7 Wedding Planning Tips If You’re In a Long-Distance Relationship

You’re here, he’s there, and you’re having a wedding in a different country? How do you pull this off? Long-distance relationships are tough and planning a wedding while you’re away is even tougher, especially with the challenges of today. But you see, we’ve seen couples tie the know against all odds and we believe that […]

How to Create and Manage Your Wedding Budget

After the high of being a newly engaged couple settles, it’s time to get serious. First up on your to-do list is to create your wedding budget. But hold on, where do you even start? Don’t panic, we got you! In this blog post, we wrote down the step-by-step process of creating a wedding budget […]

8 Simple Hacks To Help You Have More Fun at Your Wedding

[Photo: Aupho Wedding] How can you make the most of your wedding day? Many couples say that the day goes by really fast, so you have to enjoy it to the fullest. Easier said than done, agree? In reality many brides and grooms are very particular with every detail about the wedding. In effect, they […]

7 Wedding Speech Mistakes to Avoid

For all the best men and bridesmaids out there, how prepared are you for your wedding speech? If you’re assigned to deliver a speech during a wedding, you probably already feel the pressure to deliver and unforgettable and entertaining speech. Before even going into the tips on how to make your speech memorable, let’s start […]

What To Invest In To Make Your Micro Wedding Extra Memorable

Having a micro wedding may seem less exciting than a big union. But did you know that you can make your micro wedding extraordinary if you know what wedding details to invest in? Just because you have to let go of the grandeur of a big wedding–for whatever reason, pandemic or whatnot–don’t fall into thinking […]