8 Lucky Tips for The Traditional Bride-to-be

When it comes to traditional Chinese customs and practices, we understand that one can be overwhelmed by loads of information on the internet or hearsay from this aunt or that friend. As a traditional bride-to-be, you may want to embrace these traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. Here are some pre-wedding traditions that couples are traditionally encouraged to do (or avoid doing). Remember, all for good luck!


(1) Selecting Your Wedding Date

Other than consulting the Lunar calendar or fortune teller on auspicious dates, there are months that are encouraged for couples to avoid as well. Avoid the first lunar month, to avoid clashing of luck with the Lunar New Year, the third lunar month, where Ching Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day occurs, and the seventh lunar month, where it is Hungry Ghost Festival, are considered months with ‘negative’ energy. And don’t forget to avoid the sixth lunar month, too, where it is believed to be a half-year that may result in a ‘half marriage’.

[From: A Destination Wedding with Modern Interiors and Red Color Accents / Photo: Terralogical]


(2) Activities That You can Attend

Couples are encouraged to avoid attending activities that may clash with the luck of their marriage three months prior and after their own wedding. Such activities include attending another wedding or funeral, or visiting a lady in confinement who has just given birth. In the event a parent of the bride or groom passes away, the couple will have to marry within 100 days of their death, or they will have to wait 1000 days before doing so.

[From: A Grey and Red Themed Wedding at the Peninsula / Photo: Patrick Photography]


(3) Have a Formal Betrothal Ceremony

This important ceremony typically takes place fifteen to twenty days (or up to two months) before the wedding. It signifies the act of a formal proposal by the groom and acceptance by the bride and her family. In ancient times, the couple would only be considered to be engaged after the Betrothal Ceremony has been conducted.  Ideally, gifts should be presented in even numbers and an auspicious date should be selected for this ceremony as well. Do check out our checklist on how to conduct this ceremony too.

[From: A Traditional Wedding In Rich Red Tones / Photo: Martin Aesthetics]


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The Aisle: A Co-working Community for Hong Kong Wedding Vendors

As August reaches its end, we’re filled with much excitement and anticipation. The reason? We’re moving to The Aisle, a new, custom designed co-working community especially fashioned for Hong Kong’s diverse and growing wedding industry.

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Congrats, You’re a Bridesmaid! Here are Your Main Tasks as Part of the Bride Tribe

Congratulations! You are on the honor roll for being the bride-to-be’s right hand. First, you will need to know your responsibilities, and second you must be aware of the do’s and don’ts while fulfilling your duty as her trusted friend. This task may sound daunting and require a lot of your time and effort (and some money), but hey, you’ll do it all for the love of you dearest bride-to-be! To help the bride overcome her wedding jitters, we have put together these tips on what to expect in the months leading to the wedding. Follow these pointers and you’ll be on your way to acing this new role!


(1) Divide and Conquer

Once you have been appointed as one of her trusted bridesmaids, take the initiative and get involved. Help out the Maid of Honor by dividing the wedding checklist amongst yourselves–from bridal shower ideas, to sorting out RSVPs, or assembling wedding favours. Split these tasks according to each of your strengths. You may make suggestions but do follow the Maid of Honor’s lead.

[From: A Cozy Rooftop Wedding in Hong Kong / Photo: Patrick Photography]


(2) Attend the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsals, and Wedding Related Appointments

The bride cannot demand 100% attendance for all wedding related appointments, but try your very best to be present unless there are major constraints. As for fittings, depending on the bride, she may want her girls to be by her side at all dress fittings. After all, you would know trending dress shapes and silhouettes best!

[From: A Fun Forest Bridal Party Photoshoot / Photo: Angel Cheung]


(3) Plan an Amazing Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

Do not underestimate this important but exciting task. Your duty is to take the bride-to-be out to enjoy her last bits of singlehood. If partying is not the bride’s thing, go with a bridal shower in a spa, have some high tea, or check out some of these other fun ideas for bridal parties. The expenses of this party will be split amongst the bridesmaids, so do brainstorm ideas with the girls and get consensus on a budget.

[From: A Sweet Bridal Shower on a Mountain / Photo: Lukas Chan Photo Lab]


(4) Say Yes to Your Dress

The bride is allowed to pick your dress especially if she’s paying for it. You may suggest more flattering cuts or colors but ultimately, you will have to say ‘Yes!’ to her chosen dress. Not all brides will offer to pay for your dress. She may send you off with a color scheme in mind to hunt for a dress yourself. If you have issues with this, speak to the bride privately and work something out.

[From: Tender and Timeless Ties / Photo: Belle & Olive]

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The Beautiful Yellow Color Palette Added Flair to This Country Club Wedding

Outdoor weddings have a way of mesmerizing people. I’ve always fancied garden weddings because it has the power to show the beauty of simplicity. Thanks to Zoo Photography by Cheric K, we get to see Alexandra and Gene’s wedding in its most natural form. The flowers and greenery will make you feel that love is truly in the air. I also adore how the couple chose yellow as the color palette for their wedding because it added a touch of zest and complemented the whole setup. But what really caught my eye is the bride’s gown! Just look at those details and how the sheer fabric flows! It fits the theme and venue perfectly. Another thing that’s impossible to miss is the unique and modern bridal bouquet! See the rest of the set below and get inspired by how effortless and intimate their big day was.

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The Look



Be Swept Away By This Romantic Sailboat Engagement in Sai Kung

Gentle waves reflecting the majestic sun like diamonds dancing on water, the cool ocean breeze, and hint of sea salt in the air–there is just something about being out at sea that is a dream come true for Elizabeth and Perry, and lovers alike. From the vastness of the Sai Kung mountains, to the intricate peekaboo lace details and delicate embellishments of Elizabeth’s Made with Love Bridal and Limor Rosen gowns, Little Stories – The Moment by Amy photographed every moment during this engagement shoot in its natural beauty. Just take a look at these photos–it makes me want to find a little sailboat and put my feet in the turquoise waters! With the sun, sand, and sea at your midst, what are you waiting for? Come see al the photos now.

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