This Bride Wore Gorgeous Black Dress That Resulted in Stunning Wedding Day Photos

We love seeing couples challenging the norm, whether it be to inject their unique personalities or to bring something new and exciting to the table. Hayley and Rex surely surprised […]

A Chic Western-Style Garden Wedding

Sylvia and Will wed during strict pandemic restrictions, so they decided to keep their day simple and sweet. They went for a purely Western-style wedding which gave them more freedom […]

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An Immaculate, All-White Garden Wedding at Beas River Country Club

It only took a second for us to love everything about Katrina and Sam’s wedding day. With the first few photos taken by White Label Wedding Photo in view, we know that […]

A Refreshing Peach and White Themed Garden Wedding at The Repulse Bay

Today’s wedding was breath of fresh air–beautiful details, love filling every photo, and a ton of smiles from the bride, groom, and guests. We loved watching all the moments of […]

Facing COVID-19 is Just The Beginning of The Many Challenges We Will Overcome Together, Says This Couple

Are you deciding on whether to push through with or postpone your wedding? Holly and Ronald were faced with the same dilemma a few months back. Initially, they planned to […]

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