7 Gorgeous Hairstyle Ideas for the Blooming Bride-to-Be

Greetings beauties! Have you figured out what to do with your hair for your engagement shoot or wedding day? Indeed, your hairstyle on these two occasions must suit not only your face, but also the theme and your whole look. A blooming beauty like you needs the perfect hairstyle to frame your face. Here are 7 gorgeous hairstyles and accessories that are just perfect for any bride-to-be. Take a look and see which one you think will be a stellar style choice for your crowning glory.


(1) Braids

Braids are perfect for a rustic, romantic look. The same goes for hair that is pulled back by weaving sections of the hair together. See these stunning examples?

[From: On the Coast to Forever / Makeup & Hair: Riko MakeUp / Photo: Binc Photography]

[From: Love with no Limits / Photo: Erika Gerdemark]

[From: Romantic Sunlit Afternoons / Makeup & Hair: Chiali Meng Artistry / Photo: Jen Huang]

[From: Grandiose Garden Romance / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Jenny Tong Fine Art Photography]


(2) Updo with a Birdcage Veil

This hairstyle definitely makes a statement. It brings sophisticated glamour to your look and spices up a simple, pulled back hairdo every single time.

[From: Vintage One Thirty-One Wedding / Photo: Henry F]

[From: Wander into Wanderland / Photo: Hugh’s Hue]

[From: Bright and Blissful / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: miLa Story]


(3) Vintage-inspired Headband

Looking for an accessory that will transform your look into a classic ensemble? Check out these vintage-inspired headbands. They’re definitely chic and they go really well with a lace dress.

[From: Shifting Scenes / Photo: Amee Cheung Photography]

[From: Vintage Garden Glamour / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Sophia Kwan Photography]


(4) Jeweled Headband

Sparkling headbands that have just the right amount of bling are great crown-like accents for your hair. They have that subtle regal element that simply catches attention.

[From: Painterly Kind of Love / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: ]

[From: Classic Sweetness / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Plitvice]

[ From: Subtle Elegance / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]


(5) Hair Comb

What about a small hair comb to go with a neat updo? Don’t underestimate a piece such as this. Look at the wonders these glistening hairpieces do to these beauties.

[From: One Blush Afternoon / Photo: Cadenza Studio]

[From: Carefree Romance / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Hilary Chan Photography]

[From: Elegant Ever After / Makeup & Hair: Bart Ko / Photo: History Studio]

[From: Gorgeous Garden Wedding / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Lara Hotz]


(6) Floral Hair Accents

Of course you can’t go wrong with adding flowers here and there in your hair. Complete that sweet look with a big and bold flower, or many little dainty ones

[From: Vibrant Simplicity / Maeup & Hair:  / Photo: Heather Photography]

[From: A Dreamy Forest Engagement / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Natalie the Smiley]

[From: A Prairie Tale Afternoon / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Purplebook Photography]

[From: Stunning Sophistication / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: History Studio]


(7) Flower Crown

Finally, evolve into an irresistible beauty with a full flower crown on your head. Fulfill your fairytale dreams with this excellent choice of hair embellishment. It looks great whether your hair is up or down.

[From: One Blush Afternoon / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Cadenza Studio]

[From: Blue and White Paradise / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Derek Photography]

[From: Ethereal Blooms / Makeup & Hair:  / Photo: Lukas Chan Photo Lab]

[From: When Love an Art Collide / Photo: Martin Aesthetics]

[From: A Radiant Romance / Photo: Savour Productions]


We’re loving every hairstyle here! Aren’t they all just so pretty? Well, we hope we gave you loads of hair inspiration today. Now, off to set a serious meeting with your hairstylist!

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