7 Wedding Decorations and Items You Can Repurpose or Save as Keepsakes

What do you do with wedding decorations or wedding things after the day is over? Instead of disposing everything or keeping them in your cabinet until who knows when, did you ever consider repurposing some items or turning them into keepsakes? In case you didn’t know, you CAN fill your home with bits and pieces […]

This Bride Wore a Stylish Wedding Gown with a Big Bow During Her Romantic Hotel Wedding

Rowena and Jovian’s wedding day was a timeless celebration that included stylish elements and a romantic peach and cream color palette. The most eye-catching of the wedding details are the two gorgeous gowns Rowena appeared in. The first was a structured, minimalist gown from To Be Wed that had a big bow at the back. […]

12 Glam Looks That Will Make You Look Like a Star On Your Wedding Day

Looking for something a little extra for your wedding day? You’ve come to the right place! We asked Hong Kong makeup artists to share 12 glam wedding makeup styles that will elevate any bridal look. Aside from makeup styles, these beauty experts included some hairstyle suggestions to go with the makeup, too. Does this sound […]

A Chic Garden Wedding at The Grassland Filled with Elegant Decorations

Ericho and Yan decided to celebrate their wedding day in a beautiful open garden. The Grassland proved to be a stunning venue with lush greens surrounding the open clearing where the couple said their “I do’s.” The dressed the garden with flowers in peach, coral and cream hues and paired these with a modern-looking setup. […]

The Look



Hong Kong Vendors Reveal This Year’s Best-Selling Wedding Gowns and Accessories

Wedding gowns continue to fill our days with wonder. Every new collection excites us and we always think of how gorgeous you, our #BnBHKBrides, will look in the exquisite designer pieces. Today’s blog post is all about the best-selling wedding gowns of the year. From the runway to the aisle, these looks have been rocking […]