Tips On How To Avoid Pre-Wedding Quarrels

We all know that wedding planning can be both fun and stressful. And for couples, you might run into some arguments here and there! So we gathered some tips and reminders to help you get through some of these bumps. Hope this helps!


1. Agree on the budget during the early stages of wedding planning.


More often than not, a couple needs to stick to a wedding budget. Agreeing to one will help prevent compromises and stress with issues on overspending. Financial problems can put a big toll in a relationship–be sure you both know what you are capable of spending and stick to it.

2. Your partner is not the enemy. 


In a lot of weddings, both families of the bride and groom give their “opinion” and “requests”. This can frustrate the couple and find themselves fighting over what each family wants. Remember that your partner is not the enemy. Instead of taking out your frustrations on your future spouse, work out the concerns together. Listen to both families, and then, talk about what is amendable for you two.


3. Focus on the positives.


The fact that you guys are able to plan for a wedding is already a huge blessing and accomplishment. Instead of focusing on what items or suppliers you can’t have, focus on the victories (whether small or big) in your wedding planning. You will be surprised how a grateful heart can make a world of difference in your relationship.


4. Don’t put all your energy in the wedding. Also plan for the marriage.


Let’s face it! Having a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I totally understand why you would want it to be nothing short of perfect. But also remember that having an amazing marriage takes preparation. It doesn’t come without work. So as early as now, plan for how you would like your marriage to be. Looking beyond “the big day” also helps in minimizing fights over petty things.


5. Respect each other’s views and meet halfway.


Men and women are different. Sometimes the guy would give a lot of importance to good food, while the girl would prefer beautiful flowers. Don’t have the mentality that your priorities are more important than your partner’s. Make sure you listen to each other and meet halfway.


6. Don’t be pressured by other people’s weddings.


This is a hard one. Oftentimes we find ourselves thinking that our wedding won’t be a success unless we have the elements we saw at a friend’s super fun wedding. If you keep falling into that trap, I guarantee that you’ll be miserable during your wedding planning.


7. Get enough rest and take breaks from “wedding planning”.


Once you get engaged, don’t think that every date night has to involve wedding planning. This can be very exasperating for your partner. Set days when you can just relax, enjoy each other’s company, and set aside any wedding talk. It’s both refreshing and healthy for both of you.


So there you have it, folks. Just a few tips on how to avoid quarreling during wedding planning season. Remember that this is a memorable season in your lives, so make it a happy one!

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