A Pretty, Pink and Purple Outdoor Wedding in Phuket

Perhaps a photo collection full of pastel colors is all you need to start your day on the right foot! For us, it’s more than enough to set the day on a good note. Today’s gorgeous Phuket wedding did just that! Scrolling through the photos made me feel extra giddy—I’m a fan of anything and everything pastel. I love the pink and purple bridesmaid dresses and the blush flowers that filled the ceremony area. The pink satin robes also caught my attention. The couple also didn’t miss out on pastel colors accents for their wedding invitations! We have Belle & Olive to thank for this breathtaking wedding, and please don’t miss the video by T.Art at the end. Start your day with this wedding, you won’t regret it!

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The Look



5 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Brides with Short Hair

Have you discussed your wedding hairstyle ideas with your makeup artist? Or have you searched all over Pinterest already? Looking for wedding hairstyles is so much fun! But what if you have short hair? What is a girl to do? If you’re a bride-to-be with short hair and you’re feeling a tad bit worried about what hairstyle you can rock on your wedding day, trust us, you have nothing to fear! Here are five hairstyle ideas that are perfect for short hair.


(1) A Pretty Flower Crown

Even brides with long hair love this style. But what great about it is that even girls with short hair can own this look!

[Photos: Justin Aaron Photography, Style Caster]


(2) The Classic Headband

Headbands are classic hair accessories that are just prefect for brides with short hair. From simple ones to more embellished ones, this hairpiece frames the face and adds just the right amount of flair.

[Photos: Jodi Miller Photography, Style Caster, BHLDN, Pop Hair Cuts]

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5 Reasons Why Every Bride-to-Be Should Wear Pearls on Her Wedding Day

Sometimes we get caught up in the glitz and glam of diamonds and other stones that we forget a rare gem of the sea that is also quite the beauty. I’m referring to pearls–the perfectly imperfect ocean jewel. Today, in collaboration with Made of Pearl, we’re going to enlighten you a bit more about pearls and why you should consider wearing them on your wedding day.

(1) Pearls are organic treasures of the sea.

Pearls are natural creations from the ocean. What makes them extra special is that they exhibit raw beauty–no polishing or cutting is involved in a pearl’s final appearance. The organic layers result in a pearl’s elegant look, creating a fine piece of jewelry and an extraordinary gift from the sea.

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A Delightful Wedding with Hints of Pink at Béthanie Chapel

One of my favorite ways to start off my day is taking a look at charming weddings like this! With my strong liking to different shades of pink, it was only natural that I couldn’t stop browsing through Sally and Kerby’s wedding photos taken by Patrick Photography! From the bridesmaid dresses to the floral arrangements, the soft shades of pink brought out a classic and sweet side of the wedding at Béthanie Chapel. The elegant details of her ceremonyVera Wang dress were definitely well matched with her stunning Jimmy Choo‘s! Don’t let me keep you and take a look at these gorgeous wedding photos!

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The Look




    5 Ways You Can Use Candles to Save on Wedding Decoration Costs

    I would say the most underestimated decoration is probably the candle. When used creatively, candles can be beautiful wedding accents! Not only that, they’re also inexpensive so making the most of them will surely drive down your wedding decoration costs. If you’re on a tight wedding budget, and you need ideas on how else to cut costs, take note of these five simple ways you can use candles as wedding decoration pieces. 


    (1) Aisle Mood Lights

    Create a romantic mood with dramatic aisle lights using candles. You can line them up by each of the rows of chairs in glass holders of various sizes for some depth.

    [Photos: By Tulip, We Freeze Photography]


    (2) Minimalist Greenery

    Line your reception tables with simple greenery and finish each one of with elevated candles for a fresh look and feel. You can also make use of succulents!

    [Photos: Loft Photographie, Simply Sarah, Hi Miss Puff]


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