10 Things You Shouldn’t Do a Week Before Your Wedding

One week to go! You’re probably feeling all sorts of things–excitement, panic, anticipation, and more! In the hullabaloo of things, you might be tempted to do something that you shouldn’t, or you might just carelessly forget to be careful. With just a few days left, you should be in tip top shape and avoid anything that might cause your trouble. So to keep you on track for the final days before your wedding, here’s a list of things you SHOULDN’T do a week before your wedding.


(1) Pull all-nighters.

At this point in time you’ll want to have your complete 8 hours of sleep so that your mind, body, and skin get all the rest it needs prior to the big day.


(2) Try a crazy new diet.

This is going to do you more harm than good. Your body might react negatively to your sudden change in food consumption, and you might just end up binge eating. If you want to shed a few pounds, start your program way in advance!


(3) Start a new beauty regimen.

As much as you want to do everything and try everything to make your skin look its best, starting a new beauty regimen this late in the game is not advisable. You’re just a few days away from your biggest day and any flare ups due to the new regimen are not welcome.


(4) Get a facial or other skin treatments.

Similarly, beauty treatments should be avoided at this time, too. Any major treatments should be done earlier and should have been aligned with your beauty consultant. Here’s a wedding beauty timeline that you can use as a guide for your pre-wedding beauty preps.


(5) Forget to break in your wedding shoes.

If you want to last the entire day of your wedding until the party and dancing in wee hours of the morning, break in your shoes a week before. This will help make your wedding shoes more comfortable and will make your shoes conform to your feet’s natural mold.


(6) Go out drinking with friends at night.

Don’t consume alcohol because it has adverse effects on your body and skin. Save the alcohol and partying for your wedding after party–when you don’t need to worry about sallow skin, dark circles, and a languid look.


(7) Make drastic hair changes.

Do not experiment with your hair now because any damage might not be repairable in time. With just a few days left before your wedding, you should only get root retouches or a trim.


(8) Expose yourself too much to the sun.

Keep your skin away from too much sun exposure. You won’t want any awkward tan lines or any discoloration come wedding day. If you’ve also undergone several skin treatments through the course of the months, you’ll want to keep your skin in tip top condition. The sun will do you no good.


(9) Scrimp on water.

We’ve said it countless times before. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Now is the time you need it more than ever. It’s one of the keys to that captivating pre-wedding glow!


(10) Forget to relax!

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to relax! Any amount of stress will show, so do take some time off to just let go, and enjoy the last few days before becoming a Mrs.


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