10 Dreamy Forest and Mountain Locations for Your Hong Kong Pre-wedding Shoot

Who says you need to fly overseas out to achieve stunning pre-wedding photos? Hong Kong is home to lot of shoot locations with all kinds of scenes. Perhaps you haven’t discovered all the amazing places just yet! To help couples learn about all the possibilities, we’ve been doing roundups of locations all around Hong Kong. In this special feature, we put together a list of dreamy forests and mountains. Imagine lush greenery all around you, endless fields of vibrant flowers, a romantic shower of orange leaves during fall, and the most stunning view of rolling hills. Do these sound like the perfect spot for you and your husband-to-be? If your answer is “yes”, then read on now to check out these Instagram-worthy shoot locations now.



(1) Kowloon Peak 飛鵝山

At Kowloon Peak, you can take romantic photos with the city jungle as your backdrop. This location is just a drive away and is easily accessible by car. We recommend shooting late afternoon so you can also catch the sunset and the gleaming city lights come nightfall.


[Photo: @aia.kowong]

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  • Closest MTR station: Choi Hung
  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: Magic hours and night time



(2)  Luk Keng 鹿頸

Luk Keng is a beautiful and peaceful location away from the busy world–it reminds us of a European destination, can you guess where? The best time to visit this spot is in May, when the purple and blue flowers are in full bloom. You can also take photos by the traditional houses nearby at Fung Hang Village and Plover Cove Country Park.

[Photo: @travelholicandy]

[Photos: @sun.sun.shine]

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  • Closest MTR station: Fanling
  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: May to Oct for blue flowers, or autumn for long grasses



(3) Mount Davis 摩星嶺

Mount Davis, a stunning mountainside spot, is just a car ride away from the city. Apart from the forest, there’s an open clearing and remnants of the former Mount Davis Battery, the headquarters of the Western Fire Command during World War II. You’re not restricted to just one look if you choose to shoot your engagement here.

[From: Modern Boheme Part 2 / Photos: Sophia Kwan]

[From: Pirouettes and Kisses / Photos: Amee Cheung Photography]

  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: All year good



(4) Clear Water Bay Country Park 清水灣郊野公園

If you love parks, Clear Water Bay Country Park is a stunning open grassland where you can do fun outdoor activities while shooting. People like to drive to this park to fly kites, something you can do for your engagement shoot, too. Moreover, this spot lends beautiful mountain views. We highly recommend this location if you and your husband-to-be love the outdoors.

[Photo: @bravoj0126]

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[Photo: @mizukifoto]

  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: All year good



(5) Sam Ka Tsuen in Lei Yue Mun 鯉魚門三家村

If you watch K-drama, you’re probably familiar with the usual romantic scenes of male and female leads aback tall grass swaying to and fro. At this location, you can recreate that same scene with your loved one! But that’s not all, you can also take snaps by the stone wall and the ocean shore. This engagement shoot spot is easily accessible by public transport, too so it’s really easy to visit.

[From: Giveaway Winners Tracy and Marksim Took Romantic Outdoor Photos with KC Chan Photography / Photo: KC Chan Photography]

[Photo: @bowingkwchan]

[Photo: @minjintai]

  • Closest MTR station: Yau Tong
  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: Autumn to winter



(6) Shun Sum Yuen Farm 信芯園

Shum Sum Yuen’s Instagram profile is more than enough to get any couple excited about their engagement shoot. This location boasts of endless fields of flowers that change with the seasons. This means that you can take photos all year round! Aside from flower fields, they have other decorations and installations as well. Since this spot doesn’t provide parking, you can get here via taxi instead. Make sure to check their Instagram account before you visit to find out what flowers are in bloom.

[Photo: @kasin520]

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[Photo: @travelwithangel]

[Photo: @shunsumyuen]

  • Closest MTR station: Yuen Long or Kam Sheung Road
  • Car Access: No car park
  • Recommended Time: Summer and winter
  • Please enquiry with the venue for commercial photography



(7) Inspiration Lake 迪欣湖

How about a sweet lakeside pre-wedding shoot? Inspiration Lake is a cute spot for a picnic-themed shoot. There are many pockets of greens where you can lay a mat and just relax. If you want a very easygoing outdoor photo session, Inspiration Lake is as cozy as it can get! Just like Shum Sum Yuen Farm, this place doesn’t have a lot of car parking slots, so do consider taking a taxi here, too.

[From: For Their Pre-wedding Shoot, This Couple Opened a Box Full of Keepsakes / Photos: Michelle Kwok Photography]

[Photo: @tszling.k]

[Photo: @visual.willamz]

  • Closest MTR station: Disney or Sunny Bay
  • Car Access: Limited car park
  • Recommended Time: All year good



(8) Ping Yeung Old Village 坪洋村

Yes to more K-drama-like locations, right!? Ping Yeung Old Village is an expansive grassland that will get you the most romantic photos ever. How about shooting a save-the-date video, too? Videos will best capture the golden reeds as they dance with the wind! The best time to come over is from March to April or alternatively from November to January.

[Photos: @shuchiproduction]

[Photos: @fai.lok.mode]

[Photo: @_where.are.u.now_]

  • Closest MTR station: Fanling
  • Car Access: OK
  • Recommended Time: Winter and spring



(9) Lau Shui Heung Reservoir 流水響水塘

We mentioned the sight of falling orange leaves earlier. Fall is the season of the most eye-catching colors–orange, red, yellow! Lau Shui Heung Reservoir–also known as the Karuizawa in Hong Kong–is the place to visit if you want to be surrounded by these colors during your pre-wedding shoot. This place is popular during autumn for this very reason, but did you know this location is just as beautiful when all the trees are green? Whichever season, this place is well worth your while! Note that parking is limited here, so plan your transportation accordingly.

[Photo: @hkphotom]

[Photo: @cattraveltime]

[Photos: @mydreamweddinghk]

  • Closest MTR station: Fanling
  • Car Access: Limited car park. Better by taxi
  • Recommended Time: Autumn for red leaves or summer for green leaves



(10) Shui Long Wo 水浪窩觀星台

Finally, out last spot is a place known for its stone castle. Shui Long Wo is a secluded spot surrounded with trees and greenery. At the middle of it all stands a lone stone castle that can add an interesting twist to your pre-wedding shoot. For example, you can channel a princess-themed engagement shoot, or remake a scene from your favorite fairy tale. You can also talk to your photographer and stylist for even more ideas.

[Photo: @keedee32]

[Photo: @idcmakeup_hk]

[Photo: @lovolution_studio]

[Photo: @to_to_the_shiba_inu]

  • Closest MTR station: Ma On Shan
  • Car Access: Limited car park
  • Recommended Time: All year good



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