A Captivating Outdoor Engagement in Hong Kong 

Sometimes I catch myself gazing at the outdoors, taking a few minutes to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city–the feeling is liberating! This engagement will make you feel the same way. Germaine and Bryan’s pre-wedding photos by Mary Ann are simply captivating! I love each and every scene in their photo set–from the serene forest to the breathtaking sea. Not only are the outdoors gorgeous, the couple make exceptional subjects as well. You can feel their love and joy in every frame and you can’t help but get drawn to their love story. Scroll on now, and feel the love!


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5 Cute and Inexpensive Surprise Gifts for Him This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we can already feel that love is in the air! What have you planned for your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband? A romantic dinner always makes the occasion extra special, or a surprise trip is always a fun plan. But hey, a simple gesture that speaks from the heart and doesn’t cost much can also make Valentine’s memorable. All you need is a little creativity and some D.I.Y. skills and you can make a really unique present! Here are some gift cute gift ideas you can give to your significant other this Valentine’s day.


(1) Candy Chill Pills

[Photo: Her Campus]

Work can be very stressful! Give your mate a jar of candies disguised as “chill pills” for whenever he gets stressed. The sugar rush and the sweet gesture will make him feel better in no time!


(2) Love Coupons

[Photo: Crossbow Printables via Etsy]

Coupons or vouchers for special acts of service that are redeemable any time in the year are extra cute! Give vouchers for massages, cooking his favorite meal, driving him to work, and the like. He’ll be more than happy to get these!

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The Cutest Cake Pops to Fill Your Dessert Table With!

An ingenious wedding cake alternative and a super cute dessert table decor, cake pops are quite the charmer! They come in all shapes, colors, and designs, and they’re easy to style to match your wedding theme. We’ve been seeing some really beautiful and fun designs and we’d like to share these with you. Scroll on for a roundup of cake pops that will make that sweet tooth in you go crazy.

[Photo: Taste]

[Photo: Bakerella]

[Photo: Elaine’s Creative Cakes]

[Photo: Cucina Buttalpasta]

[Photo: @cakepoppn]

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A Breathtaking Destination Wedding that Overlooks the Sea

Words escape me. This wedding is just too beautiful for words! Tina and Tao’s wedding has a view like no other. The ceremony took place on an infinity pool atop a cliff that overlooks the sea. After the ceremony, a gorgeous indoor setup made with coral flowers greeted guests as they moved to the reception room. Everything was picture perfect thanks to IAMFLOWER‘s creativity and the whole wedding unfolded into a magical event with the careful planning and coordination of The Wedding Bliss Thailand. Let’s take a few moments to take in all the beauty this wedding has to offer so we can fully enjoy these photos by Hilary Chan.

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12 Wedding Details You Can’t Afford to Miss

Wedding planning can be a handful. And while you’re in the middle of wedding planning, it’s VERY possible to miss out on minor details. Some are probably okay to let go of, but others are important and shouldn’t be left unattended. Here are 12 minor details that tend to be overlooked but shouldn’t!


(1) Providing clear directions.

[From: An Elegant and Rustic Wedding with Ultimate Romance / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]

Whether it be venue signages or the map in the invitation, having clear directions will really be helpful to your guests. There are instances when guests don’t make it on time because they get lost, or, believe or not, end up in a different wedding. Yes, it has happened and you don’t want it ti happen to your wedding. So, make sure you lead your guests to the right place.


(2) Preparing well-organized escort cards.

[From: An Intimate and Elegant Wedding by the Beach / Photo: Darin Images]

Give guests a smooth and easy transition from the ceremony to the reception by preparing well-organized escort cards or seat plans. This is especially important for elders who need more care moving around. Having someone to usher guests is also a plus!

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