This Couple Escaped to the Jungle for An Extra Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot

What in the world could be more spellbinding than this, a romantic escape in the jungle? Nadear and Andres’ pre-wedding shoot feels so much like a sweet love story that takes place deep within the jungle. I imagine Nadear as the heroine, tucked away in a secret village in the forest, until her gallant leading man, Andres, finds her and sweeps her off her feet! The two love the outdoors and enjoy exploring beautiful, remote places. Hence, choosing Four Seasons Tented Camp as their engagement destination was perfect. All their shots are extra breathtaking, too–think unending greens, a serene river, and lush flowers all around you! As much as I’d like to tell you all about it, come and see all the snaps taken by KT Merry yourself.

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Must-Have Wedding Photo Checklist with Your Bridesmaids!

Time passes really quickly at your best friend’s wedding, especially when you’re part of the bride tribe. As important as it is to fulfill your roles and responsibilities, the bride (and yourself of course!) would want these precious moments to be captured and frozen in time. So while you’re being the best bridesmaid she could ever have, have some fun and tick these snapshots off your checklists. A couple of decades down the road, both of you will be sipping your afternoon tea and having a good time looking back at these memories of your sisterhood. Let’s get started girlfriend!


1) The ‘Matchy Preppy’ Shot

[From: A Breathtaking Blush Wedding at the Bvlgari Resort in Bali / Photo: Terralogical]


2) The ‘Getting Dressed’ Shot

[From: An Intimate and Elegant Wedding by the Beach / Photo: Darin Images]


3) The ‘Veiling the Bride’ Shot

[From: An Intimate and Heartwarming Church Wedding / Photo: Feel in the Blank]


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This Couple Chose PMQ as Their Wedding Venue, and It was Extra Stunning!

PMQ, the former government school that was rebuilt as the Police Married Quarters and now stands as venue for Hong Kong’s creative industries–home to more than 100 local young create-prenuers–was the venue of choice for Jenny and Jonathan’s wedding day. With simple, tasteful details that were a mix of florals, rentals, and the bride’s creative D.I.Y. , Jenny and Jonathan turned PMQ into an elegant and unique space fit for their most special day. See how this couple transformed PMQ now by scrolling through all the beautiful photos catpured by Enjoy!

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The Look


The Gentlemen’s Guide on Suiting Up in Style

We are all familiar with dressing to the nines with an all-black suit. For the slightly more adventurous gentlemen, they may steer towards more colours or channel their inner prince charming with an all-white ensemble. Whatever you your groom-to-be feels like wearing on your Big Day, we’re sure he’ll look dapper and oh-so-handsome! Today’s feature article is a treat for him and you! To complete your ever-growing Pinterest board, we have put together some ‘Sartorialist’ worthy suits to dress up your man in. Scroll all the way until the end darlings (and sirs), because we have a surprise for you with a hand-painted suit! Now get ready and measure up, it’s time to get to that tailor.


(1) Fifty Shades of Gray

For those who want to play safe, this will be the color for you. To take things up a notch, play it up with different shades and textures of gray. Interestingly, lighter colored fabrics photograph well with the bridal gown.

[From: Beautiful Blue Details Make this Seaside Engagement Extra Romantic / Photo: La French Touch Photography]


[From: A Classic Wedding with Burgundy Light Gray Color Theme / Photo: Storyteller Studio]


[Suit: Dylan & Son / Photo: Androids In Boots]


[Suit: The One Tailor / From: Modern Garden Elegance / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]

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A Stylish Hong Kong Wedding Where the Bride Wore 4 Gorgeous Dresses

Today’s stylish wedding will keep you on your toes–eager and excited for each and every photo! We can’t help our oohs and ahhs at all the details of this wedding–from the unique bridal bouquet and the ceremony arch overflowing with greens, to the laisee designs that had extra character! The bride and groom, Kean and Gary, were extra stylish, too. Kean wore not one, not two, or three, but four gorgeous dresses on her wedding day! She emerged first in a red lace qipao for the pre-wedding Chinese traditions, then changed to a vintage dress for her ceremony. During the post-nuptial shoot she donned a gorgeous water color like dress, and finally closed the night in a vibrant blue dress. Gary, was dapper in his suit which he paired with a sleek black tie. Trust us, all of these are reason enough for you to stay a bit longer and view all the photos by Feel in the Blank. Enjoy! And don’t miss the highlight video by Bozz Wedding at the end.

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The Look