The Gentlemen’s Guide on Suiting Up in Style

We are all familiar with dressing to the nines with an all-black suit. For the slightly more adventurous gentlemen, they may steer towards more colours or channel their inner prince charming with an all-white ensemble. Whatever you your groom-to-be feels like wearing on your Big Day, we’re sure he’ll look dapper and oh-so-handsome! Today’s feature article is a treat for him and you! To complete your ever-growing Pinterest board, we have put together some ‘Sartorialist’ worthy suits to dress up your man in. Scroll all the way until the end darlings (and sirs), because we have a surprise for you with a hand-painted suit! Now get ready and measure up, it’s time to get to that tailor.


(1) Fifty Shades of Gray

For those who want to play safe, this will be the color for you. To take things up a notch, play it up with different shades and textures of gray. Interestingly, lighter colored fabrics photograph well with the bridal gown.

[From: Beautiful Blue Details Make this Seaside Engagement Extra Romantic / Photo: La French Touch Photography]


[From: A Classic Wedding with Burgundy Light Gray Color Theme / Photo: Storyteller Studio]


[Suit: Dylan & Son / Photo: Androids In Boots]


[Suit: The One Tailor / From: Modern Garden Elegance / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


(2) From Midnight Blue to Sky Blue

Blue, or more specifically navy, is the next favourite other than black, gray, or white. This color is so versatile that by switching up the cut, fabric, or shade, it can take you from day to night. We like how this adds a pop of color without being too advant garde.

[Suit: Moda Republic / From: An Intimate and Elegant Wedding by the Beach / Photo: Darin Images]


[From: A Romantic Rustic Garden Wedding in Tuscany / Photo: Mary Ann Art & Photography]


[From: A Picturesque Outdoor Post Nuptial Shoot in Hong Kong / Photo: Emma Fok Photography]


[From: A Breathtaking Engagement in the Flower Filled Mountains of Hokkaido / Photo: Ti-lifestyle Photography]


[From: A Captivating Engagement Shoot on the Mountain and by the Lake / Photo: La French Touch Photography]


[Suit: Snowy Wedding / From: A Breathtaking Blush and Baby Blue Engagement in Japan / Photo: Joy’s foto]


(3) Earth Toned Colors for a Classic Outdoor Wedding

Best suited for the season of Autumn, or even that destination beach wedding you have been dreaming of, shades of brown, beige, or cream are good alternatives for white. These colors are suitable for more laid-back weddings and are also perfect for day time garden weddings. Do note that the material is key here. For colder temperatures in autumn, go for tweed or wool. We will get to summer choices in just a bit.

[Suit: WW Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.]


[From: A Burnt Orange and Mint Themed Garden Wedding at One Thirty One / Photo: Blink Photography]


[Suit: Hiatus Fashion / From: A Picturesque Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot in France / Photo: miLa Story]


(4) Linen for Your Summer Beach Wedding

If you are having a beach wedding, stick to fabric choices like cotton, linen, or seersucker. Your body will thank you for being able to breathe through those layers. You could even ditch that jacket and go with a vest instead.

[From: This Romantic Wedding in Malta is a Perfect Mix of Minimalist Details and Rustic Elements / Photo: Julian Gyula Zacsflavi]


[From: A Beach Wedding in Cebu with Tropical Decor / Photo: Ryan Ortega]


[Suit: Beaux Tailor / From: A Fun and Heartfelt Beach Wedding at Koh Samui / Photo: An Ant Capture]


(5) Pull it off with Pinstripes and Plaid

If your groom likes the attention and wants to be remembered for what he wore on his wedding day, spice things up with some patterns. The combinations for patterns and colors are endless–plus they add a different visual dimension to your outfit. There is just something about patterns that make grooms look so stylish and dapper!

[From: Graceful Gardens / Photo: Jenny Tong Photography]


[Suit: 《文禮》Menclave homme / From: A Sweet Outdoor Engagement Shoot in Hong Kong / Photo: Emma Fok Photography]


[Suit: The Suit Company Japan / Photo: Morimori1984]


[From: A Scenic Overseas Engagement Shoot in the Greek Islands / Photo: Joy’s foto]


(6) Go All Out with Different Colors

Fern green, dusty pink, burgundy red, mustard yellow–you name it, you can have it. Let your groom have some fun with all sorts of colors. There is no better way to celebrate than to indulge in your wedding color theme and have your groom dressed in the color itself!

[Suit: Suit Supply / Photo: Miesh Photography]


[Suit: L’atelier Amsterdam / Photo: Lott’s]


[Suit: Prologue]


[Suit: Express / Photo: Andrew Franciosa Studio]


(8) Mix it Up with Separates

If one cannot decide on a single color, break up the monotony with different colored jackets and pants. Want a more polished look? Go for materials like silk and wool. Patterns and casual fabrics will do the opposite of that.

[From: A Captivating Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot in Sydney / Photo:Jenny Tong Photography ]


[Suit: Pimabs / Photo: Androids in Boots]


[From: Vintage One Thirty One Wedding / Photo: Henry F ]


[Suit: Danva Bespoke / Photo: Tu Nguyen Wedding]


[Suit: H&M and Hudson’s Bay / Photo: The Toths Photo & Film]


(8) Double Style Points with a Double Breasted Suit

If you want to up the formality, you won’t go wrong with a double breasted suit. With the extra buttons and fabric that is going on in this tailoring, one must note that the fit for such suits need to be good, if not perfect.

[Suit: WW Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd.]


[Suit: Bonham Strand HK / From: Organic Garden Terrace Wedding / Photo:]


[Suit: 《文禮》Menclave Homme / From: Our First Sunset / Photo: Victor Lui]


[Suit: The Armoury]


(9) Add a Pop of Color for a Twist

For those who want to test the boundaries but still want to be in the safe zone, throw in a dash of color–even just a teeny bit–into your outfit and you will be surprised how this will change the look. Ranging from pocket squares, to buttons, shirts, bowties and ties, take a look at how these outfits have been transformed! Don’t just limit yourself to colors, play with patterns and textures as well.

[From: A Beautiful Autumn Engagement in Japan / Photo: Hugh’s Hue]


[Suit: Newman Pearce Tailoring / Photo: Anushé Low]


[Suit: The Armoury]


[From: A Captivating Fall Engagement in Kyoto / Photo: Victor Lui]


(10) Break Away from the Standard with These Cool Suits

And we have saved the best for the last. Here are three very stylish and cool outfits for your man because he deserves the very best. From a hand painted suit with matching shoes, to funky and stylish leaf and floral patterns – just take a look at these!

[Suit: Amanda Lee Weddings / Photo: Feldberyl Images]


[Suit: Godwin Charli and Industrie / Photo: Terralogical]


[Suit: Thom Browne / Photo: The Beautiful Moment]

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