8 Wedding Day Essentials for the Groom

Since we already know about the essentials every bride needs for the wedding day, let’s move on over to find out what the groom needs. Calling all grooms, have you ever thought of what you will be needing on the day you are to wed? If not, here’s a list of the things you need to prepare.


(1) Mint or Mouth Freshener

It’s going to be a long day, so keep your breath fresh all throughout by having mint or mouth freshener with you or with one of your groomsmen at all times. Freshen up from time to time as the day unfolds.

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(2) Deodorant and Perfume

Just like your breath, don’t you want to smell fine all day, too? If you want to smell good all day, don’t forget to put on deodorant and a generous spray of perfume on your wedding day. You can also carry your perfume with you in your pocket by transferring some into a small container. This way, you can always spray again any time.

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(3) Medicine

The bride will most likely have a first aid kit with her. Of course, you can always get what you need from her, but having your own medicine with you (or one of your groomsmen) will be helpful, too. You can stick to the essentials–pain killers, anti-allergy medicine, cold and cough medicine, antacids, anti-diarrhea medicine.

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(4) You Personal Flask

Yes, there will be a lot of alcohol during your wedding, but having a personal flask is never a bad idea. You can take a few sips every time you start to feel nervous during the preparations. We know of a few grooms who did this, and it helped calm their nerves!

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(5) Bottle Opener

You can expect guests to keep raising their glasses for a toast–getting married calls for a lot of celebrating. Keep a bottle opener with you for all the times you’ll need to open a new bottle of wine, beer, etc.

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(6) Red Packets

Depending on your arrangement with your bride, either you, her, or someone from the entourage will be in charge of distributing the red packets to vendors. If you’re in charge, don’t forget your red packets! If not, you can also bring extra ones for vendors who you feel went the extra mile for your wedding. You can add a little more to their tip!

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(7) Your Vows

Do not leave your preparations venue without your vows! This is one wedding day essential you should NOT forget no matter what. As soon as you finish writing them, keep your vows book right away. You can even write your vows beforehand so that you don’t cram on the wedding day and in your hurry, leave them.

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(8) Surprise for the Bride

If you have a little surprise for your bride, don’t forget this too! If it’s a handwritten note, a small gift, or a special performance at the end of the banquet, don’t leave it behind and don’t forget your lines or dance steps!

[From: These Lovers Made Sure Their Wedding Day was The Best Day Ever, Masks and All / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


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