A Winter Wonderland Engagement Shoot in Tokyo

Is it even possible to get sick of the sight of snow? For me, it’s just truly impossible–which is why these photos from Vision Wedding has got me smiling from ear to ear! The charming couple shows off their gorgeous ensembles along with the snow blankets that covered the city. Irene and Karl definitely chose the best time and the perfect season! Plus, they even took advantage of the cherry blossoms and bright yellow fields!

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The Look



11 Weddings with Breathtaking Views

If you’re a fan of jaw-dropping views, then today’s your lucky day! Just like you, we fall head over heels for weddings with gorgeous views and so today, we took the time to put together weddings with some of the most breathtaking views ever. These weddings have left us in awe every single time–we never tire of look at the photos over and over again! And since great views are meant to be shared, grab a seat and join us so we can swoon over these beautiful sights together!


(1) Overlooking the Sea

A wedding that is perched atop a hill and overlooks the vast sea is definitely a majestic sight–no wonder these brides chose this location! A view like instills a feeling of wonder that lingers beyond the actual wedding.

[From: A Breathtaking Blush Wedding at the Bvlgari Resort in Bali / Photos: Terralogical]

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Gorgeous Gold Necklaces You Can Wear with Your Qun Gua

I love looking at photos of the bride getting into her Qun Gua with her mom right by her side to assist. Through the many photo stills I’ve seen of this moment, I’ve come to appreciate the symbolic relevance of the Chinese traditional dress even more. I’ve also become an admirer of the elegant jewellery that go along with the dress. The bride’s Qun Gua is usually accessorised with gold necklaces and bangles. These are precious wedding day gifts from her mother. What a special moment this truly is! Since my admiration of the dress and accessories began, I started looking at fine gold jewellery that go with the Qun Gua–and believe me, there are some really gorgeous ones out there. So today, I will share with you some pieces that I’ve really been eyeing, you might want them, too.


(1) Beautiful Butterflies

These butterfly details are so beautifully laced together. I’d love to wear one of these!

[Photos: 1, 2, and 3 from Chow Sang Sang]

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An Elegant All-White Wedding at The Glass Pavilion

Whenever a wedding comes my way, I always drop what I’m doing to get my much needed daily dose of inspiration. Today’s wedding came just at the right time–the tasks of the day were starting to get to me. Hilary and Jeff’s all-white wedding is indeed a splendid sight to see. Her gowns from Foi Wedding and La Cérémonie Atelier are bedazzling and her wedding day glow makes her a radiant beauty throughout the day. The Glass Pavilion was a stunning venue with elegant interiors that were further enhanced by flowers of KOZI Florist and Deca Cafe Wedding. View all the photos by MC Photography and turn your day around now.

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    20 Feminine Dresses for Your Outdoor Engagement Shoot

    When it comes to being engaged, there is one thing I look forward to–the engagement shoot. My personal favorites are the ones set outdoors. Outdoor engagements always look so simple yet elegant. I also love looking at the dresses brides-to-be wear during the shoot. A beautiful dress plus stunning scenery paints a perfect picture! On that note, today we’re featuring some feminine dress options for your outdoor pre-wedding shoot. You might just find the perfect style that will go with your location choice here. Go on and scroll down to see what we picked out for you!


    (1) Simply Elegant

    Simple and flowy, that is how I would describe the upcoming set of dresses. The minimal yet stunning details make the dresses look soft to the eyes. The simplicity of the dresses makes certain features stand out and result in a clean and elegant look.

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