I’ll Always Be Your Greatest Supporter: A Mother-Daughter Feature by The Aisle

In the recent months, The Aisle Channel Series has been entertaining us will informative content from all their member vendors. But their most recent collection, Real Life Romance, focuses on real stories of love. For the most recent episode, The Aisle held a special model call for a mother-daughter feature. Out of all the applicants who came forward with loving stories, this mother-daughter tandem won everyone’s hearts. Today, we’re sharing with you their story. Witness their amazing bond through the beautiful photos with Lauhaus.co and video by Journal Book and Woody Storytelling.

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The Look



After 70 Years, Sennet Frères is Coming Back to Town with Love

The 150 year-old brand, SENNET FRÈRES is drumming up so much excitement. Today we’re letting you in on all the juicy details about the collection, so listen up. SENNET FRÈRES is launching a high-end bespoke wedding gown collection this December 2020.

You might be wondering why the Paris-based, well-known jewelry and watch brand is now in the fashion industry. An interesting history lies behind this new venture. There is a hidden gem on the west side of Hong Kong Island, just a few steps away from busy city streets called The Old Alberose, a historic manor completed in 1926. Its owner–Albert Weill was none other than the man in charge of the SENNET FRÈRES.

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Christmas E-Cards You Can Send to Loved Ones

While many of us can’t be with all our loved ones during this most joyous season, we can still make this time of the year meaningful in other ways. There’s more than one way to spread your love this Christmas. This year, let’s not forget that a heartfelt greeting is just as warm as a hug, a gift, or even time spent together. To help you send your greetings over, we made cute e-cards that you can download and send over digitally. Or if you’re still a fan of snail mail, you can even print these cards and send with a handwritten note. Scroll on to see the all the designs we made especially for you, as well as the download link to all these e-cards!

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25 Holiday Recipes to Try at Home

Christmas might be a little different this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from having the best time. Let not the absence of others bring you down. Instead, maximize your kitchen and online tools at the same time! You can gather with a few of those near and dear at home and cook up a feast that will fill your hearts (and tummies) with the most delicious dishes. Then schedule an online call with everyone else and spend the rest of your time chatting the night away. Don’t forget to pop open the champagne, too.

We think that there are still so many reasons to celebrate this season. To help you with your holiday feast, here’s a list of dishes that you can try out.




Potato Salad & Tomato Cups

Fried Cheese Sticks

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10 Adorable Christmas Tree D.I.Y. Home Decoration Ideas

Can you feel the holiday spirit already? We can, so we’ve been spending some time browsing on Pinterest, to start getting some inspiration for home Christmas decorations. Today, we’re sharing with you some of our fab finds, specifically some Christmas tree decoration D.I.Y. ideas that are perfect for your home. These will be especially useful if you’re living in a small space and can’t afford to have a huge tree. Scroll on to pick out your favorite now and start creating one of these.

[Source: Beauty for a Shes Home]

[Source: The Homemaking Mama]

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