Let This Seaside Wedding Show You Just How Beautiful a Blue Color Palette Can Be!

When I think of the ocean, I am reminded of the beautiful shades of blue that come with it–how it transitions from light blue and blue green in shallow waters, to the dark blue hue that takes over the deep seas. The azure sky also adds to the picture, resulting in a monochromatic display of all kinds of blue. Abi and David decided to fill their beach wedding with the same blues. From their invitations by Ink Scribbler, to the bridesmaids’ robes and dresses, and the venue decorations by IAMFLOWER, everything was marked with the colors of the ocean. Whether you’re a fan of this color or not, this wedding will show you just how beautiful blue can be. Scroll along to see more of this wedding through the lens of Liam Collard.

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Chinese Wedding Traditions: All About Matrimonial Bed Ceremony and Why It’s Important

Hong Kong weddings are deeply rooted in ancient tradition and culture. Even if modern times have altered different aspects of weddings, ancestral customs remain to be important to many families today. One of the important Chinese customs that is still highly valued today is the Matrimonial Bed Ceremony, also known as An Chuang. The An Chuang is a Chinese wedding custom wherein the bride and groom’s new bed is set up and decorated in preparation for their new life together. This ritual is essential to marriage because it is believed to shape the future of the newly weds–it symbolizes a harmonious marriage and the gift of having many children. Here are the essentials you need to know for this ceremony.

[Photo: Alicia Shereen]


(1) When does the you installation the matrimonial bed take place?

Couples usually refer to the almanac calendar to pick an auspicious date and time for the ceremony. This date usually falls within three days to one week before the wedding, or the morning of the wedding day.


(2) Where is the matrimonial bed installed?

The matrimonial bed can be installed in the bride’s home, the groom’s home, or the couple’s new home.


(3) Who participates in the ceremony?

A woman of good fortune–meaning she is married, has a living husband, many children, and grandchildren–is ideally the person to perform the installation of the matrimonial bed. If one of the groom’s parents or grand parents fits the role, she can be the one because she will also be passing the family’s good luck and fertility to the couple. The rest of the family can join and help out in the ceremony. Or let a Chinese Wedding Master (大妗姐) host the ceremony also works.


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8 Hong Kong Restaurants That Can Turn Into Unique Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for good food, a smaller, cozy venue, and unique interiors for stylish looking wedding, why not search for a restaurant in the city? We did some research to give you a head start and found these eight restaurants that serve delicious food and have chic interiors–from vintage, to modern, and even romantic designs! Whichever one of these you end up saying “I do” in, you will definitely get extra character that will make your wedding a scene to remember!


(1) HEXA

Aside from having a sweeping, 270-degree harbor view, HEXA also will impress you with its stylish interiors that are modern and tasteful. Pairing this with authentic Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist makes the dining experience extra unique.

Venue Size and Capacity

  • Wedding Ceremony: Maximum of 200 pax
  • Dining: Maximum of 140 pax

Minimum Charge

  • Dinner: Food & Beverage minimum charge at HK$200,000, plus 10% service charge
  • Wedding Ceremony: Minimum charge at HK$88,000 net for a maximum 60 persons

Starting Price Per Pax: HK$1,180, plus 10% service charge per pax

Other Special Offers: Kindly contact Hexa for more information.

Website: https://www.hexa-hk.com/


(2) CE LA VI

If you’re determined to impress your guests, CE LA VI is the venue to book. Spanning three floors, this restaurant offers versatile spaces with panoramic views of the city. The deep colors and dramatic lighting also work wonders for any event, whether it be a pre-wedding event or even post-wedding parties, which CE LA VI is a popular venue for. They also have a new Sky Deck opening in late August 2018 in anticipation of celebrating its 3rd birthday. One things for sure; this is something exciting to look forward to and indeed consider for your special event!

Venue Size and Capacity

  • Restaurant: 70 pax seated indoors and 30 to 40 pax standing in the terrace
  • Club Lounge: 50 pax seated, 120 pax standing
  • Sky Deck: 65 pax seated, 120 pax standing

Minimum Charge

  • Lunch: Starting HK$388 per pax, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 15 pax
  • Dinner: Starting HK$ 688 per pax, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 15 pax

Starting Price Per Pax: Please see above.

Website: http://hk.celavi.com/


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This Timeless Wedding is Filled with Heartwarming Traditions

Looking through the photographs of Eva and Derek by Sophia Kwan, I could tell that they dreamt of a marriage as beautiful and perfect as this wedding. Eva and Derek stayed true to classic traditions that remain timeless throughout the ages. From with the intricate hand embroidered Koon Nam Wah gua for the tea ceremony and the delicate lace gown against the red brick walls of St. Andrew’s Church, to the sweet blush garden roses and buttercream cake and the quirky Marvel Comics notebook, everything about this wedding fell into place beautifully. The couple also fully enjoyed each and every moment together and with their loved ones on this very day. Derek’s candid moments were definitely the key to Eva’s sweet smile in every single photo. Continue to read on to see how much love there is between them!

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