Sweet Pastel Hues and Delicate Details Make This Wedding at W Hotel Extra Elegant

Emily and Alex’s wedding day was such an elegant occasion that we couldn’t keep our eyes off every photo taken by MC Photography. Emily donned a gorgeous gown with intricate beading and a soft tulle skirt and the pastel color palette they chose as their wedding theme filled W Hotel’s ballroom with sweetness. But just as we were drawn to the beautiful elements of this wedding, we were also as smitten seeing the love between Emily and Alex. This wedding has it all, and we can’t be any more excited to share the photos with you now. Scroll on!

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The Look



6 Frugal Solutions For Common Expensive Wedding Details

Hey, brides! We know how much of a struggle it is to plan a wedding with a budget, so we’re here to help you find ways to make it work. Truly, there will be some compromises but don’t worry, we know you will still achieve the wedding of your dreams no matter what! In this article we shared how you can save on wedding costs, and today, we’re adding to that lost by giving you some frugal solutions to common expensive wedding details.

[From: Let This Wedding at Discovery Bay Fill Your Day with Romance / Photo: Martin Aesthetics]


(1) Ask for help instead of from friends to save on labor costs.

[From: This Traditional Hong Kong Wedding is Extra Heartwarming and Touching / Photo: Ming Yung Photo]

When you hire a lot of professionals, the bill will add up. So, for smaller tasks that you think your family and entourage can handle, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Read this for a list of tasks that you can pass on to family and friends.


(2) Hire a family-owned restaurant or family caterer.

[From: This Couple Used Environmentally Friendly Decorations for Their Rustic Outdoor Wedding / Photo: Emma Fok Photography ]

If you have a relative who is a master at the kitchen, why not ask him to her to help with the catering. This is especially helpful if you’re having a small-scale wedding. If you’re having a bigger one, he or she can take care for let’s say, the cake, or the food favors.

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The Details From This Romantic Wedding Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat!

When a display of effortlessly beautiful photos are at your midst, you find yourself drawn to the story that unfolds, frame after frame. Today’s wedding was that kind of wedding. The stunning photos by and the love story in front of us kept us at the edge of our seats–we didn’t want it to end! AYANA Resort & Spa‘s scenic outdoor setting gave Julianne and Luis’s ceremony that intimate and cozy feeling, while the indoor reception, filled to the ceiling with abundant greens and flowers, turned their reception into a most glamorous affair. And even if they had a destination wedding, Julianne and Luis made sure to incorporate the important Chinese traditions into their wedding day, with both of them donning traditional garments and accessories. They also made sure to have elegant details all in sync with their chosen color palette, navy blue and white. This happily ever after is too precious to miss! Keep scrolling now.

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The Look


Beautiful Floral Backdrops That Will Add That Extra Charm To Your Wedding

Your wedding is a pivotal moment in your life. And naturally, you’d want everything to look perfect. One detail that will definitely make this moment extra special (and extra photogenic) is a floral backdrop! Yes, we mean business when we say your floral backdrop is just what you need to frame you and your husband-to-be during this milestone. So, to inspire you and give you ideas, here are some beautiful floral backdrops that will definitely add that extra charm to your wedding. Scroll and see for yourself!


(1) Lush Foliage with a View

[Venue : Kerry Hotel]

A view is one thing, but having lush foliage all around you makes the sight even more captivating, says the team from Once Wedding Decoration.  At this outdoor venue, the stylists complemented the city view with towering flowers to make this wedding extra romantic.

(2) Creative Industrial Mix

[Venue : The Pond]

Venues come in all shapes and sizes. For as long as your decoration team is creative, there will be no problem turning any venue into the wedding location of your dreams. Once Wedding Decoration added some hanging bulbs and modern decorations to this iron gate to create a modern industrial look that is still elegant.

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