I’ll Always Be Your Greatest Supporter: A Mother-Daughter Feature by The Aisle

In the recent months, The Aisle Channel Series has been entertaining us will informative content from all their member vendors. But their most recent collection, Real Life Romance, focuses on real stories of love. For the most recent episode, The Aisle held a special model call for a mother-daughter feature. Out of all the applicants who came forward with loving stories, this mother-daughter tandem won everyone’s hearts. Today, we’re sharing with you their story. Witness their amazing bond through the beautiful photos with Lauhaus.co and video by Journal Book and Woody Storytelling.

All mothers are very intuitive. They know if something is amiss or if something is bothering their child. When Natalie was young, she noticed that she took more time studying compared to other children. She would spend a whole week on one lesson while others could finish in a few days. Natalie was too shy to tell her mom about it, but her mom’s instincts told her to see a doctor.  Soon, they both discovered that Natalie was suffering from dyslexia. Upon confirmation, Natalie’s mom was very calm, but many questions were racing in her mind: Does a person have to go to college to become successful? Everyone has their unique talents, not necessarily in studies. What will become of my daughter’s future?

At that time, Natalie’s was very worried about her daughter, so she stayed with Natalie every time she studied. Natalie’s mom would sacrifice entertainment and meal time, to spend a long hours assisting Natalie while studying. Thanks to her mom’s continuous encouragement, Natalie diligently participated in memory classes, to slowly improve on her reading skills and gain more confidence.

Children with dyslexia have to work very hard under the competitive education in Hong Kong. Fortunately, the primary school teacher was very caring and did not label Natalie or treat her any differently from the rest of her classmates. After a few months, the doctor also said Natalie was doing very well among children with dyslexia. Although Natalie still needed her mother to follow up with her schoolwork until the sixth grade, she did her best to behave well and learn to take more initiative. Through it all, Natalie saw all the sacrifices her mom made and wanted to lessen the worry and burden by striving hard at all times. While the beginning was hard for both, seeing her mother’s constant support so that she doesn’t fall behind in her classes just made Natalie appreciate her mother more as the years went by. All their efforts were fruitful because Natalie finished her studies with flying colors.

Natalie’s mom would always express how very grateful she is to God for giving her such a good child, but Natalie explains that she can’t imagine going through everything without her mom’s guidance. “I am equally grateful to have had her by my side throughout everything,” she claims. “Moreover, I believe that this whole journey, built on understanding each other and helping each other out, created a lasting mother-daughter bond between us.”

In the past two decades, the most memorable experience they have was when Natalie went to the UK at the age of 16. At that time they would talk on the phone every day, chatting like friends. Sometimes her mother would even surprise Natalie with a large box of snacks, to let Natalie know that even if she am alone in a foreign country, her mother is supporting her. This reminded Natalie of the time when her mother would make cartoon-shaped lunch boxes for her with a small love note. Natalie started to return the favor, sending regular notes to her parents.

When asked to describe her mother, Natalie said, “She is an optimistic, avant-garde, ray of sunshine that’s full of positive energy. She is not only my mother, but also my partner in crime who has always supported me. She’s like a best friend who knows me inside out, too. Even if I have already gotten married, I hope we can continue to foster our unique bond, now and in the years to come.”

Since Natalie got married, she hasn’t been able to spend as much time with her mom, the way we used to. Through this photo session, she was more than happy to not only spend time with her mom, but also immortalize their special bond by talking about our relationship and sharing it with everyone.

If you want to star in our next episode, you can send your name, age, contact details to [email protected] along with brief narration of your story.



Photography: Lauhaus.co / Videography: Woody Storytelling, Journal Book / Gowns: Noel Chu Atelier / Makeup Artist: JUST an image Makeup and Hairstyling / Decoration: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab / Accessories: Airy Ann Jewellery / Venue: OVO Hotels / Organizer: The Aisle

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