Funny and Exciting Stages of Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is a very emotional and grueling process. It’s also an experience you’ll never forget! We understand where you’re at, ladies! But sometimes, it’s good for you to just loosen up and laugh at the whole situation. Here’s a funny and possibly spot-on take on how you are experiencing (or will experience) your wedding preps.

Let’s start from the day you got engaged. OMG, congrats! Celebrations happen here and there.


That’s right, keep ogling at your ring! It’s gorgeous, you have every reason to flaunt it.

Then people start getting over it. Onto the more important question: When are you getting married? You realize you’ve been on cloud nine for so long that you haven’t actually discussed it yet with your beau…


So then you go to full research mode. What do I want my wedding to be? Time to start this long workout!


And soon after you realize there’s a lot to be done! Yikes, better enlist the help of your family and friends, a.k.a. the entourage!


After what seems like forever… Is planning over yet? No? Okay… When will it end though?! I’ve gone through bridal fittings, food tastings, and venue scoutings.


But you push forward! Okay, there! Wow, I’m the most efficient bride ever. I’m done! (I think.) So, I think I’ve got everything down. Maybe I can afford to chill out now.


Uh-oh. Wait… I think I forgot something! Crap, I have to note this down so I won’t forget this again later.


I hope I don’t turn into a bridezilla… I’m chill, right? Tell me I’m chill!


Am I eating right? Is my skin okay? Is my hair full of life? Heck yeah, I’m beautiful!


The wedding’s so near! Better start double checking if I forgot something again! And oh gosh, my nerves. They’re not letting me sleep!


Okay, game face on–today’s the big day!

And one of the best days of my life has only just begun.


Could you totally relate? LOL! Wedding planning may be a lot of work, but you create priceless memories in the process. So try your best to relax and enjoy every step of the planning, darlings!


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