Keep Calm and Get Hitched: 8 Ways to Stay Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

If you’re starting to feel a little nervous about your nearing wedding, don’t worry, that’s normal! Most, if not all, brides go through same thing. But how can you let go of the wedding jitters and feel more calm on your wedding day? We have the answers right here! Try these 8 simple ways to […]

A Romantic Clifftop Wedding Overlooking Lake Toya

We can’t help but miss the influx of overseas weddings that would come our way pre-pandemic. We can’t deny that running off to some far away place can make a wedding even more magical. So to relive those times and to fill you (and ourselves) will hope in a near future where it is possible […]

The Look



6 Things You Need To Know For Your Wedding Day Transportation

If your wedding ceremony isn’t in the same location as your reception or banquet venue, have you thought about how you’re going to get your guests from one place to another? Wedding transportation is something that an be easily overlooked. But just like all other wedding details, it’s an important element that needs your attention. […]

5 Ways You Can Embrace Your In-Laws

Once you get married, you automatically have a new family. Naturally there will be a short adjustment phase at the beginning, but you can easily get past this hurdle if you do you own part and make the effort to embrace your new family. You don’t need to do grand gestures, in fact, small acts […]

7 Ways Wedding Planning Prepares You and Your Fiancé For Marriage

Did you know that the moment you start planning your wedding, you’re instantly preparing for marriage? Wedding planning is like your training ground–you learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way. From how to work with your partner, to discovering more about yourself, wedding planning is rich path that secretly molds your new relationship […]