Stroll Through The Scenic Outdoors with This Darling Couple

Today’s engagement will remind you of life’s little treasures, like taking a sweet stroll by the pier, or spending the afternoon lost in the woods with your loved one. These moments, after all, are what matter the most! Patricia and Andew’s pre-wedding shoot are full of tenderness and merriment. It’s evident that they’re well aware of this precious time together and that they value every bit of it! Their scene-stealing photos by Victor Lui are so dreamy and delicate, too! The rustic outfit details–like the floral accents on Patricia’s hair, and the white overflowing bouquet–also make the darling couple look extra charming amidst the outdoors. We can definitely learn a thing or two from these lovers, like to take time to enjoy the little things all around us, and to cherish the fleeting moments that make us feel most alive.

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The Look



Listen Up Gentlemen! Know The Difference Between Bespoke, Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-Wear Suits Here!

With a variety of options to choose from when getting a suit for that big day, one needs to be discerning and consider many factors before finding that one perfect suit. Bespoke and made-to-measure suit options tend to be used interchangeably, but today you are about to learn that they are not the same. Today, we have put together a brief run down on ‘suit terminology’ to help you out in your future purchases and the most important suit purchase–your wedding suit! There will be something for every budget, timeframe, and choice. Time to read up and after this, you will be on your way to being a suit connoisseur!


What is a Bespoke Suit?

In simplified terms, a bespoke suit is the most customisable of the lot. Bespoke suits are hand sewn from scratch to fit your desired specifications in terms of patterns, cuts, fabric etc.–the possibilities are endless! Because of this, making such a suit will take some time and you’ll need to pay a little more for the detailed service. The process typically begins with a discussion on what ideas you prefer. Once that is done, the tailor with a trained eye will start the endless measurements, taking into account your body shape, so that they can cut a set of bespoke patterns for tailoring. After a couple of fittings and a few months fo alterations to make sure the suit fits like a glove, you will be set and ready to go with a suit designed specifically for you!

[Photo: Ascot Chang]


[Photo: Dylan & Son]

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50 Beautiful Qipao and Cheongsam Details That Will Take Your Breath Away

The Qi Pao (Kei Po) 旗袍, or otherwise informally known as the Cheongsam 長衫, is a dress worn by Chinese women that took on a popular wave in the 1920s. Originally, this dress used to have a relaxed, loose form (think A-line), but today, it takes on a more fitted and body-hugging silhouette, enabling a woman to show off her slender curves. Its popularity boomed especially during Hong Kong’s colonial days, and modern qipaos now have zippers and studs instead of Chinese flower knots. Though no longer worn as everyday clothing, qipaos are a popular choice for brides as an alternative of the Qun Gua or as an evening gown for the wedding banquet. With a wide selection of fabric, styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, wedding qipaos will take you into an entirely different realm of gowns on its own. We have found these breathtaking examples that will make your heart leap and get you pinning them on your mood board. From traditional red qipaos, to pastel shades of pinks or blues, and opulent gold and silver, we have one for every bride. All we need now is to find the qipao master that will tailor our dreams into perfection!

[Qipao: Emmanuel Haute Couture / Photo: Fixer Photography]


The Red Ruby

One can’t go wrong with the color red. Perfect for traditional brides, this stunning and auspicious scarlet shade will be turning heads. What’s more, this color photographs beautifully!

[Qipao: Jessica Cindy]


[Qipao: Linva Tailor 年華時裝 – 旗袍 / From: A Burgundy and Mint Wedding at Repulse Bay / Photo: History Studio]


[Qipao: Veronika Vidyanita / Photo: House Of Photographers]



[Qipao: Qipology]

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This Wedding is Full of Classic Blue Details and Ends with a Fun Reception Party at The Hong Kong Country Club

Today’s wedding is a mix of everything–classic elegance, family traditions, and loads of fun. Karen and Rocky decided to celebrate their special day in style and still uphold family customs. For their Chinese pre-wedding activities, the couple wore traditional garments with Karen keeping a beautiful red bouquet in hand. After the door games, Rocky picked up his bride in a cute blue convertible–what a way to sweep the bride off her feet! The ceremony and reception details are just about as captivating and entertaining. Karen changed to an utterly romantic Galia Lahav gown that hugged her feminine form perfectly, and mix of dusty blue, navy blue, and teal paired with peach flowers was an ingenious style choice. Finally, the reception at Hong Kong Country Club that followed featured their names written in neon lights and an after party that had everyone dancing the night away! See all of the snaps by Carter and Rose of this gorgeous wedding now. Scroll on!

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Have Your Wedding at One of These 9 Restaurants with Delicious Menus and Stylish Interiors

Intimate weddings require cozy settings where you can just enjoy great food and great company. In our recent article, we shared some unique restaurants that you can book for your wedding or for a small reception afterwards. Today, we’ve decided to add to that list so you have more choices at hand. The beauty of having these restaurants as a wedding venue (if you haven’t figured it out yet) is that you get to savour delicious food amidst curated interiors that enhance the experience and heighten the occasion even more! Here are more local restaurants to visit and consider if you’re eyeing an intimate gathering for your wedding, pre-wedding dinner or post-wedding celebration.


(1) ALTO

ALTO is perched on the 31st floor of the stunning V Point Tower in Causeway Bay, featuring breathtaking views of Hong Kong and a classic grill menu with a modern twist. Internationally acclaimed designer Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio crafted a venue of infinite beauty, one that reveals stunning views across Victoria Harbour and features influences of the elements of stone, wood, fire, and water. Alongside these views comes the finest grill items of exclusively sourced beef, an eclectic array of starters and salads, and creative side dishes and decadent desserts created by head Chef, Mike Boyle. Supported by a superb range of wines from some of the world’s most respected vineyards and a creative assembly of cocktails, ALTO delivers an uninterrupted view across Hong Kong and exceptionally pleasurable dining experience.

Venue Size and Capacity:

  • Indoors: 100 pax seated, 200 pax standing cocktail
  • Outdoors: 100 pax seated, 230 pax standing cocktail

Minimum Charge:

  • Lunch: Indoors HK$90,000, outdoors HK$60,000
  • Dinner: Indoors HK$120,000, outdoors HK$90,000
  • These are reference prices only as final price will depend on date and time.

Starting Price Per Pax:  HK$650

Menu Choices: Cocktail, buffet, and seated dinner menus.

Other special offers: Custom cakes and performances are available.



(2) The Chop House

The Chop House, located at Mira Place 1 in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, offers a fabulous and rare feature in the form of a massive al-fresco dining atrium as well as a cozy interior seating for those who prefer an indoor, homespun dining ambiance. Fresh ingredients and delicious comfort food are at the forefront of The Chop House experience. What makes this place an even more memorable one for visitors is the relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. The menu was also created with a sharing experience in mind, perfect for couples who want a comforting wedding feast. The hearty items on the menu are accompanied by an extensive selection of wines, crafted cocktails, beers, and a collection of inventive milkshakes. Eating will surely be a fun and delicious experience at The Chop House. Your guests will love every bit of this place.

Venue Size and Capacity:

  • Indoor Dining Area: 1,238 sq. ft., maximum of 80 pax for sit-down dining
  • Outdoor Garden: 2,402 sq. ft., maximum of 170 pax for sit-down dining OR maximum of 350 pax for standing cocktail

Minimum Charge: Minimum spending is subject to event size, time, season, and venue availability.

Starting Price Per Pax:

  • Lunch: $158, plus 10% service charge per person
  • Dinner: $398, plus 10% service charge per person
  • Free Flow Beverage Package
    • 2-hour non-alcoholic drinks: $190, plus 10% service charge per person
    • 2-hour alcoholic: $250, plus 10% service charge per person



(3) The Ocean

As the name states, The Ocean by Oliver Bellin will give you a expansive sea view and interiors full of beautiful blues. But besides all the ocean-inspired details of this venue, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong’s Southside will deliver an exquisite Breton dining experience that combines the best of earth and sea. The Ocean’s 10,000 square foot space at The Pulse in scenic Repulse Bay, The Ocean is an ode to decadent, artfully designed décor that complements the Southside’s natural beauty with striking interior themes. From the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, the exquisite details in the choices of the art of table, the tailor-made ceramics, to its booths and tables, The Ocean is designed to convey the beauty of coral reefs and every feature unites to evoke a sense of oceanic tranquility.

Venue Size and Capacity: 500 sq. meters, 60 guests

Minimum Charge: HK$60,000 for weekdays and HK$90,000 for weekends

Starting Price Per Pax: HK$ 988, plus 10% service charge for a 4-course menu

Menu Options: Kindly contact restaurant directly for full menu details.

Other Special Offers: Hosting the ceremony at the Cabana for additional HK$30,000 on weekdays and HK$60,000 on weekends.



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