7 Wedding Gown Fabrics That are Perfect for Summer Brides

It always seems like the most important thing about a wedding dress is its aesthetic quality, but let’s not overlook another thing that is equally important–comfort. When talking about summer, all things fresh come to mind. But if you’re planning a summer wedding, there’s always this question of how can you stay fresh and cool despite the warmth of this season? Begin by choosing a fabric that is suitable for the type of wedding you’re going for. To help you decide on the right fabric, here are our top picks of fabric that are perfect for summer weddings!



[From: This Charming Couple Had Their Pre-wedding Shoot in the Same Place Where The Groom Proposed, Japan! / Photo: Angel Cheung]

One of the most popular fabrics for summer wedding dresses is chiffon. Its lightweight and airy quality makes it perfect for the season. If you are going for outdoor weddings such as in a beach or garden, a chiffon dress’ flowy quality will show-off its ethereal beauty when it plays with the breeze.



[From: A Heartwarming Traditional Wedding at Harbour Grand Hotel / Photo: Chester Kher Creations]

If you want a dress with volume, go with the tulle! This fabric is like a netting but with a softer feel. What makes this so good is that it gives your dress volume without making it too heavy and bulky.

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Check Out The Details in This Blush Pink-Themed Wedding That are Beyond Ordinary!

If you are the kind of person who loves uniqueness and variety, Denise and Edmund’s wedding is the perfect inspiration for you! From the bride’s robe and gown, to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the details are definitely of another level! The bridesmaids’ dresses come in shades of blush pink, but each design is unique–with pops of shiny silver beads making the dresses look more fun and lively. Even the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ robes are lovely–the lace details make the simple robes more fashionable! I am specially in love with the bride’s low-back cut dress made of fine lace. Not to mention, the bride’s shoes perfectly match the dress with its lace-like details and elegant pearl accents. There’s so much to say about this wedding, but my words are not enough to capture how beautiful this wedding is! So go and check out these photos by Belle & Olive to see them for yourself. Enjoy!

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7 Gorgeous Blush and Cream Wedding Gowns For The Unconventional Bride

While tradition dictates for brides to wear white, who says non-white wedding dresses are prohibited? In this day and age, we’re seeing more and more brides stepping out of their comfort zone and societal norm, and into embracing their individuality–we absolutely love it! Not only is this new trend exciting, it’s also paving the way for more creative freedom, both for brides and designers alike. So, to get you all in on the hype, to inspire all the unconventional brides out there, and to welcome change, here’s a roundup of gorgeous blush and cream wedding gowns that you can definitely rock at your wedding. Trust us, you will not regret appearing in something that looks different and new yet utterly beautiful–everyone will love it!


(1) Sophisticated Siren

For those who want to turn things up a little, but still not shock everyone too much, this Natalie dress from the Romanzo collection of Julie Vino wreaks of sophistication. Its nude blush tone is the first noticeable detail followed by the intricate beading sewn all over the gown. Le Soleil Bridal Closet encourages brides to seek out feminine tones–like the tone of this dress–for a hint of sophistication that isn’t overpowering or too alarming for very traditional relatives.


(2) Blushing Beauty

Perhaps you’re a little more adventurous, just a little, and you want a little detail that will give you a one-of-a-kind bridal look. The answer lies in this Riki Dalal gown claims Le Soleil Bridal Closet . The stark white bodice is complemented with a blush-cream A-line skirt, adorned with floral applique–just enough to accentuate that tiny waist! Topping it off with a cape-like veil and you know you’ll get some looks of admiration.

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16 Trendy and Stylish Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Entourage

Planning your wedding doesn’t end with the ceremony and reception preparations. You also need to choose your entourage members–special individuals you want close to you during your special day! These men and women will also be helping you out throughout the wedding planning process. Therefore, you want to honor them and show your gratitude by giving them some tokens or gifts of appreciation. To make the gesture even more meaningful, why not give cute and personal items! Here are 16 personalized gift ideas you can give to your entourage–we’re 100% sure they will love the gesture and the extra effort.


  • Stemless Wine Cup

[Photo: Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique]

How about giving your bride tribe these customized stemless wine cups made with vacuum insulated technology? These cups will definitely keep drinks cold (or hot) for long hours. It’s also a great way to start toasting and celebrating with your girl friends!


  • Laser Engraved Pocket Flask

[Photo: Sin City Engraving]

Of course, the groom’s best buddies should also have a little something equally cute. And in the same spirit of celebrating, here are personalized stainless steel flasks that are just perfect. What’s good about these flasks is that each one perfectly fits in a pocket! Now, isn’t that a go-to party must have for your partner’s groomsmen?


  • Caricature Shot Glass

[Photo: Crystal Peace Studio]

You can never go wrong with shot glasses, and these ones with caricature hand-painted drawings of your friends’ faces are too adorable to let go of! Get these vintage-style caricature shot glasses for your groomsmen–they’ll surely be amused when they see their faces.

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This Couple Shows Playfulness in Their Traditional Wedding with Hints of Modern Vibe

Aside from the beautiful and classic details in the bride’s gown, bouquet, and the ceremonies and games, what captured my heart the most about Kayley and Tysons’s wedding at W Hong Kong hotel is how every moment of love and quirk turned into picture-perfect memories. Martin Aesthetics surely didn’t miss out on any moment and detail from this wedding! The mix of traditional elements with modern elements of playfulness in these wedding photos shows what a fun and loving couple they are. Even more interesting are their shots with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, certainly showing what a tight bond they have as they celebrate this occasion together. Get a glimpse of this classic wedding with bursts of modern quirks by checking out the photos below!

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