On-The-Day Beauty Preps Every Bride Should Do for Her Wedding

A bride’s beauty preparations do not just start a week before the wedding. It starts as early as a year before the big event. While you may be going on facials, working out, and cleaning your diet, and other things to physically prepare for your wedding, don’t overlook things that are very simple but certainly matter on the day of your wedding. Here are some of those beauty musts that you should do on your wedding day:


(1) Keep yourself hydrated.

[From: Fruit Infused Water / Photo: Simple Vegan Blog]


Let’s face it. A wedding is an event that can be exhausting for the couple. Being the center of attention throughout the event can drain energy, and with the spotlight literally on you, you may feel warm. So, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated to have energy and feel fresh from the start of the day! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. A good alternative to plain water is fruit-infused water. Aside from getting nutrients dissolved in water, drinking this is a tastier way of hydrating yourself and is really refreshing! And of course, drinking enough water is good for your skin. It helps you achieve the glow you want for your special day.


(2) Reduce puffiness with under-eye patches.

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Wedding preparations can be stressful, specially the night before the wedding. If you get dark circles and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, put on a pair of eye patches. This will minimize puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles.


(3) Apply moisturizer.

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When it comes to skin care routines, people usually just focus on the face. Your months of prepping your skin for the wedding day should not just be focused on the face. Before putting on your gown, moisturize your skin from head to toe. Remember, the face is not the only visible part of you when you’re in your dress. Take care of other visible parts such as the back, arms, and hands. It is especially important to moisturize your hands as people will want to look at the ring and will take pictures of you wearing the ring.


(4) Wear a perfume.

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One whiff of a familiar scent can be nostalgic — taking you back to certain places and events or remind you of a person. So, it would be nice to wear a perfume on your wedding day. Before spraying on perfume, moisturize your skin for the scent to linger longer. Spray perfume on your wrists, elbows, and collarbone. Aside from this, guests will be hugging you, so you should keep yourself smelling great throughout this special event.


(5) Pack a touch-up kit.

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Your makeup artist will not be with you all throughout your wedding day. And we all know your wedding day is going to be an emotional ride that may bring you tears from time to time and potentially mess up your makeup. So, to save you from this disaster, keep a touch-up kit with you. This kit with you will save you from smudges, sweat, oily skin, and many other things that may mess up your beautiful face, and keep your face camera-ready. Here are some of the items you should include in your touch-up kit: eyeliner, lash glue, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, tissue, blotting sheets, sponge, loose powder, mirror, blush brush, makeup remover, cotton swabs, and hairpins.



There you go! Take note of this list to be extra-ready for your big day. Surely, this will help make your day a lot less stressful and help you keep your bridal beauty!

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