60 Glamorous Gold Shoes That will Take You from Day to Night, Qun Gua to Wedding Dress, Regardless of Budget

Those feet of ours will be working hard on our wedding day, so why not pamper them a little with these glamorous gold finds? Gold, a timeless and sophisticated color that matches almost all outfits. Whether it is your Qun Gua for the Chinese tea ceremony, that white dreamy bridal gown, or even the evening dress or Qi Pao, these gold shoes will have you covered. We have done our homework for you and sourced trending and all-time classic pieces you can wear–steal or splurge, you get to decide! Now, let’s click our heels together and find that perfect pair.

[From: A Lavish Wedding in Laxenburg Castle / Photographer: Ashley Ludaescher]


Glittery Flats

These flats go a long way. Not only are they practical when you’re on your feet the whole day, they can be stylish too with some sparkle or embellishments!

[Venilla Suite – Pointed Toe Glitter Pumps vs Jimmy Choo – Romy Glitter Flats]


Slingback Heels

This is the ultimate ladylike shoe that will give the classic heel a stylish look and feel.

[Vince Camuto – Kolissa Slingback Pumps vs Prada – Metallic Leather Slingback Pumps]


[Michael Kors – Eliza Pumps vs Miu Miu – Leather Slingback Pumps]


[J. Reneé – Charise Slingback Pumps vs Rochas – Miki Brocade Slingback Pumps]

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This Intimate, All-White Wedding Turned Out to Be Extra Chic

Rooftop weddings are utterly romantic, especially because you have an expansive view of the city. Today’s wedding is yet another wedding with a view. Held at U-Banquet and Harlan’s Restaurant, Viann and Larry’s celebration was a classic union with lots of love, laughter, and subtle details in white, blush, and red. The result? A chic wedding with all the elements we keep coming back to! Start out with a smile and scroll on to see all of the photos taken by none other than Moonbird Production.

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The Look


7 Important Things to Do On the Morning of Your Wedding

When you wake up on the day of your wedding you will feel all sorts of things–joy, anxiety, excitement, and more–and you’ll just want to start off the day right so you can swirl through the rest of the day without worry! Here are the seven first things you should do on the morning of your wedding to get all the good vibes and positive energy in your system. This is it!


(1) Put on some feel good music.

[From: An Elegant and Stylish Bridal Portrait Shoot / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

Play some feed good music as soon as you get up. Good music will always set the right tone for the day, especially a day as big as your wedding day!

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11 Ways You Can Be a Supportive Bridesmaid

As part of the bride tribe, your main responsibility is to be the bride’s support system. Wedding planning is no walk in the park. So through all the ups and downs of the process, she will need her gal pals to cheer her on. Here are 11 ways you can be extra helpful and supportive during this special season in your bride’s life. She will love you even more after this.


[From: A Fun Forest Bridal Party Shoot / Photo: Angel Cheung]


(1) Always lend an ear.

Your bride will have a lot to share–from everything about her Pinterest board, to all the difficulties when it’s crunch time. Listen to her, she will appreciate having someone to talk to whenever she feels like she needs it.

(2) Offer to do errands when the bride is busy.

Even before your bride-to-be admits that she needs help, why not go the extra step and offer to help with errands early on?

(3) Give suggestions when you feel like the bride is getting stuck or getting overwhelmed.

Many times brides get overwhelmed with all the details, information, and options. Offer suggestions when you get the sense that she’s starting to get confused or stuck.

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