13 Wedding Dress Shots You Need To Take During Your Wedding (With Over 50 Samples!)

Now at the final stretch of wedding planning, you can’t wait to get married! You’ve finished all your dress fittings and your wedding gown is as perfect as can be. You can’t wait to wear it–and we can’t wait to see you in it! We also want to help you make sure you document your […]

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    Morning Tea Ceremony Outfit Inspirations For Your Mom

    While your bridal look is of utmost importance, so is the next most important woman in your wedding–your mom! So today, we’ve rounded up some beautiful looks your mom can rock for the Tea Ceremony and the other morning pre-wedding activities. Many moms like to wear qun gua as well, but other equally elegant options […]

    The Very Cheerful and Affectionate Couple Filled This Wedding With So Much Love!

    Filled with smiles and laughter all over, Wendy and Brian’s wedding day surely will make you feel all love you will ever need. Their sweet wedding at The Murray reveals what an affectionate and cheerful couple they are–it’s hard not to get drawn to their charming demeanor. And to top it all off, their radiant […]

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    The Wedding Beauty Timeline You’ll Need to Say I Do To

    They say that women are the most beautiful on their wedding day. It is indeed true, but not without some homework behind the scenes. We know how wedding planning can be stressful, and having to manage all that and upkeep that image at the same time can be a challenge. That bridal glow that we […]