Chinese Wedding Traditions: The Meanings of Chinese Wedding Jewellery

Wearing a qun gua and gold jewellery is a deep-rooted tradition in Chinese weddings. The whole ensemble is not only splendidly beautiful, but also embedded with a myriad of auspicious meanings. Gold jewellery is usually gifted to the bride to wish her a happy, prosperous marriage. Today we are going to learn about the symbolic meanings of Chinese wedding jewellery and discover all the signature must-have pieces in wedding occasions!

The importance of wearing Chinese wedding jewellery is a deep-rooted tradition that carries a plethora of symbolic meanings. The jewellery carries the goodwill and well-wishes to the bride for a happy marriage from the older generations. Traditionally, it is given to the bride by the groom’s family as a heartfelt welcome to the new home. Nowadays, the bride also receives gold jewellery from her own families, giving her the genuine wishes for her newly married life.

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The symbolic social and economic status manifested in Chinese wedding jewellery

The amount of the Chinese wedding jewellery featured in the wedding can serve as a way to showcase the family’s social and economic status. In other words, the more the amount of gold jewellery the bride wears, the more influential and wealthier the family is. Let’s look at the most-commonly featured jewellery in Chinese weddings below:

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The Dragon and Phoenix Bangles  

Dragon and phoenix carry auspicious meanings in Chinese traditions, symbolizing the concept of yin and yang, and in other words, harmony and balance, which is of utmost importance of a happy marriage.

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Gold Pig Necklace

A gold pig necklace usually features a mother pig and a row of dangling piglets. It is a signature jewellery piece in Chinese weddings which symbolizes prosperity and abundance. It is also used to offer blessings to the couple having abundant children.

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Four Pieces of Gold

This gold set for weddings is composed of four gold items, namely, a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring. It is a tradition for the Chiu Chow and Hokkien families.  The four pieces of gold symbolize an abundant and prosperous married life for the bride.

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Nine Treasures Box

The signature nine treasures box is usually given to the bride by her older relatives. The box is comprised of the following nine items, each carryng different symbolic meanings.

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  1. Gold Scale – symbolizes best wishes from the family for the bride to lead a successful and happy married life.
  2. Gold Mirror – signifies the beauty of the bride.
  3. Happy Basket – symbolizes wealth and affluence of the family.
  4. Gold Scissors – as scissors were important tools in clothes making in the past, gold scissors symbolize that the bride can wear fine clothes after marriage.
  5. Gold Abacus – it was used as a tool for calculation, and thus imparting financial stability and acumen.
  6. Gold Ruler – serves as a tool to measure the bride’s happiness in a marriage.
  7. Embroidered Shoes – symbolizes harmony, suggesting that the bride and groom will stick out for each other all the time.
  8. Gold Comb – symbolizes the hair-combing ritual that ties the bride and groom’s hair together, indicating the eternal love of the newlyweds.
  9. Fortune Box – represents luck and abundance that the bride is bringing to the new family.


Important things when buying Chinese wedding jewellery

To better ensure the quality of the jewellery, it is the safest to buy from renowned jewellers. You should also check carefully about the jewellery (e.g. identify any deficiencies) before buying. In addition, it is best to avoid wearing secondhand jewellery as it is regarded as inauspicious.

[From: A Chic All-white Wedding at The St. Regis Hong Kong / Photo: Jeremy Wong Weddings]



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