Tips On Choosing and Achieving Fresh and Modern Wedding Details

Sometimes it’s hard to think of how you can achieve your dream wedding, especially with all the options out there. You may have an idea in mind but when new ideas come into view, you start to wonder if switching it up will work. Today we have tips on how to achieve fresh and modern style wedding details. If you fancy these two styles, then read along and let this be your guide.

(1) First and foremost, your venue is key. It’s the starting point–think of a blank canvas that you want to paint to your liking. If you want a wedding that feels very welcoming and relaxing, recommend picking an outdoor venue that has a lot of greenery. The Pine House is an option you can consider. The open garden is a beautiful place to hold romantic outdoor wedding. The rest of the venue also has modern elements that are easy to work with, like the clean spaces. With the right floral decorations that will enhance the open space and a caterer who can serve dishes that align with the venue’s look and feel, your wedding will be an event to remember.

[Photo by: Caka Visual / Floral Decoration: Dear Adonai Florist]

(2) If you want a venue in the city, Celeste’s Garden, offers two options, an outdoor setting and an indoor one, both of which are perfect for a modern style wedding. The outdoor setting comes with a stunning view of buildings and come sunset, the light and city backdrop is perfect for photo taking. Meanwhile, the indoor setting is all white and comes with lovely large windows to ensure you get enough natural light. This venue gives you the best of both worlds!


[Makeup Artist: Charrrlie Lai Makeup / Gown and Men Suit: Charmaine Wedding]

(3) Let’s talk about your wedding cake and dessert. While it may seem like a minor detail, your wedding cake and dessert table are actually important wedding decorations. People will stop and take a moment to marvel at your dessert station if it stands out and reflects you and your wedding theme. For fresh and modern weddings, Bunphant Cake is a cake baker you can turn to. Apart from being known for delicious cakes and sweets, Bunphant Cake can make designs that suit your wedding style.


(4) Another detail that oftentimes take the backset is your wedding day music, but did you know that your wedding music plays a huge role on creating the right mood for your special day? Felice Studio stresses that you should give your wedding music extra thought. Your wedding band can help you find the right repertoire, if you need help. Sit down with them and share the details of your day so they can pick out the right songs for you.

For a fresh or modern wedding, here are some song suggestions from Felice Studio:

  • Written in the stars – Wendy & John Legend
  • Nothing – Bruno Major
  • 10,000 hours – Dan + Shay

In summary, the starting point is always your wedding venue. After that, you can surely go into the more standout wedding details, but make sure to pay attention to the other details, too–your cake and dessert, as well as your wedding music are just as important. No matter how small, if you make the right adjustments and ensure everything is aligned, you can nail a fresh and modern wedding easily.

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