Deliver the Best Wedding Speech with These Do’s and Don’ts as Your Guide

Standing in front of a crown is no joke. Some people feel sick in the stomach at the mere idea, while others just simply panic on the spot. If you’ve been assigned to say a little something during a wedding, fear not, we’re here for you. Whether it’s the couple’s thanksgiving speech, an entourage member’s speech, or the parents’ speech, here are some essential tips for an effective, concise, and heartwarming speech everyone will appreciate.



  • Do express your gratitude. For couples, do say thank you to all those who are important to you–from your parents to your friends, and even your wedding vendors. For entourage members, parents, and other guests, do say thank you to the couple.
  • Do acknowledge how your life has been touched by the couple and cite specific instances or memories for this.

[From: A Peach-Themed Wedding at The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong / Photo: Hyvis Tong]

  • Do include anecdotes about the couple that will illustrate their positive traits and highlight what makes them a perfect pair.
  • Do apologize for past hurts and quarrels. It’s time to mend old wounds and start anew with your relationships.

[From: An Elegant All-White Wedding at St. Margaret’s Church and Hotel Icon / Photo: MC Photography]

  • Do prepare an outline so that in case you lose your train of thought, you have something to come back to to keep your speech on track.
  • Do prepare tissue for touching moments that will have everyone sobbing.

[From: A Breathtaking Destination Wedding That Overlooks the Sea / Photo: Hilary Chan]


  • Don’t tell overshare a long history about the couple that will end up in a thirty-minute (or longer) speech. You’ll have all the guests dozing off in no time. Stick to important details only.
  • Don’t tell slapstick jokes that are too embarrassing or humiliating. A little humor makes speeches fun but not when it’s at the expense of others.

[From: An Elegant All-White Wedding at St. Margaret’s Church and Hotel Icon / Photo: MC Photography]

  • Don’t come upfront unprepared. This is a special day, come prepared and show respect for the couple on their big day with a well-thought-of speech.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol before your speech. You might not be able to say what you want to properly. Not everyone gets this chance to speak during the wedding, so make it count.

[From: An Elegant All-White Wedding at St. Margaret’s Church and Hotel Icon / Photo: MC Photography]

Let this be a general guide for all those who will have some air time during the wedding. Remember, it’s a very important day. Saying the right things will just make the couple feel more love and more joy than ever!

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