Birthstone Engagement Rings You’ll Absolutely Love

Ladies, did you ever consider having an engagement ring with your birthstone? Indeed, the most popular kind of engagement ring is one with diamonds, but hey, look at these for a bit. They’re all really pretty! And, we think that matching your engagement ring with your birthstone is not only a unique idea, it also makes it a little more, well, YOU! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and find your birth month and the stone that’s just perfect for you.


January – Garnet

[Photo: Gardens of the Sun]

[Photo: EJ Collections via Etsy]

[Photo: Luo Jewelry via Etsy]

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A Sweet Blue and White Outdoor Engagement

When I was greeted by these photos of Cindy and Felix’s engagement, I was instantly filled with a sense of serenity. Their demeanour in every photo is that of contentment–contentment because of the love that they found in each other. Let me include the beautiful outdoors from where these photos were taken and the stunning dresses by La Cérémonie Atelier into the equation. The result? A simply romantic pre-wedding photo collection that will steal your hearts almost instantly. Special thanks to Sophia Kwan for making this day so much better with her amazing photos.

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An Enchanting Wedding in a Forest

Brides, you’re in for a treat today. Tiantian and Jay’s wedding is really something different–it’s set in an enchanting forest, it’s utterly romantic, and every scene is just so endearing. I’m so drawn to every intimate moment in this photo collection by Nicole Baas–from the couple’s quiet stroll in the woods, to the heartfelt cheer of guests when they had their first kiss as husband and wife. Everything about this union is tender and sweet, and the more I spend time viewing the photos, the more I am convinced that love, in all its mystery and wonder, is the most precious gift to own!

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The Look



25 Sparkling Shoes To Wear on Your Wedding Day

Whether you go for a lot of bling, or just a touch of shimmer, sparkling shoes are indeed a stylish choice for wedding shoes! There’s just something about the subtle sheen and how it catches the eye that makes these styles of shoes an instant outfit hit. And, because we’re just as crazy about sparkling shoes as you are, we searched all over Instagram for inspiration. Now we have a line-up of gorgeous shoes for you today and we highly recommend for you stick a while to see all twenty-five pairs now.

[Photo: @yoan_mollemeyer]

[Photo: @valoriedarling, Shoes: @badgleymischka]

[Photo: @samandlouisephotography]

[Photo: @artiesestudios, Shoes: @badgleymischka]

[Photo: @rachelmayphoto, Shoes: @sergiorossi]

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17 Intimate Wedding Venues All Around Hong Kong

While many couples opt for grand and luxurious weddings with elaborate decorations and a long list of guests, the reality is, there’s also the other side of the coin. A good number of couples also go for the opposite–small gatherings with just a handful of people. The beauty about Hong Kong is that when it comes to venues for small weddings, the options are infinite!  Hong Kong holds so many secret places–nestled in corners you might not have even taken a second look at–that are, indeed, relaxing, cozy spots for that intimate wedding you’ve always wanted. Here are some venues that caught our attention. Come and take a closer look!


Hong Kong Island

(1) Pomegranate Kitchen

Pomegranate Kitchen is a Hong Kong based Catering and Events company that provides full service catering from concept to design and coordination, making your vision a reality. Pomegranate Kitchen provides a wide range of choices for customers as their chefs are experienced in Mediterranean, European, American, and Asian cuisines, and more.

Size and Capacity:

  • Room 4B: 100 – 120 pax
  • Room: 8D 100 pax

Starting price or minimum charge to use the venue for an event/wedding:

  • Lunch: Weekday HK$ 12,000, Weekend HK$ 14,000,
  • Dinner: Weekday HK$ 18,000, Weekend HK$ 22,000

Starting price per head:

  • Lunch: HK$ 850 (exclusive of labor, styling, and other incidental charges)
  • Dinner: HK$ 850 (exclusive of labor, styling, and other incidental charges)


(2) The Peak Lookout

The Peak Lookout boasts of a beautiful setting with both indoor and outdoor venues with a panoramic view of Aberdeen. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, then the Peak Lookout is an ideal place for you. Aside from having a breathtaking view, the restaurant offers a menu with a wide variety of choices, and is renowned for offering the best and freshest seafood in town.

Size and Capacity:

  • Venue size 4,070ft² indoor, 2,486ft² outdoor
  • 120 – 340 pax sitting, 150 – 450 pax cocktail

Starting price or minimum charge to use the venue for an event/wedding:

  • Whole Venue Exclusive, minimum charge HK$ 210,000 or HK$ 240,000 (subject to 10% service charge)

Starting price per head:

  • Lunch: HK$ 368 per person plus 10% service charge
  • Dinner: HK$ 548 per person plus 10% service charge


(3) Ammo

A short form of Asia, Modern, Museum, and Original, AMMO is an award-winning, contemporary tapas bar and restaurant located in the stunning heritage site of a former 19th century explosives compound. Here, you will experience a relaxing and casual setting with highly crafted dishes and artisan cocktails.

Size and Capacity:

  • 58 pax seated, 100 pax cocktail

Starting price or minimum charge to use the venue for an event/wedding:

  • Lunch: Food and Beverage, HK$ 25,000 plus 10% service charge
  • Dinner: Food and Beverage, Sunday – Thursday: HK$ 45,000 plus 10% service charge, Friday – Saturday HK$ 55,000 plus 10% service charge

Starting price per head:

  • Lunch: Western food HK$ 460 plus 10% service charge, beverage HK$ 140 plus 10% service charge
  • Dinner: Western food HK$ 820 plus 10% service charge, beverage HK$ 210 plus 10% service charge

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