12 Dreamy Rings for Every Kind of Bride

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been counting down the days to Christmas with the dreamiest rings! Today, as we finally celebrate the arrival of Christmas, we’ve put together all the rings for you to see and marvel at all over again. There’s a ring for each kind […]

Fashion Friday: Elie Saab Bridal Fall 2017

Friday is definitely a time for fashion awakening! If you felt like you’ve fallen behind over the week, well, we’re here to make sure you catch up on the best of bridal fashion. Today, you will have a grand time ogling at Elie Saab‘s Bridal Fall 2017 Collection. This collection is a demure line with just the right amount of […]

12 Florists Who Can Make Your Floral Fantasies a Reality

Hi brides, how are your wedding preps going? We sure hope you’re having fun and enjoying the whole process. We know that planning can be loads of work–every detail counts, everything need to look perfect, and you want to get the best vendors who will turn your dream wedding into a reality. Don’t worry too much, […]

5 Shoe Colors You Need for the Holidays

Hello, dearest ladies! The Holidays are fast-approaching and we’re sure you’re all getting ready for the many festivities in the coming days. You’re probably taking out every piece of clothing in your closet to find the perfect outfit for each and every party and family gathering–yes, we know the struggle is real! So to make […]

Fashion Friday: Alon Livné White 2017 Collection

My my, ladies, what a sight today’s blog post is! Get ready because today’s Fashion Friday feature will mesmerize you and fill your day with a whole lot of stunning gowns–no doubt, you’ll be thinking about them all day! A true master of his craft, Alon Livné White‘s 2017 collection exemplifies the intricacies of fashion as an art and a creative medium […]