Say “I Do” with Gorgeous Rings From These Hong Kong Jewelers!

When I was a bride-to-be, one of my favorite parts of weddings planning–aside from trying on wedding gowns–was looking for jewelry! I enjoyed stepping into shop after shop looking for our weddings bands and for stylish accessories to go well with my entire wedding look. And even before I was engaged, I liked to try on all sorts of rings–hinting to my then boyfriend, now husband, and I guess he got the hint)! Today, were talking about jewelry, and we’re so delighted to show you some gorgeous pieces from Hong Kong jewelry shops that you will not be able to resist. What are you waiting for? Say “I do” to these rings for your big day!


Glamorous, One-of-a-Kind Designs

M&B Private Jewelers puts the client’s vision and dreams at centre stage and makes sure that clients are part of the process every step of the way – from concept to the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. To understand a client’s unique needs and expectations, M&B Private Jewelers provides a one-on-one appointment at their luxury Hong Kong showroom, along with an in-house designer and a certified diamond expert, whether the client wishes to create a custom-made piece, or choose from any of their luxury collections.

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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding More Festive

If your wedding falls during the holidays, then you’re getting married during the merriest time of the year! Naturally, you’ll want your wedding to be as festive as the season, too–why not join in on all the fun and cheer? There are countless ways to make your wedding more festive, and we’ve listed 7 easy ones you can easily incorporate into your plans. From feel-good drinks that are our favorites during chilly December nights, to fun food that have that special holiday touch–this list will make you (and everyone else at your wedding) feel the holiday spirit, no doubt! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so read on now.


(1) Red flowers, specifically poinsettias, are absolutely beautiful for a wedding during the holidays. Some handheld poinsettias are the way to go.

[Photo: Julian Winslow Photography / Flowers: Pip Bensley]


(2) Make your invitations extra festive with added holiday-inspired designs. This will drum up excitement as the date draws nearer.

[Photos: Katherine Sparks Photography, Heart and Fox via Etsy]


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Let This Captivating Pre-wedding Shoot in Paris Fill You with Endless Romance!

If you want to start off your day with romance and tons of inspiration, drop whatever you’re doing and head on over here to see today’s captivating pre-wedding shoot in Paris. Yes, you heard it. Paris–the one dreamy place that surrounds you with endless romance. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Shey and Joe’s engagement photos are as romantic as can be! Through the Glass photographed the couple outdoors with the city’s grandeur all around them. We can’t help but feel all the love from these two in every photo and we’re constantly in awe of Paris’ beauty. My personal favorites from this photo set are the sweet stills of the couple overlooking the skyline at sunset. Don’t let me keep you any longer. Scroll on and see more of this beautiful engagement now.

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The Look


Guide for Getting Married Outside of Hong Kong

Planning a destination wedding? Before you start your wedding planning timeline, make sure you read this first! You’ll want to make sure your overseas marriage will be recognized by Hong Kong Law. Here’s what you need to know and do to make sure your overseas wedding will be legally valid in Hong Kong.

[From: A Glamorous Nature-inspired Wedding in Phuket / Photo: The Cablook Fotolab]


Step 1: Check if you can legally get married abroad.

According to the Hong Kong Law, a marriage this is celebrated and solemnized outside of Hong Kong in accordance with the laws in force at that time and in that place, is recognized as a valid marriage, similar to a marriage conducted and registered in Hong Kong. (Note though that for marriages conducted and registered overseas, the marriage itself will not be governed by Hong Kong Law.) So, the first step is to check whether you and your husband-to-be can get married legally in your chosen place of destination.

If you can get married legally abroad, proceed to step 3. On the other hand, if you can’t get married legally in your overseas location, check step 2.


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This Couple Escaped to the Jungle for An Extra Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot

What in the world could be more spellbinding than this, a romantic escape in the jungle? Nadear and Andres’ pre-wedding shoot feels so much like a sweet love story that takes place deep within the jungle. I imagine Nadear as the heroine, tucked away in a secret village in the forest, until her gallant leading man, Andres, finds her and sweeps her off her feet! The two love the outdoors and enjoy exploring beautiful, remote places. Hence, choosing Four Seasons Tented Camp as their engagement destination was perfect. All their shots are extra breathtaking, too–think unending greens, a serene river, and lush flowers all around you! As much as I’d like to tell you all about it, come and see all the snaps taken by KT Merry yourself.

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