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Today’s wedding video is more than just a show of a beautiful couple and their equally beautiful wedding. Rather, it’s a concise narration of a heartwarming day filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of fun! Marica and Jeremy’s vows will bring a tear or two to any onlooker’s eyes and the warm message of Marcia’s mother Candice Yu is surely something all mothers can relate to. And as the video closes, we see all the guests dancing the night away–which is only the best way to end any wedding! As Supfilm takes us through Marcia and Jeremy’s special day, we find ourselves lost enjoying the many episodes of the day–the solemn ceremony and the festive afterparty, to name a few. Take some time off to watch this video and join the celebration of this engaging couple.



Video: Supfilm / Venue: American Club / Bride’s Dresses: Marco M Chan / Groom’s Attire: Orazio Luciano at The Armoury / Makeup Stylist: Sharon Siu 諺瞳.小白/ Hair Stylist: Terrence Chan from HAiR / Cake: Patisserie A.Little / Band: Vossa Duo / Planner and Event Stylist: Workshop Weddings

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  1. It’s a beautiful wedding video – congrats to Marica and Jeremy!

    My husband and I had also chosen Pete and Sam of Supfilm to capture and document our wedding in Hong Kong, at the end of 2017. It’s been 4 months since our wedding day, and we’re still hoping to see the work that they had done for us… soon.

    If you’re considering to hire Supfilm, I’d like to warn you that they are very slow at responding to any e-mails or whatsapp messages. And they are also behind on their work. It has been 4 months and my husband and I have not received or seen anything that was recording on our wedding day. Our contract with them stated that a short highlight video was due 1 week post-wedding, and a full video was due 3 months post-wedding.

    They have delivered nothing.

    We had paid them in full months ago for a whole day shoot, and in return is constant worry that we will never see what was captured on our biggest day in life. The stress they have caused my husband and I is unimaginable.

    We cannot travel back in time. We trusted Supfilm with such a big task to document our wedding, a special day spent with family and friends. We trusted them to deliver, and all we have received thru short e-mail replies so far are a few “sorry for the delay” or “will be sending the download link by tomorrow” that never checked out.

    We are disappointed. And they clearly don’t care.

    Choose your wedding vendors carefully, even though they had done beautiful work in the past.


    1. Thank you for your feedback, Kayiu. We know you have other brides’ welfare in mind. We have alerted the vendor and we are positive that your feedback will help them improve for future clients.

      1. Thank you Nikki for passing along the feedback. I hope they get the message and will indeed improve their communications with clients. They do really great work and I want them to grow as a business.

        If you’re a reader/bride and you’re curious about how this story is going, here’s a little more info.. One day after I have posted here, I was contacted by them and have received the highlight video which was stunning. I was also contacted again several days later by someone from their team and seems like things are moving along, and I look forward in seeing the full day video!

        Thanks again, Nikki, for following up. Very kind and thoughtful of you!

  2. It sure was a beautiful wedding video that caught our eyes. And the reason why we trusted Peterson and Sam of Sumfilm to capture our wedding in Hong Kong, at the end of 2017.

    Similar to Kayiu’s experience, it’s been over 5 months since our wedding day, and we’ve yet to received anything from them. We received no responds to any of our e-mails, whatsapp messages, or calls. And we recently found out they’ve changed their number also when we tried calling.

    Our package with them stated that a short highlight video (4-6 mins) was due 1 week post-wedding, and a full video (60+ mins) was due 3 months post-wedding. But so far, they’ve delivered nothing. Not to mention, they missed our same day video (3-4 mins) on the day of our wedding.

    The only communication we’ve received so far was on Apr 25 from Christine of Supfilm:

    “I am Christine, first of all, a huge apology on the delay and not be able to be reached. We will have the highlight video revised according to the comments and have the full length video uploaded on drive first, and will have the package posted by 10th May. Please also kindly let us know which address you would like the package to be post to. For the delay of delivery, we would like to offer a 2000HKD refund to you, hope you will accept it and please kindly provide us bank details for our settlement. We are so very sorry once again, thank you so much for the patient and have a good day! “

    Since our reply to this e-mail, we’ve never heard back from them. We’ve met Peterson in person a few times before our wedding, and without doubt he’s a nice person. That’s why, we were very disappointed when writing here is the only way we could connect with him and his team.

    The stress this have caused is unimaginable and our only hope now is that we could share our special day documented by Supfilm with our family and friends soon.

    1. Dear Tim, we are sorry to hear you had such experience with them. We’ve passed your message to alert the vendor. Thank you for your feedback.

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