7 Wedding Photographers Share Tips on Planning an Outdoor Engagement Shoot

Are you heading outdoors for your engagement shoot? Before you do, you might want to drop by and read what these seven Hong Kong photographers have to say about planning an outdoor pre-wedding shoot. Learn insider tips about choosing the right location, what to wear, and more! The details are just below. Read on.

(1) Choosing a Location

Try to go to places that feature rocks and stones for added drama to your photos. Most people go to Shek O, but in recent years, Hok Tsui and High Island Reservoir East Dam are also popular choices among couples because of the rock formations. But if you want to shoot at night, go up to a hilly site to capitalize on the stunning city lights from down below. – Redblue Creation

You can get more of your outdoor engagement shoot if you pick a location that supports your theme, style, and concept. So when choosing a shooting spot, think about how it can achieve your ideal look. – Blancs Production

When choosing a location for a photoshoot, we recommend a quiet location, or a place that means something to you. This is very useful because it will help you completely relax during the photoshoot. In addition, a forest, or a cozy, private room with zero interruption are also perfect locations for pre-wedding photoshoots because the intimate setting allows the photographer to capture the sincere emotions from the couple. – Hatsumori Photo by Gavin.Y

In addition to popular locations, we love to explore different unique spots in Hong Kong to take pre-wedding pictures. We suggest that before your pre-wedding photo day, go out more to look for special locations that you are fond of. Suburban areas can surprise you with some interesting places that can help you create stunning pre-wedding pictures! If you happen to have found your place, you can take pictures with your phone, and mark down how to go there. After that, you can discuss with your photographer on whether this is a viable location for a pre-wedding shoot. – Film Komolebi

Find locations that have sentimental value for you guys. That will bring back fond memories and will create a loving, natural atmosphere. – Lauhaus

Certain locations deliver the best photos at specific times of the day. So when choosing a location, you can also discuss the right timing with your photographer. For example, Lions Nature Education Centre, Sai Kung and the city’s streets are best during noon time, while places like Chung Hom Kok Battery, Hong Kong South District, are beautiful during sunset, with unobstructed views of the beach sea. –  SHUCHi Production

(2) Theme and Styling Your Photo Shoot

If you want your outfits to stand out, go for clothes with some prominent colours such as pink and red. You don’t necessarily have to be in a white wedding dress. – Redblue Creation

Picking a dress for your pre-wedding shoot is very important because the right dress will best show and highlight the body’s shape. Not only that, your dress can also add elegance to the mood and elevate the total atmosphere of the shoot. – Blancs Production

Wear things that have neutral or earthy in tones. If your attire is too bright or flashy it will compete with your surrounding environment rather than work cohesively with it. – Lauhaus

Comfortable, light clothing will allow you to move freely and naturally. If you’re planning to wear a wedding dress, add a veil to capture more dramatic shots. –  SHUCHi Production

Instead of wearing the standard wedding dress and suit, you can actually choose to use creativity and imagination and work along with your photographers to create a unique and interesting styled shoot. Choosing the right location and costume is the key. For example, we are fond of the nostalgic Hong Kong vibe. We have taken shots of a couple wearing ancient clothing in an ice room situated in Yau Tsim Mong District. Another example is a bride wearing a qipao and red skit, pulling off a retro styled shoot in our studio. – Film Komolebi

My advice would be to choose makeup that is as light as possible. If messing up the make-up hinders your interaction with each other, then the photos won’t look natural and authentic. – Lauhaus

Through exploring floral art, we are eager to learn more about your stories and your interests. Aside from capturing special moments during shoots, we aim to create unique and personalized bouquets that will add to the overall look and feel of the photo session. With this approach, we hope to build connections with people through flowers. Our florists meticulously create floral artwork with passion, love, and creativity. This added styling detail will add a unique touch to your photos. – Hatsumori Photo by Gavin.Y


(3) Adding Other Elements

If your engagement shoot will extend until nightfall, bring sparklers or star wish as props. These look stunning in night time photos – Redblue Creation

I always recommend my clients to bring with them any token of love or special item that holds significant value in the relationship, e.g. a ring, cards, etc. You can use your pre-wedding shoot to share a significant elements behind your love story. Having these items with you will also add to your emotions which we do want to capture in every frame. – SHUCHi Production

While all the details help paint the perfect picture for your outdoor engagement shoot, the most important element for the shoot is the interaction between the couple themselves. So don’t get too caught up in the details. Instead, enjoy the shoot with your loved one. – Blancs Production

The extra magic is in your relationship with your photo team. We know that every client has their own thoughts and stories. Therefore, we think that, in addition to finding the perfect location, adding the thoughts and elements in your mind is also very important. So before the photo shoot session, setup a meeting with your photo team to share what’s in your mind and discuss the shooting details together, like the location and wardrobe. This your photographer can adjust the style of each shoot according to your unique personality. – J.Aperture



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