How To Word Tricky Wedding Details and Communicate Them To Guests Politely

Some wedding details can be tricky to say to guests, like telling someone they can’t bring a plus one or that kids are not allowed, to name a few. While you want to get the message across, you also want to avoid hurt feelings or any misunderstanding with your loved ones. To help you out, here are tips on how to word tricky wedding details and communicate them with guests politely.

How do I say kids are not invited to my wedding?

If you’re planning on having an adults-only celebration, here are some ways to word this detail, whether it be in your wedding invitation or wedding website.

How do I say no plus ones?

If you have a limited wedding budget, you can forego plus ones. To make it crystal clear that plus ones aren’t allowed at your wedding, write your guest(s) names on the reply card, leaving no room for them to add anyone else.

Another option is to add a section saying, “We have reserved __ seat(s) in your honour”, and fill in this gap with the exact number of people you’re inviting.

You may also further reiterate that guests can’t bring additional people by by adding something like this:

In case you want to open up the reception to plus ones, you can use this:

Meanwhile, if a guest still ask you if he or she can bring a date (plus one) to your wedding, here’s what you can say or reply:

How do I say we will have a limited bar or a cash bar?

While overflowing alcohol is the ideal for all weddings and after parties, not all couples can accommodate this. If you will be limiting alcohol here are some options on how to communicate this with guests.

How do I let my guests know that we prefer cash gifts?

The tradition for Hong Kong weddings is giving cash gifts to couples, but with the advent of more western-style weddings, some guests may think of giving gifts. If you still prefer cash gifts, here are some ways to relay it politely in your invitations or wedding websites.

If you’re opening the option to deposit cash gifts online, here are some ideas on how to relay this:

For a creative twist, you can also use one of these poems:

We hope these are helpful, but of course, you’re free to create your own wordings if you want! If you have other tricky wedding details to tell guests, you can take inspiration from these samples for those too. Just remember to keep wordings light but clear. That’s all!

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