A Breathtaking Blush and Baby Blue Engagement in Japan

There are a few tips each of us can pick up from Sep and Kenny’s breathtaking pre-wedding shoot in Japan. 1. Colors are important. See how well the blush color of the cherry blossoms and Sep’s dress complemented the baby blue hues of Sep’s bouquet and Kenny’s attire. Nice, right? 2. If you’re having your engagement […]

The Look



10 Weddings with Breathtaking Blush Decorations

Whenever we see blush weddings, we go crazy over all the sweetness and femininity that the color brings! It’s such a dainty color that’s a favorite among brides. Blush–and other hues along the line–can transform any place into an exquisite sight. In fact, we’ve rounded up ten weddings with breathtaking blush decorations to show you exactly […]

7 Ways To Create A Beautiful Blush Wedding

Today we are going to show you 7 ways to blend the color blush into your wedding. It remains to be one of the most popular colors to get hitched in and around for obvious reasons — it combines femininity, grace, and beauty all in one go! Brides have used blush in different details of […]