6 Hong Kong Locations for Recreating Overseas Pre-wedding Shoots

If flying out for a destination engagement shoot is still out of the picture, today’s feature will give you the quick fix you need. We talked to our partner photographers and asked them for locations in Hong Kong where you can recreate some of the most-loved destination spots of couples. You’ll be surprised to find […]

After Postponing Twice, These Lovers Finally Had a Dreamy Phuket-Inspired Wedding in Hong Kong

Abigail and Adam had set their eyes on a destination wedding in Phuket. But like many couples, they had to go back to the drawing board and start over because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, a fairy godmother in the form of Nicole Please Weddings came to the rescue. The couple initially wanted to have […]

After Dark: Hong Kong Photographers Share How You Can Capture Romantic Night Time Photos

Did you know that taking photos at night time can result in stunning photos? While shooting in the day is ideal–for all the obvious reasons–taking photos at night can result in stunning and unique photos. We talked to Hong Kong wedding photographers and asked them to share some of their tips and insights about shooting […]

Hong Kong Photographers Reveal Their Most Favorite Wedding Moments to Capture

At Bride and Breakfast, we’re spoiled every single day with gorgeous wedding photos that melt our hearts! We have all the photographers to thank fr our daily dose of love and inspiration. Today, we asked some of our partner photographers to share which wedding moments are their favorite ones to capture. We love all their […]

This Bride Planned Two Weddings From Across the Globe and with a Tight Schedule

After a private, spontaneous engagement last year, Dorothee and Nicholas decided they wanted two weddings to accommodate family members at different parts of the world. For the two, the planning process was exhausting as they were coordinating everything from far away and were running on a very tight schedule. They also faced challenges with some […]

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