Tips On How To Spend More Time with Your Wedding Guests

If you’re having a large wedding, you might be worried about how to spend time with them. Yes, it can be challenging since you’ll be very busy with all the activities of the day, but believe us when we tell you that with proper planning, it is possible. As early as now, if you make small adjustments to some details and the flow of the day, you can squeeze in more time to mingle and enjoy time with the people you love. Allow us to run down on some tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding.

(1) Host a welcome party, especially if you have family flying in from other countries.

A welcome party is a great way to honor guests coming from far away places. But on top of this, it allows you to already spend time with friends and family prior to the wedding day.

[From: This California-Based Couple Planned a Dreamy Destination Wedding in Koh Samui in Six Months / Photos: ProudRad]

(2) Extend your cocktail hour.

You can opt to extend your cocktail hour even by just 30 minutes or so so you can also have some drinks with guests prior to the formal banquet. Casually go around and have a drink or two, too.

[From: A Cozy and Intimate Garden Wedding in Cotswolds England / Photos: KC Chan Photography]

(3) When mingling, strategize on the order.

Your grandparents and other older guests might decide to retire early, so head on over to them first before spending time with friends who can stay all night long.

[From: A Pastel-Themed Garden Wedding with Classic Details / Photos: Martin Aesthetics]

(4) Plan the wedding day photography flow.

Talk to your photographer and wedding planner to figure out the most efficient way to go about taking all your photos. It takes a lot of time to ensure you have the best wedding day shots so be mindful of your wedding day timeline. Spending too much time on photos mean sacrificing time with guests.

[From: Aupho Wedding’s Dana and Stanley Said “I Do” in A Romantic Union at Rosewood Hong Kong / Photos: Aupho Wedding]

(5) Eat!

You’ll need a lot of energy to go around and spend time with everyone, so make sure you eat enough so you last the entire day and night with all your guests.

[From: A Classic Pastel Pink Hotel Wedding / Photos: Flowerspace Production]

(6) Make sure your DJ knows your and your guests’ favorite songs.

Dancing the night away to your and your guests’ favorite tunes will surely be a special moment for everyone. Guests won’t be able to leave early either if they’re enjoying the music so much.

[From: A Picturesque Wedding in a 14th Century Castle in Catalonia, Spain / Photos: Volvoreta]

(7) Review your guest list.

As a last resort, you can always go your guest list and cut it down if you feel like you really want a more intimate celebration. The smaller your wedding, the more room you’ll have to make connections during the celebration.

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