11 Tips To Help You Achieve a Romantic Intimate Wedding

During pre-pandemic times, intimate weddings were not the go-to choice for couples. But times have changed and we’re seeing an influx of small-scale weddings because happily ever after cannot wait. But when planning an intimate wedding, many are concerned about how to create a romantic event since decorations are usually scaled down. Additionally, even the […]

Why You Should Have a Kids Corner at Your Wedding and Fun Ideas You Can Adopt

If you’re including kids at your wedding, have you ever considered preparing a separate space for them? It might seem a wedding non-essential but preparing an area at your wedding specifically for the kids has its benefits. Let’s name a few. (1) You can keep all the kids in one area. You won’t need to […]

Beat The Heat With These 10 Tropical Wedding Must-Haves

Are you having a tropical or summer wedding? The weather can be a challenge but with these must-haves, you can beat the heat and celebrate all day without worry. Here are 10 wedding ideas that will keep your tropical or summer wedding a cool and fun celebration–the weather won’t be a bother! (1) Fans and […]

Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors isn’t as easy as just going with your and your fiancé’s favorite colors combined. It doesn’t work that way. There are other factors that come into play and these all need to be part of how you decide on what hues go into your final wedding palette. For example, you might have […]

25 Stylish Wedding Bar Ideas for Your After Party

You have every reason to bring out and drinks and celebrate after the formal wedding ceremony and banquet. While you’re at it, why not make your bar an Instagram-worthy one? Your guests will keep coming back more–more alcohol and more shots by the bar. Get your wedding party started with a stylish wedding bar. Here […]