25 Emotional Black and White Photos from Real Weddings and Engagements

When it comes to wedding photos, we tend to skew our preference towards colored photos, do we not? Admittedly, seeing sunset colors paint engagement shoots with golden hues, a ceremony with the azure sky and sea as the backdrop, and lovers strolling amidst a field full of blossoming flowers for their post-nuptial gives us all butterflies. With this general sentiment and inclination towards colors, we oftentimes forget that black and white photos are equally appalling in their own way. Hence, today’s blog feature pays tribute to the beauty and simplicity of black and white photos. We asked Hong Kong photographers to share their favorite black and white photos with us and shed some light on what makes black and white photos captivating. Scroll on to experience the spellbinding call of black and white photos–raw, unassuming, emotional, and magical all at once.


“Usually, the first impression of every photo is the about the color. But when the color is gone, black and white photos can bring out the emotions—they can enhance the mood and atmosphere of the moment.”

– J.Aperture


[From: A Scenic Pre-wedding Session All Around China / Photo: FIRE, WOOD, & EARTH]


[From: This Couple Chose a Casual Pre-wedding Shoot Inspired by Their Homeland / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]


[From: This Dramatic Sydney Engagement is Full of Extra Romantic Scenes and Moments / Photo: Iluminen]


“Black and white photos can further enhance a shot. If the color or lighting is not good, using the black and white style can hide these and instead, add texture or vintage feel to the photo. Black and white photos can also reinforce certain messages or transitions in the whole story. For example, if you have a shot of the bride and groom going from the ceremony to reception, the dark contrast of a black and white photo edit can emphasize the start of their new life.”

– Lovememo Studio


[From: A Red and Olive Themed Wedding at a Beautiful Hillside Resort / Photo: Iluminen]


[From: An Engagement Full of Serenity, Captivating Scenery, and a Lifetime of Love / Photos: Iluminen]


“Stolen moments can look more heartfelt with black and white photo editing. These shots–the bride and her father march in at the beginning of the ceremony, the bride and groom holding each other hands after they exchange their wedding rings,the bride’s mother listening to her daughter’s thank you speech during the wedding banquet–are all brief moments that pull at heartstrings, all the more with the vulnerability unveiled through black and white photos.”

Joy’s Foto


[From: Dramatic and Intimate Pre-wedding Shoot in Hong Kong / Photos: Sophia Kwan]


[From: This Timeless Wedding is Filled with Heartwarming Traditions / Photos: Sophia Kwan]


[From: You’ll Love The Burgundy Details of This Wedding / Photos: Martin Aesthetics]


“Black and white photos elicit a more minimalist aesthetic. It neglects colors, lights and things that distract your eyes, leaving the focus solely on the emotions of a scene. This allows the frame to communicate the feelings that surround the couple and the guests in a wedding.”

– Blancs Production


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