7 Wedding Details That Often Get Overlooked

Many times brides and grooms leave out certain wedding details, not because they didn’t plan well, but more of because there are so many things going on. Details easily slip out of your mind when there are a million things in your head. We understand your plight, so we put together this list of wedding details that often get overlooked. We hope this reminds you to keep these details in check because they’re important, too. We also included links to other resources that may help keep your wedding planning on track. Read on at get your notebooks ready.



(1) Your Undergarments

Let’s begin with your intimates. Sometimes you think you can put this off until later, but the truth is, you should think about your underwear as soon as you begin wedding dress hunting. Why? Having the prefect underwear for your wedding dress is one of the secrets to making your gown look like a million bucks. Wedding dress shops advise that you bring their intended undergarments during fitting so you know what works with the dresses you try on.

[From: Laiza’s Romantic Indoor Portrait Session at OVOLO Hotels / Photo: Jude Tsang, You Are Invited]


(2) The Amount of Time Needed to Get Ready

Couples who aren’t mindful of the wedding day schedule will encounter delays that compound as activities continue to be pushed back. This is especially true if you underestimate the time you need to get ready. The best way to avoid wedding timelines mistakes is to be realistic about the time you need for every detail, starting from the beginning of your preparations. Consult with your beauty team so you have an accurate estimate.

[From: A Stunning Garden Wedding with An Elaborate Cross as The Backdrop / Photos: Moonbird Production]


(3) The Amount of Time Needed for Extra Photos

Just like the amount of time needed for your preparations, plan the time needed for taking extra photos realistically. Additional portraits, the first look, family, photos, and so on, these may take more time than you think. Work with your photographer and wedding coordinator to allot ample time for all these.

[From: A Chic All-white Wedding at The St. Regis Hong Kong / Photos: Jeremy Wong]


(4) Your Bathroom Breaks

Do not underestimate the help you need every time you need to go to the bathroom. Most likely you will need some members of your bride tribe to help hold up your dress while you tinkle. Make sure you assign some girls who are up for the task. Try to time you bathroom breaks as well. For example, it will be easier to go for a little break during the preparations heading over to the ceremony. Try to go while you’re still at the hotel because the bathroom there will be more comfortable, for sure.

[From: This Couple Sang During Their Rust-themed Wedding at House 1881 / Photos: Moonbird Production]


(5) How to Get Around

If your ceremony venue and reception venue are at the same place, well and good. If not, don’t overlook your and your family’s transportation needs. You can also offer transportation services for your guests, too. As early as you can, check wedding car rental services and the venue’s valet services and make the necessary arrangements.

[From: These Lovers Made Sure Their Wedding Day was The Best Day Ever, Masks and All / Photos: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


(6) Your Playlist

Couples tend to put this at the bottom of the priority list and sometimes, it gets left out altogether. Set aside some time to sit down with your partner and put together your playlist. You can start with songs for walking down the aisle, tear-jerking father-daughter dance songs, and them move on to your ceremony and banquet playlists. If you hire a DJ, he or she can take care of this, otherwise, you’ll really have to create your own playlists.

[From: This Charming Wedding Took Place at The Hong Kong Adventist College / Photos: Kel Li Art Gallery]


(7) What to Pack

Finally, don’t wait until the last minute before you think about what to pack. If you pick this route, chances are you’re going to leave something behind. As early as now, create a checklist of important things to pack and use this as your guide when you start preparing the day before the wedding.




Have you noted everything? We hope you don’t leave out anything else. We will keep you posted if we remember anything else you might miss out on.

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