A Picturesque Outdoor Pre-wedding Shoot in France

I’ve never been to Paris or Provence, and while I wait for the opportunity to visit, I have today’s engagement to keep me company. Yulian and Brian had a darling engagement shoot all around Paris and Provence with the most breathtaking landscapes as their backdrop! Both, the city streets and the vast countryside, framed every loving moment perfectly. Yulian also wore a gorgeous Liz Martinez dress and her bouquet by Lemongrass was a perfect floral accent. miLa Story made sure to capture everything–the beautiful outdoors, the outfit details, and couple’s loving gaze. Thanks to this pre-wedding photo session, I’m even more excited to get this location ticked off my bucket list!

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    A Lovely Pink and Blue Pastel Wedding in Phuket

    In our today’s feature, love is indeed the key to a happily ever after. Ivy and David’s outdoor wedding is so romantic with touches of pink and blue pastels. The whole setting is absolutely charming down to its smallest detail. I’m actually gushing over their beautiful aisle setup. Those paper cones full of petals are just too unique not to mention. The lights and lanterns, on the other hand, made the reception venue a little dreamy in an instant. Go over the photos now sent by Darin Images and see how the couple ended the night—it was simply magical! See more now!

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    6 Things to Do Before an Outdoor Engagement Shoot

    In this day and age, outdoor engagement shoots are common among brides-to-be. Indeed, the outdoors will present various location options with some of the most beautiful views ever! And as a bride to wed the love of her life, of course having the best pre-wedding shots is essential. But before heading out into the outdoors, here are a few things you should do!


    [From: A Romantic Engagement by a Scenic Waterfall Site / Photo: La French Touch Photography]


    (1) Put on sunscreen.

    You’re going to be under the sun. Before heading out, be sure you slab on a generous amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

    [From: A Classic and Romantic Outdoor Engagement / Photo: Lukas Chan Photo Lab]

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    10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Invitation Designer

    Wedding invitations are the perfect way to give guests an initial feel of the wedding. It’s like their first preview to your the Big Day, and for people like me, it gets me really excited! Planning your wedding invitations can be overwhelming because there are a lot of details that go into it, all of which must not be overlooked. For a seamless planning experience, it’s important to sit down with your stationery designer and spend time digging in on all the necessary details. Here are 10 important questions to guide you when you do so.

    [From: Traditional Wedding in Bali with a Clifftop View of the Sea / Photo: Iluminen]

    1. Can you share your design background?

    Getting to know your invite designer will give you an insight on his/her artistic style. They don’t necessarily have to have a degree on design–portfolios and previous work can speak volumes!

    2. Do you customize invitations, have templated styles, or both? If so, may I see samples from your portfolio?

    Some designers don’t customize, others don’t have template designs, and a few are flexible enough to offer both. You should always ask for previous work so that you can somehow visualize your own invites!

    3. If I have my invites customized, what are the things I need to consider?

    Customizing your invites can be very overwhelming. For one, you have to decide on the colors, which will most likely reflect your wedding colors. There are also many types of paper and printing styles you have to think about. Fonts will also be a big factor here, or getting a calligrapher to do your name.

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    5 Reasons Why Shawn Yue and Sarah Wang’s Surprise Wedding Stole Our Hearts

    Social media has been buzzing about this celebrity wedding! We were just as surprised as everyone else. And as soon as we saw the photos, Shawn and Sarah’s wedding instantly stole our hearts. If you want to know what made this wedding extra swoon-worthy, read more now.

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