This Couple’s Rainy Engagement Shoot Turned Out to Be So Beautiful

Let’s all be honest, we’re always to apprehensive about rain. We’re worried about it ruining the engagement shoot photos, and even more, the wedding day! But photographers always say that you can still have beautiful photos even if it rains. And to give you the assurance you need, check out today’s pre-wedding feature! Venus and […]

The Look



    7 Tips For Lasting Makeup During Your Wedding Day

    Included in the myriad of things a bride worries about is how to have lasting make up and stay looking fresh the entire duration of the wedding! Through the laughter, sobs, eating, and kisses, how does one keep makeup from fading or running? We knew this would be a concern for all of you, so […]

    Questions to Ask (And Not to Ask) When Canvassing Wedding Photographers

    It can be daunting to prepare the things you need for your wedding, but it can be much more daunting to choose the people to trust to handle certain aspects of your wedding. A crucial example of this is the wedding photographer. Essentially, you must hire a photographer you feel you can trust enough to […]

    Important Do’s and Don’ts For Your Chinese Traditional Dress or Qun Gua

    Qun Gua has a long history of over 100 years. Its origins can be traced back to the Guangdong area during the Qing dynasty, and through the years, its popularity spread all over mainland China. Today it’s still deemed a very important garment for weddings because of the history and heritage it carries. Naturally, because […]

    7 Tips to Look Natural In Your Wedding Day Photos

    Every couple wants to look good in their wedding photos. Every couple wants to stand out. But for some, being in front of the camera isn’t something they’re very comfortable with. Hence, many fear looking too stiff, awkward, or even overly dramatic. In the hope of getting decent wedding day photos, couples sometimes resort to […]