A Sweet and Intimate Elopement in Paris

Escaping reality and falling victim to the world of love is an exciting and thrilling adventure. You’ll never know where love will lead you. For this duo, love led them to Paris, a place of unparalleled beauty and haven for romance. Here, they joined hands promised each other forever in an intimate union. These photos by French Grey Photography certainly captured the intricacies and delicate moments of their relationship with the French landscape as a fitting frame for every shot. See more and join this couple in their Parisian escape.







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The Look



40 Glitter Goddess Gowns for the Ultimate Sparkle on Your Big Day

My favorite day in the week has got to be Friday. Not only does it signify that the weekend has arrived, but here we always serve up the freshest and most inspiring collections that bridal designers have to offer. Today, you’ll be privy to the bedazzled affair at Elie Saab‘s S/S 2017 Couture Collection. There’s no shortage to what he can do with glitter and gems! The different ways in which these gowns were made is simply astounding and will really take your breathe away! No need for a peak, go on you can savor and stare at them all day long with me!





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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Dress Look Like A Million Bucks

Let’s face it, not all brides have the luxury of going for designer gowns or high-end, custom-made creations. The common apprehension is that a less expensive dress may end up looking cheap. Not necessarily! There are several ways to make an inexpensive wedding dress look like it’s worth a million bucks. Today, we’re letting you in on the juicy details. So listen carefully, brides!


(1) Beading and embellishments don’t reflect a dress’ price tag.

Whether you go for a lot of beading and embellishments, or you keep it at the bare minimum, the key to making your gown look premium is to ensure that the overall result is a polished look. When there’s too much going on, or when the design lacks cohesion, a gown can end up looking poorly-made. And while we love beading and embellishments, a non-embellished gown can look amazing too. Instead of having an adorned gown, you can have a simple dress with alternative details such as a bow or lace sleeves, or you can go for a sleek satin dress with a couture cut.



[From: Sun-kissed Charm / Photo: Heather Photography]


(2) A dress that fits you well does wonders.

An ill-fitting gown will make you look undone and will give the impression that the dress was not carefully handcrafted to suit you. If you go for a more affordable gown, spend on proper alterations to ensure that it fits like a glove. A gown that’s tailored to perfection will have you looking and feeling like gold.



[From: Radiant Field of Dreams / Photo: Jen Huang]


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A Garden And Grassland Engagement with Dreamy Florals

When it comes to florals and lush greens, today’s engagement raises the bar. Ivy and Alfred’s engagement is filling our day with a whole lot of dreamy blooms and sprawling foliage. Our daily inspiration tank is more than full and we’re so caught up by every photo from this shoot. These photos by Lukas Chan are such a joy to see; it would be a shame to miss out on all this beauty. Heed our advice to scroll on. It will be worth your while.






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The Look



Help? How Do I Ensure My Long-Distance Relationship Will Last?

Hi, loves! Today we’re reaching out to all the ladies (and men) out there who are struggling with long-distance relationships. Yes, we know it’s tough and it can get really, really, difficult. That’s why we’re here to help you out. We talked to a few girls who have endured long-distance relationships and asked them to share with us some tips that proved to be essential in the success of their relationships.


[From: The Perfect Day at Kamakura / Photo: Blissfullysweet Photography]


(1) Communicate.

Keep connected everyday. You and your partner will have zero knowledge of what the other is doing and feeling unless you communicate with each other. Learn to elaborate on your daily activities so your partner is in tune of how you are and how your day went. You need not engage in video calls everyday, even a few minutes to message or chat is enough to keep you both up-to-date.

Be vocal when it comes to feelings. Sometimes we expect our partner to be sensitive enough to know if something hurt us or if a simple gesture made us happy. But the truth is, we can miss these little details, more so when in a long-distance relationship. Make it a practice to express your feelings to one another, good or bad, so that you’re both aware of how each one is feeling and you can address those feelings appropriately and immediately. This way, problems or issues also don’t get buried in time to be resurfaced later as a full-blown fight.


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