How To Glam Up Your Wedding Or Engagement With The Vibrant Color Red

Red is an absolutely lovely color to use for your special moments. Aside from all the luck this color is believed to bring, it is a hue that can level up any look and any occasion. If you’ve been eyeing red for a while for your wedding or engagement, today’s feature will definitely get your creativity going. We rounded up 10 red-themed weddings and engagements that are exemplary sources of inspiration. Each one shows how you can use the color red to glam up your look or event! Let’s go through them together.

This couple went all out with the reception flowers. They also mixed in some other colors, like blush and peach, to add soft touch to the predominantly red flowers. The bride’s red dress also features red lace that crawls from the neck all the way down to the bottom of the skirt.

[From: A Romantic Hong Kong Wedding with The Most Stunning Floral Decorations / Photos: KC Chan Photography]

In this dramatic pre-wedding shoot, the bride-to-be went all out with the color red. She not only donned a sparkly red mermaid gown, but also had red shoes, red statement earrings, and red glittery lipstick. If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a red ensemble that makes a mark and this one definitely does!

[From: An Edgy Red and Black Pre-wedding Shoot by The Ocean / Photos: The Gal Boss Wedding]

Going all out with red isn’t the only option. You can also just use it subtly and the color itself will already work its magic. In this styled shoot, a modern bouquet made with red and white flowers added a flair of sophistication to the bare industrial setting.

[From: This Portrait Session Is a Captivating Mix of Dreamy and Dramatic Looks / Photos: Tikit Production]

Wearing a red dress is definitely a must, whether it be for your pre-wedding shoot, Chinese wedding, and even your wedding banquet. There are many dress options out there but for this shoot, two red dresses, one made with tulle and the other with lace, took center stage.

[From: A Stylish Shoot Featuring Eye-Catching Dresses for You and Your Bridesmaids / Photos: Orbis Photography & Hero Chan Production]

You can also use red as an accent color to a neutral palette. This couple mixed red with white and black wedding details which followed through to the couple’s post-nuptial look. The groom wore an all-black attire while the bride wore a black skirt and red top.

[From: A Sophisticated and Stylish Wedding at The Peninsula Hong Kong / Photos: Jeff Lee Pictures]

A classic wedding bouquet will also look even more eye catching with a pop of red flowers. This bouquet has more character with the mix of red flowers of varying sizes, too.

[From: Romantic Studio Portrait Session Featuring a Warm Color Palette / Photos: Chelslcw Photography]

Similarly, this couple also added red to brighten the floral installation in their pre-wedding shoot. The set-up consisted of a white wall, gold metallic pillar frames with pastel flowers and a red roses. The pastel palette took a more lively turn with the touch of red.

[From: A Chic Flower-Filled Engagement Shoot in Hong Kong / Photos: Sham2photography]

Up away on a rooftop location, this couple took captivating shots with red as the thrilling hue that put everything together. The bride-to-be wore a red dress that swayed with the wind along with red pumps. For her black outfit, she still kept color in sight by holding a unique modern red bouquet.

[From: Modern Stylish Red & Black Engagement Shoot / Photos: Hatsumori by Gavin.Y]

Red and gold will always be a winning combination since the two together are like elegance and drama combined. In this wedding, the couple ensured their celebration had classic grandeur with a gold and red color palette. They also added hints of peach and white to soften the overall look of their wedding day.

[From: This Bride Wore Gorgeous Black Dress That Resulted in Stunning Wedding Day Photos / Photos: Alan Mok]

You can combine red with your wedding theme, if you have one. For example, this couple had a travel-themed wedding but they also included red  details all through the day. One of the unique executions we truly love is the wedding guestbook. They made guests write their well wishes on small red heart shaped pieces of paper which were then inserted into a frame.

[From: A Stylish Travel-Inspired Wedding at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong / Photos: Hin Production]

What can we pick up from these beautiful weddings and engagement shoots? I think we’re all in agreement that red is a daring color that uplifts the mood and look of any scene. It all boils down to how you incorporate everything together. Take as much notes as you can from these examples and go have fun creating your very own radiant red-themed wedding or engagement!

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