generation after generation. The Chinese betrothal ceremony is a tradition that opens the couple’s journey because it includes the formal act of proposal by the groom, and acceptance by the bride and her family. Here’s what you need to know about this important ceremony.

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This Bride-to-Be Wore Two Effortlessly Elegant Dresses

Let’s talk about dresses. Yes, dresses! Girls can go on and on talking about dresses. Today’s engagement comes with two gorgeous dresses that are worth your while. We first set our eyes on Sona’s cream, off-shoulder dress that danced along with the wind. We then held our breaths upon seeing her second dress, a beautiful bohemian-inspired piece with delicate lace details. To those planning their engagement shoot attire, take your cue from this lady who got her dresses from The Wed Genie. Sona and Ray’s outdoor engagement is a captivating display of scene-stealing dresses. After looking at all their photos, we’re certain you’ll be just as thrilled about this engagement as we are. Many thanks to Sophia Kwan for filling this day with so much inspiration!

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Beloved: A Portrait Experience to Capture and Celebrate the Most Beautiful You

Once in a while when our lucky stars align, we stumble upon a body of inspiring work that lights up all our senses. Today, it is our honour to share with you Hong Kong photographer Jada Poon’s beautiful portraiture brand called Beloved. Beloved celebrates femininity through the power of portrait photography and storytelling. By capturing delicate portraits of women in different stages of their lives–whether it be a recent engagement, wedding, pregnancy, promotion, transition in life, or even health battle–Jada aims to empower her subjects by making them feel beautiful and worthy, immortalizing their transformative journey, uplifting them, and ultimately, allowing them to fall more in love with who they are. Through Beloved, Jada seeks to create heirloom pieces of each woman she photographs–a legacy of authentic beauty, encompassing all ages and all stages of life to be cherished through times and generations.

Every woman has a unique story to tell. And Jada can help translate your story into a memorable experience as she brings out the best in you through her photos. These photos are not merely keepsakes of memories, but reminders of your innate beauty, strength, and grace–qualities that make every woman admirable and beautiful. Here are the stories of four women who have gone through the Beloved journey.


Veronica – Stylist and Bride-to-Be

Initially filled with self-doubt, Veronica learned to trust her unique sense of style and use her gifts to empower other women through fashion. In this bridal shoot, Veronica exudes grace, with her confidence anew and with the determination to impart this to every woman she encounters.

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