8 Ways To Make Guests Feel More Like a Part of Your Virtual Wedding

How can you make your virtual wedding a more enjoyable experience for your guests? Think about it. Watching you marry the love of your life on a screen can feel a lot less personal for your family and friends. One of the best things about your wedding is getting the chance to share it will your loved ones. With the challenges brought about the pandemic, only a handful of your nearest and dearest can be with you.

So how can you make your wedding extra special for everyone else? How can you make guests feel more like a part of the wedding? The answer is simple: maximize social media and all the digital platforms around you. We have some ideas for you that will keep your guests informed and excited even if they can’t be with you physically. Read on to find out some ideas you can adopt for your Big Day. Read on to find out more!


(1) Document your wedding through Instagram Stories and keep a highlight reel on your profile.

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If you always post on Instagram stories then why not utilize the platform to share every step of your wedding planning journey with your family, friends and followers. Create a highlight on your profile so that they can easily refer to it any time.


(2) Create a Youtube channel with mini vlogs or episodes about your wedding planning journey.

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We love the idea of having mini Vlogs for your wedding and an entire channel just for your love story. Your guests will feel like they’re watching a reality show, but this time, it’s YOUR show.


(3) Go LIVE from time to time to make guests feel like they’re in on the planning process.

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If your guests can watching you select your dress put together your invitation suites at the very same moment, it will feel like they’re there with you, too, helping you out or watching you. It will help drum up the excitement, too, even if guests are from far, far away.


(4) Maximize your wedding hashtag and remind guests that they can click the hashtag for a summary of your posts and updates.

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Many may not understand the power and convenience of hashtags. So to make it easy for everyone to stay tuned to your updates, maximize the use of your hashtags and remind your guests about them. They can even search for more wedding photos on the actual day using your hashtags.


(5) Do a try run of your live to ensure your online guests have a good view.

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If you’re planning on a live stream for your wedding day, make sure test it out beforehand. The last thing guests want is to witness your love with a the back of a head blocking the view or with a view from way too far away. Check where you can position the camera for the best possible viewing experience for guests.


(6) After the ceremony, spend time talking to guests digitally.

[From: After Cancelling Twice, This Couple Finally Pushed Through with a Wedding with Only 8 Guests / Photo: Jeremy Wong]

Yes, talk to your guests online! Watching everything happening without interacting with you will not be as entertaining as getting to actually talk to you. Spare some time for bonding online. You can even do a digital toast. Let guests share love messages and raise your glasses–cheers!


(7) Let them pre-order food online then have it delivered so they can join you for the mini post-wedding meal.

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This is an increasing trend among soon-to-weds. To make guests feel like they are partaking in the meal with the couple, the couple sends over food to guests. Of course, if your guests are from abroad this might not be feasible. But if you have local guests, why not consider this?


(8) Send a little “Thank you” e-card their way after the celebration.

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After the virtual celebration, don’t forget to send your gratitude digitally. A simple e-card, like this one will be very much appreciated. This will close your wedding celebration with guests feeling like they just walked out of a most joyous the event.


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