20 Feminine Dresses for Your Outdoor Engagement Shoot

When it comes to being engaged, there is one thing I look forward to–the engagement shoot. My personal favorites are the ones set outdoors. Outdoor engagements always look so simple yet elegant. I also love looking at the dresses brides-to-be wear during the shoot. A beautiful dress plus stunning scenery paints a perfect picture! On that note, today we’re featuring some feminine dress options for your outdoor pre-wedding shoot. You might just find the perfect style that will go with your location choice here. Go on and scroll down to see what we picked out for you!


(1) Simply Elegant

Simple and flowy, that is how I would describe the upcoming set of dresses. The minimal yet stunning details make the dresses look soft to the eyes. The simplicity of the dresses makes certain features stand out and result in a clean and elegant look.

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A Stunning Beach Wedding in Koh Samui

For a couple that wanted to tie the knot far away from the hustle and bustle in Hong Kong, Dilys and Jeff decided to get married in an island where they first fell in love. With its crystal blue waters and fine golden sand, Koh Samui was the perfect fit. When Savour Productions sent these our way, we just couldn’t stop looking at the elegant details of the bride’s wedding gown. Let’s not forget about their breathtaking photos by the island shore. They’ll remind you of why beach weddings are such a classic!

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The Look




A Glamorous and Nature-inspired Wedding in Phuket

A grand wedding celebrated in style–Irena and Aaron tied the knot in the beautiful island of Phuket. Every charming moment shared was captured perfectly by The Cablook Fotolab! First of all, can we talk about Irena’s gorgeous dress? The elegant details paired with classic pearl jewelry is a match made in heaven! Next, their photos by the beach make it impossible not to see sparks flying everywhere! Then, we have their framed photos hung all around the outdoor venue, making for such a romantic sight for all their guests. Just looking through these stunning photos makes me want to plan a wedding myself!

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The Look


3 Accents To Consider for Your Bridal Dress

When it comes to wedding dresses, I like to look at the details. To me, these small things are what really add character to a dress. It also shows the craftsmanship and creativity of its maker–traits that really define the designer. Today, Tadashi Shoji‘s Bridal Spring 2018 Collection will show us three beautiful accents that make weddings gowns extra elegant. I love how these simple additions really transform these dresses into works of art. Take a closer look now and see the magic of these three design accents!


(1) Off Shoulder Lines

I find this extra feminine–the way the fabric drops mid-arm and how the down sloping lines emphasize the shoulders and collarbone. An accent like this immediately turns the bearer into a beauty.


(2) Lace Sleeves

If you need to cover up a bit, I like the idea of lace sleeves. They give ample coverage but still have that stylish touch. Whether they’re long or short, lace sleeves make classy accents to any wedding gown.


(3) Embellished High Necklines

A high neckline with lace or appliqué embellishments is also a beautiful accent you can consider. It further enhances a graceful neck and looks stunning when the embellishments crawl across the body.

Designer: Tadashi Shoji

5 Fun Wedding Cake Alternatives That Also Save on Costs

You may not initially realise it, but when planning a wedding, it’ll quickly become clear that the cake is perhaps one of the most important parts of the day–it’s the star of your dessert bar! And to make things even more exciting, why not do something completely different for and added element of surprise? We sat down with our friends from The Wedding Insurance and they gave us five ideas for a very unique spin on the traditional wedding cake.


Individual Cakes

If you don’t mind skipping the traditional cutting the cake part of the reception, this could be the perfect money-saving option for you. Consider individual cakes for each guest, adorned with their names and all sporting individual, intricate designs.

[Photos: Glitter Guide, Local is Lovely, Cakes by Krishanthi]

These cakes can (and perhaps should) of course tie into the theme of your big day. So, if there are hints of pink and cream in the decorations, dress the cakes in pink icing. If you’re planning on a dream-like fairytale wedding, adorn the little cakes with edible pearls and sparkly decoration for that extra touch of magic.

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