A Destination Wedding with Modern Interiors and Red Color Accents

We’ve been seeing red in recent weddings and we’re loving how it’s becoming a hero color theme. Not only is red a lucky color, it’s also such an attractive hue of unparalleled vibrance. Today’s wedding takes our favorite crimson shade to the next level. Helen and Yian’s wedding at Point Yamu, Thailand, makes red at the focal […]

The Look



    Wedding Dress Code Guide All Guests Should Know (and Follow!)

    When you get your wedding invitation and see the dress code details, do you get confused every time? What’s the difference between a black tie and formal dress code? Does semi-formal mean you can lose the jacket? To help you out on what to wear to weddings, here’s a simple guest dress code guide. Take […]

    12 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns That Graced the Runway in 2016

    One of the most–if not already the most–heart-stopping sources of bridal fashion inspiration is none other than Fashion Friday. Every week, we become audience to collections of great designers all over the world. From delicate and feminine gowns with intricate beadwork and lace details, to modern and edgy pieces with clean lines and crisp structure, Fashion Friday is […]

    Fanciful Delight

    If there’s one thing I got from this feature, it’s that fairy tales do come true! I must admit, Tiffany and Leslie’s wedding brought my little girl fantasies to life. From the gorgeous gown tailored for a princess to the exquisite garden set-up, I can’t help but picture my very own happy ever after! We’ve […]

    Fashion Friday: Carolina Herrera Bridal S/S 2017

    Doesn’t the name Carolina Herrera just get you all excited? I don’t know about you, but an angel chorus plays in the background whenever I hear it! And today, she definitely does not disappoint. Her newest bridal spring/summer collection is nothing short of flawless. Ethereal veils, skirts, and floral touches are paired with edgy suits and sharper […]