Traditional Chinese and Western-Style Wedding Day Schedule Guide

A wedding is a masterpiece made of important elements and a devoted team that strives to make sure everything pans out as planned. As I have been an attendee of weddings myself, I have always watched in awe as the planner or the the members of the entourage shuffle here and there making sure everything […]

10 Weddings with Breathtaking Blush Decorations

Whenever we see blush weddings, we go crazy over all the sweetness and femininity that the color brings! It’s such a dainty color that’s a favorite among brides. Blush–and other hues along the line–can transform any place into an exquisite sight. In fact, we’ve rounded up ten weddings with breathtaking blush decorations to show you exactly […]

A Timeless and Tropical Phuket Wedding

It’s all in the details… so they say. But I for one must agree on this after seeing the gorgeous nuptials of Andrew and Jennifer shot by Mambo Photography. There’s just that added magic when everything comes together from the most intricate bead on the bride’s hair accessory, to the carefully matched bouquets of the […]

The Look