The Tuscan Countryside Makes for the Perfect Setting for This Dreamy Engagement

I am so glad that Binc Photography shared these photos with us, and that I got a glimpse of this pre-wedding shoot! As I was writing this post, I was continuously being tugged at by excitement because the photos were just too beautiful. It must have been the setting, since Tuscany has always been a place I dream of visiting, or probably because the couple looked like total naturals as they posed, or maybe even because the gown by The Wedding Gown, the styling, and photography were so on point? I do not know how else to put it, but believe me–you are absolutely going to fall for this set! From the rolling hills of the countryside, to the alluring ruins and charming cobble-stoned town, I can’t wait for Yan and Ling’s engagement to take you on a romantic Italian escapade!

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The Look



How to Choose the Right Wedding Reception Venue

How do you find the perfect wedding reception venue? Every little detail matters, true. But this one detail holds a lot of weight because it plays a huge role in setting the tone of the whole celebration and bringing your dream wedding to life! And as difficult as it sounds, it isn’t, for as long as you know what important details to consider when scouting for a venue. It’s really all about knowing what you want and need, and if the venue can fulfil both. To help you start off, we listed down the top details you should consider when choosing your wedding reception. Of course, there are other matters that you will need to consider apart from these as details vary from wedding to wedding. But essentially, these are enough to give you a good head start. After going through this with a potential venue, you’ll find that you already have an idea if it’s a near fit, or not at all. Read more now!

[From: A Grand Garden Wedding in Italy / Photo: Jada Poon Photography]


(1) Does the price range of the venue fit your budget?

First things firsts, check if your venue is within you budget. If it’s not, move on to other options. Or check if you can save in other ways to accommodate a little excess for the venue.

(2) Is the venue aligned with your vision?

Visit your potential venues. Check the layout and the surroundings of the venue to have a better idea if the venue is aligned with the kind wedding you have in mind. Does it go with your theme? Can you further style it to create the look you want? Try to visualize how your wedding will look like in the venue.

(3) Will all your guests fit in the venue?

When choosing your reception venue, you must already have an idea of how many guests you are inviting. Be as realistic as possible so that the venue won’t end up too crowded or to empty, either.

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10 Ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Didn’t Follow Royal Tradition

I don’t think anyone will be forgetting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding any time soon. It definitely made its mark in our minds, on social media, and even in the royal wedding books. See the ten ways the couple chose to stray from royal wedding tradition, placing their own unique twists on their big day.

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Get Meghan Markle’s Wedding Look with These Elegant Dresses

We mentioned in this article that one thing brides can learn from Meghan Markle’s wedding look is that less is more. The elegance that a clean, structured dress brings is captivating in its own way–it calls attention to a bride’s natural grace and beauty.

[Photos: Getty Images]

Meghan was a glowing bride in her sleek, long sleeve Givenchy dress during the ceremony. And if you want to get that polished look for your wedding, here are some long sleeve dresses you can grab.

[Dress: San Patrick]

[Dress: Martina Liana Bridal]

[Dress: Emilia Wickstead]

[Dress: Tadashi Shoji]

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5 Lessons Brides Can Learn From Meghan Markle to Make Your Wedding Look Unique

We’re still abuzz with royal wedding fever, and can’t get over how gorgeous everything was, especially Meghan Markle’s look. We just loved how everything about her look was so unique to her, so we decided to list down some lessons brides can pick up from the royal bride’s beautiful wedding look. Scroll down below, and get ready to take some notes!


1. Choose someone who can help you enhance your vision


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Meghan chose creative director of Givenchy, Claire Waight Keller, to design her romantic wedding dress, choosing the British designer because of her timeless pieces and elegant aesthetic. They worked closely together on the design, and the result was a classic masterpiece we’ll all remember.

As a bride, when choosing your dress designer (or any of your suppliers for that matter), make sure to go with someone who can help you enhance your vision. When you meet your suppliers, explain what you want or don’t want, and gauge how he or she responds to your ideas. Don’t forget to keep an open mind though, because your suppliers are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, and can actually suggest better ideas!

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