Hong Kong Restaurants That Can Turn Into Unique Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for good food, a smaller, cozy venue, and unique interiors for stylish looking wedding, why not search for a restaurant in the city? We did some research to give you a head start and found these eight restaurants that serve delicious food and have chic interiors–from vintage, to modern, and even romantic designs! Whichever one of these you end up saying “I do” in, you will definitely get extra character that will make your wedding a scene to remember!


(1) HEXA

Aside from having a sweeping, 270-degree harbor view, HEXA also will impress you with its stylish interiors that are modern and tasteful. Pairing this with authentic Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist makes the dining experience extra unique.

Venue Size and Capacity

  • Wedding Ceremony: Maximum of 200 pax
  • Dining: Maximum of 140 pax

Minimum Charge

  • Dinner: Food & Beverage minimum charge at HK$200,000, plus 10% service charge
  • Wedding Ceremony: Minimum charge at HK$88,000 net for a maximum 60 persons

Starting Price Per Pax: HK$1,180, plus 10% service charge per pax

Other Special Offers: Kindly contact Hexa for more information.

Website: https://www.hexa-hk.com/


(2) CE LA VI

If you’re determined to impress your guests, CE LA VI is the venue to book. Spanning three floors, this restaurant offers versatile spaces with panoramic views of the city. The deep colors and dramatic lighting also work wonders for any event, whether it be a pre-wedding event or even post-wedding parties, which CE LA VI is a popular venue for. They also have a new Sky Deck opening in late August 2018 in anticipation of celebrating its 3rd birthday. One things for sure; this is something exciting to look forward to and indeed consider for your special event!

Venue Size and Capacity

  • Restaurant: 70 pax seated indoors and 30 to 40 pax standing in the terrace
  • Club Lounge: 50 pax seated, 120 pax standing
  • Sky Deck: 65 pax seated, 120 pax standing

Minimum Charge

  • Lunch: Starting HK$388 per pax, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 15 pax
  • Dinner: Starting HK$ 688 per pax, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 15 pax

Starting Price Per Pax: Please see above.

Website: http://hk.celavi.com/


(3) Duddell’s

This Michelin Star restaurant is a also a cultural destination of people who are both food and art enthusiasts. The venue has stylishly relaxed interiors that will serve as a colorful backdrop for your wedding. Duddell’s also has a small outdoor terrace that made this wedding‘s ceremony extra charming.

Venue Size and Capacity

  • 3rd Floor: 100 – 120 pax sit-down dinner, 200 pax for cocktail party
  • Whole 4th Floor: 50 pax sit-down dinner, 200 pax cocktail party

Minimum Charge: Pricing depends on the date. Prices available upon request.

Starting Price Per Pax: Pricing depends on the date. Prices available upon request.

Website: https://www.duddells.co/


(4) Howard’s Gourmet

If you’re a fan of French design, this elegant restaurant is the perfect venue for your Big Day. Howard’s Gourmet’s high ceilinged dining rooms come with white timeless wooden paneled walls that are complemented with French windows and lavish crystal chandeliers. The classy and cozy atmosphere of the rooms and the refined Chinese cuisine will give you and your guests a dining experience like no other.

Venue Size and Capacity: 4 rooms, 300 sq. ft each that can be connected

Minimum Charge: HK$250,000, plus 10% service charge for weddings

Starting Price Per Pax: Lunch HK$1,000, plus 10% service charge per head, Dinner HK$2,000 plus 10% service charge per head.

Website: http://www.howardsgourmet.com/


(5) Wooloomooloo Steakhouse (Wan Chai)

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse in Wan Chai’s threefold offer is hard to pass of: great food, fine wines and a magnificent venue to tie it all together. The gorgeous open-air rooftop terrace gives you a stunning view perfect for a romantic ceremony location. And the best part? It’s the perfect venue to enjoy top-grade signature cuts. A reception dinner with the excellent food from this restaurant will be a mouthwatering experience for everyone!

Venue Size and Capacity

  • Whole 31/F Dining Room: 1,065 sq. ft., maximum of 82 pax for sit-down lunch OR 70 pax standing cocktail
    Whole Rooftop: 1,304 sq. ft., maximum of 100 pax standing cocktail

Minimum Charge

  • 2018: HK$36,000, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 60 pax
  • 2019: HK$39,000, plus 10% service charge, minimum of 60 pax

Starting Price Per Pax

  • Please see above.
  • 2018: HK$500, plus 10% service charge per additional person
  • 2019: HK$550, plus 10% service charge per additional person

Other special offers: Wedding packages include decorations such as a floral arch, table decorations, and more. For more details on decoration inclusions, please contact the venue directly.

Website: https://woo-steakhouse.com/


(6) Eaton Club

Eaton Club is a unique space–a hybrid between a private member’s lounge and a workplace. Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district, Eaton Club offers a refined space for events, great F&B offering, and unique events programming. What makes this restaurant a contender in the list is the flexibility the venue allows for creativity and innovation.

Venue Size and Capacity: 3,000 sq.ft., 120 pax seated and 250 pax standing

Minimum Charge: Starting HK$40,000 and up

Starting Price Per Pax: HK$400  per pax and up

Other special offers:

  • Free flow package of red or white wine, beer, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee and tea
  • Use of in-house technical equipment such as high-end audio system, PA System, microphone, projector. and screens

Website: https://www.eatonclub.com.hk/



A tribute to Italian cuisine, SPIGA’s chef, Enrico Bartolini is renowned for creating truly authentic Italian dishes using innovative techniques and only quality Italian ingredients. Aside from the exceptional food, what also draws us in to this restaurant is the unique interior design–contemporary and elegant at the same time. A wedding here will definitely be a chic occasion that will have your guests in awe of the delicious food and stylish choice of venue.

Venue Size and Capacity:

  • Indoors: 150 pax seated, 350 standing cocktail
  • Outdoors: 60 pax seated, 240 pax standing cocktail

Minimum Charge:

  • Lunch: Indoors HK$90,000, outdoors HK$60,000
  • Dinner: Indoors HK$120,000, outdoors HK$90,000
  • These are reference prices only as final price will depend on date and time.

Starting Price Per Pax: HK$650

Other special offers: Custom cakes and performances are available.

Website: http://www.diningconcepts.com/restaurants/SPIGA


(8) Maison ES

Maison ES is a sun-filled, vintage-inspired venue that seeks to bring guests back in time as they dine in the laidback, garden-themed environment. The venue is decorated with hand-selected antiques and collectibles sourced from flea markets around the world–all these remarkable finds add so much character to this venue! House your wedding in Maison ES to indulge in a comforting venue and creative menu and in casual French style and fashion.

Venue Size and Capacity: 2,300 sq. ft., 54 pax for sit-down dinner, 100 pax for standup cocktail

Minimum Charge

Monday to Thursday:

  • 12 pm – 3 pm HK$24,000
  • 3 pm – 5 pm HK$12,600
  • 6 pm – 10:30 pm HK$48,000

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and Public Holiday’s Eve

  • 12 pm – 3 pm HK$30,000
  • 3 pm – 5 pm HK$15,000
  • 6 pm – 10:30 pm HK$60,000

Starting Price Per Pax: $500 per pax, plus 10% service charge

Website: http://www.maison-es.com/


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