QUIZ: What Wedding Venue Best Suits Your Personality?

Trying to decide on your wedding venue? Here’s a fun quiz that can help you find out what type of wedding venue suits your personality. Start the quiz to find out now.


What is a typical Saturday night with your fiancé like?

When it comes to shopping...

Your dream honeymoon destination is..

How do you envision your wedding bouquet?

As a wedding gift you’d like..

What kind of alcohol do you want for your wedding?

What would make the perfect after-wedding party?

What will your wedding cake be like?

What is your ideal style for your future home?

What would be the perfect honeymoon activity?

What type of music would you like on your wedding?

What Wedding Venue Best Suits Your Personality?

You are carefree and outgoing! Your spirited nature is perfect for a beach wedding where you and your husband can get carried away with the beautiful outdoors. Photo: The Cablook Fotolab credit photo

Your easy-going personality makes you really lovable and your love for nature is what draws you to everything practical, raw, and organic. A garden wedding with all the blooms to surround you will suit you and your groom-to-be! Photo: History Studio
Grand Ballroom

You are the life of the party! It's only right that you have a grand party in a luxurious ballroom. An extravagant feast will definitely suit you, so go ahead and glam up for your Big Day! Photo: MC Photography
Intimate Venue

As the "chill" bride that just wants to relax and keep things simple, an intimate venue--for example, a rooftop restaurant, or a remote yacht--will suit you the most. You can mingle more with guests and enjoy the food and drinks, too. Photo: Patrick Photography

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