Professional Vendors You Need to Hire on Your Wedding Day

Admit it, your wedding is just the biggest day in your life and you’re all about making it as perfect as can be. Well, one of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is planned efficiently and executed with utmost care is to hire professionals in the wedding industry. Professionals know the ins and outs of weddings. Their experience makes them ready for the various, unforeseen situations, and their expertise in each of their respective crafts is the crucial tool that results in exceptional execution come wedding day. So, as a friendly tip to all brides out there who want only the best for their Big Day, here’s a list of important professionals you should hire on your wedding day.


(1) Photographer

Time management, a good-eye, and flexibility are some skills experience has instilled in professional wedding photographers. These, and a whole lot of dedication, will result in beautiful shots of all the events of the day. Your wedding day photos are keepsakes that capsulate your special day so you want to make sure you have a trustworthy eye at the lens.



[From: Parisian Perfection / Photo: Claire Morris]


(2) Videographer

Capturing crucial moments from your wedding day and turning them into a seamless, heart-warming video is a complex process that requires keen attention to detail and creative vision. A professional videographer will have this down pat. He can manage the many scenes of the day and mould all them into a single art film that you and your husband can watch countless of times over.




[From: Magnificent Irish Castle Wedding / Videographer: Story of Eve]


(3) Wedding Planner

As your wedding day starts to unfold, a multitude of things begin to happen simultaneously. A professional wedding planner is a crucial point person for all these on-site activities. You planner will orchestrate everything from venue setup and bride and groom preparations, to the flow of events from ceremony and reception, and final settlement with other vendors at the end of the day. This especially comes in handy for overseas weddings. You want to leave the logistical concerns with an expert! This big a responsibility should never be left with inexperienced hands.



[From: Intimate Phuket Beach Wedding / Wedding Planner: Bliss Creations]


(4) Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

Your most important job as the bride is to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. A professional makeup artist and hairstylist will be your best friend on your Big Day. Hiring someone who has the knowledge, skills, and artistry to highlight your best features is tantamount to getting an exclusive makeover and a special debut of your most stunning self to date. Remember, your wedding day look will be immortalized in your photos and videos!



[From: Dreamy Duo / Makeup Artist: Yumi’s Makeup and Hair]


(5) Florist

Who else can turn your wedding into a work of art other than a professional wedding florist? With a wide vocabulary on flora and an innovative eye for design and style, a professional wedding florist can recreate any floral fantasy you heart wishes. There’s a fine line between drab and fab. You want to make sure your wedding is a reflection of the latter, so get someone who can make fab happen.



[From: That Magical Moment / Florist: KOZI]


(6) Decor Stylist

Finally, a professional decor stylist will ensure the overall aesthetic of your wedding is not only gorgeous but also coherent and consistent in based on your chosen wedding theme. This vendor works hand in hand with the florist and wedding planner to make your dream wedding come to life. A professional decor stylist takes hold of the overall aesthetic of your wedding day and translates it into a physical embodiment of love and beauty.



[From: A Tranquil Union / Wedding Planner and Decor Stylist: Only Mine]


Now you know the roles of these professionals and how every one is a vital puzzle piece to the perfect wedding picture. It’s really best to have a great team behind you to you on your wedding day!


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