A Lovely Bohemian Engagement in Australia

Strolling through a captivatingly desolate garden–no noise, no chaos, no, none of that–and letting go of all reservations, we find Queena and Shi Fu lost in each other in today’s engagement feature. With the rustling of leaves and the delicate touch of flowers beneath their feet, and yes, of course, with the love of their lives–barefoot on the ground, hands intertwined, exchanging romantic gazes, thinking, “How in the world did I end up with this beautiful being?”, then thanking fate. How immaculate is this bohemian engagement shoot! Cheers to the exceptional Wedding Gallery Studio for encapsulating love in these amour-filled shots. Scroll on now, ladies, you know you want to!

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The Look



Lyrique Presents a Ceremony and Reception Installation Intensive Workshop

If you missed the previous Lyrique Floral Master Class, worry not! Joyce Li of JF Floral Couture and Heather Sui of Myrtle et Olive are holding another set of workshops this coming April 14 and 15, 2018. The two intensive classes will focus on ceremony and reception floral design and techniques with focus on arch and aisle design, as well as hanging and cascading floral greenery installation.

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Do You Really Need Two Wedding Dresses?

Practicality aside, most brides, if not all, would love to have two wedding dresses–one for the ceremony, and another for the reception (aside from the traditional dress for Chinese pre-wedding ceremonies). But this can get really pricey. If you have the budget, no need to hesitate! But if you need help deciding if it’s REALLY necessary, here are 5 questions to ask yourself before purchasing or renting that second gown. By the last question, you will have found your answer.

[From: A Stunning Beach Wedding at Koh Samui / Photo: Savour Productions]


(1) Do you have to follow a dress code during your ceremony?

Some ceremony venues require strict dress codes that you must adhere to. This will restrict your dress style choices. Given this scenario, a second dress for your reception will be great so you can wear a wedding dress you really want, sans the dress code.

[From:A Blush, Coral, and Red Church Wedding / Photo: Ming Yung Photo]

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A Sweet Traditional Wedding at Island Shangri-La Hotel

Today’s wedding is as sweet as can be! Valerie and Kenneth had a traditional wedding at Island Shangri-La Hotel that was filled with a lot of smiles and touching moments. The details of this wedding are also noteworthy–Valerie wore a gorgeous Vera Wang gown for the ceremony and stunning Jenny Packham dresses for the reception. The red and gray color palette also set the perfect mood for the celebration, keeping all our eyes fixated on each photo by taken Patrick Photography.

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28 Stunning Headdresses That Make Perfect Veil Alternatives for Your Wedding

In case you’re wondering what else you can opt for aside from a veil on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. We’re so in love with these gorgeous veil alternatives that are equally breathtaking. Ogle over these applique headdresses, jewelled hair crowns, and more! Find your favorite hair piece here and consider it, for not for your walk down the aisle, maybe for your grand reception entrance.

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