Sweet Disposition

The theme of this boudoir shoot is captured perfectly by the couple’s stationary card: “With my whole heart, for my whole life.” The bride prepares for her wedding day in the intimate setting of her bedroom. Jenny Tong Photography weaves her talented craft of capturing those special moments as these shots show Carmen in a raw way. As she embarks on a journey towards her marriage, she will be leaving the single life and binding herself to her husband forevermore. It’s awfully romantic and selfless when you think about it! Also the bride infuses her personality into the shoot by playing harmonious tunes on her cello. Can you hear it? It’s the beginning strings of a sweet symphony of love!

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The Look



Fashion Friday: Jesús Peiró Mirtilli Collection 2017

Hi loves! Today’s Fashion Friday collection is such a stunner! We’re dying to let you in on Jesús Peiró ‘s Mirtilli Collection. We’re loving the edgy elegance in all the gowns in this collection. It’s not your conventional look, but it’s definitely one way to make a statement. Jesús Peiró did an exceptional job with texture and form to create white pieces that are eye-cathing, clean, and very polished. Don’t forego today’s feature, or you’ll be missing on one fine, fine set of dresses!





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5 Easy Ways to Manage Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning is no walk in the park. Long to-do lists, a confused state of mind, and so many little details you overlooked in the beginning of planning your wedding are now coming to haunt you. Is this you right now?

Then loves, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some ways on how you can cut down on the stress and even sneak some R&R while planning your wedding. You can thank us later!

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The English Rose

Ever read any of Jane Austen’s books? Or seen the many adaptations on stage or the big screen? There’s a reason why the likes of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility are classics until today. As I looked through Jada Poon Photography‘s stills, I couldn’t help but be brought back to Ms. Austen’s timeless novels. For one, because it features the preserved and beloved sights of Cotswolds in the English countryside. And for another because Chantel and James are starry-eyed in love with each other. Step into this idyllic setting and witness a happily ever after for the ages!

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The Look



Bouquet Breakdown: Pink Passion Bouquet

If you’ve ever envisioned yourself having a whimsical wedding, we’ve got just the bouquet for you! This marvelous creation by Celeste Hana Designs was created with some of the most unique flowers you could think of. Truth be told, I’ve never heard of some of them like astillbe, waratah, and ranunculus. Which is a pity because they are really a sight to behold. A bride walking down the aisle with this pink passion bouquet in hand, will be absolutely unforgettable!



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