8 Hair Accessories to Show Off Your Bridal Crowning Glory

After finding THE dress, which we’ve previously helped you out on over here, it’s time to accessorize! That by no means is an easy feat. Much like picking out your wedding wardrobe, theme, and venue, accessorizing requires a vision of your personal style. Which is why we think that Being of Love is the perfect place to start looking and finding the right hair accessories to amp up your bridal hairdo!



Looks 1 & 2


Being of Love Millinery & Wedding Adornments has a wide selection of products to choose from. Since most of their clients are brides, they even include veils and necklaces in their collections. Whenever, owner Irene Yip, creates a piece, it is unique to her clients since according to her each “tells a love story.” And no two love stories are exactly alike!

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Dreamy Afternoon Charm

Today’s engagement is utterly romantic! As you progress from the first photo in this set to the last closing glimpse of Michelle and Rodney, you’ll fall deep into an enchanting spell. With amour in the air, effortless style by Janicechu Makeup, gorgeous flowers by Celeste Hana Design, and a warm glow so set the tone, a magical photo set by Sophia Kwan awaits. Remain a while and allow this engagement to take your day away.






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The Look



When Love Calls Yonder

Plain and simple, when love calls at the right time and in the right place, you are drawn to the amazing gift it brings into your life. In the very same manner, these lovely engagement photos by Terry Li have come at the perfect moment and have now taken full control of our attention. We can’t keep our eyes off Kayan and Darren as they make their way along the beautiful England countryside Cotswold. Not only is their location choice undeniably beautiful, the two are also perfectly engaged with each other in every frame. This prewedding session is indeed a sight to see, so do stay a little longer and continue viewing.






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The Look




Fashion Friday: 12 Ultra-Feminine Gowns That Will Turn You Into A Glowing Bride

It’s a Friday, and you know what that means! We get to gaze longingly at gorgeous gowns! Back in our heydays of playtime and pretend, did you ever pretend you were walking down the aisle? Did you ever dream about your wedding dress? What it would look like and how it would look on you? Come on, we know you probably did. You maybe even used some old blankets as pretend gowns, right? Well, even if we can’t really play pretend wedding these days, at least we have collections like this week’s exceptional set, brought to us by Limor Rosen. These breathtaking creations are daring but still ultra-feminine. The crop top gown, the delicate nude-colored halter one, the romantic gown with the off-the-shoulder wreath straps, and the pretty one with the plunging neckline are just some of my favorites! Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!






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Funny and Exciting Stages of Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is a very emotional and grueling process. It’s also an experience you’ll never forget! We understand where you’re at, ladies! But sometimes, it’s good for you to just loosen up and laugh at the whole situation. Here’s a funny and possibly spot-on take on how you are experiencing (or will experience) your wedding preps.

Let’s start from the day you got engaged. OMG, congrats! Celebrations happen here and there.


That’s right, keep ogling at your ring! It’s gorgeous, you have every reason to flaunt it.

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