Timeless Together

Mondays are often accompanied by grumbles and long drawn out sighs as the start of the week beckons. Which is why we are more than happy to add a little sunshine to perk up your morning! Moments and You shot this feature on Nicole and Ray’s unique nuptials. I mean really… How often do you see […]

Fanciful Delight

If there’s one thing I got from this feature, it’s that fairy tales do come true! I must admit, Tiffany and Leslie’s wedding brought my little girl fantasies to life. From the gorgeous gown tailored for a princess to the exquisite garden set-up, I can’t help but picture my very own happy ever after! We’ve […]

Elegant + Traditional Kyoto Wedding

I think we can all agree that the beginning of the week demands a good pick-me-upper, so why don’t we sweeten up our Monday with something extra special and enchanting? Tyler and Chieko’s wedding set in picturesque Kyoto is not only romantic but a real joy to look through. Their sophisticated style and classic color scheme were liven up with traditional touches that […]

Luxurious Love

Today, we present to you Sherry and Jeffrey’s wedding from Le Secret d’ Audrey and One and Only Paris Photography. This beautiful affair looks like a page out of a Renaissance fairytale. Roses, archways, chandeliers — you’d have to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming! Allow me to state the obvious: Sherry’s wedding gown is gorgeous — so sexy, but […]

The Look


Organic Garden Terrace Wedding

It’s not often you come across a wedding that is chic and simple, but still as warm and intimate as weddings are supposed to be, but I can giddily promise you that you will witness one today! Lauhaus.co presents us with Caleb and Shiren’s big day, and it’s nothing short of wonderful. A minimalistic but perfect […]

The Look