8 Kinds of Food To Avoid Before Your Wedding

Looking your best for your wedding day also requires to you watch what you eat because it greatly affects how you look. It’s best to trim down on any kind of food that will keep you from looking as radiant as can be on your special day. But what are these kinds of food, you may ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight kinds of food that you want to avoid before your wedding.


(1) Sugar

Sugar, both artificial ones like Sorbitol, and natural ones like Fructose, cause bloating. The primary reason is because they aren’t easy to digest. Sugar also makes your skin look dry and dull. So, skip sugar a few days before your wedding to get your skin looking supple and radiant, too.


(2) Coffee

Coffee is acidic, making it a serious culprit for bloating. Not only that, it’s also a diuretic, meaning it causes dehydration. The two make up the worst combination for a bride-to-be. So the next time you need that caffeine kick, think twice before grabbing your favorite espresso drink.


(3) Soda

We all love the fizzy feeling of drinking soda! But beware, because bubbles mean gas. And having gas also means you’ll be bloated. Don’t have soda if you don’t want to have a stomach that’s looking full on your wedding day.


(4) Gum

Whether it’s mint flavored, or a fun fruity variant, save the gum for another time. Chewing gum fills your stomach up with air, expanding your belly.


(5) Alcohol

Though a catalyst for a good time, alcohol is not a bride’s best friend. You know how you feel tired and look puffy after a fun night out? Well, that’s not something any bride will want for her wedding day. Moreover, wine and beer contain yeast, an even more notorious bloater.


(6) Salty Food

Think chips and other processed food. Cheddar cheddar cheese is also on this list. Sodium retains water, again causing excessive bloating. Skip these treats so you don’t hold in any unnecessary water weight on your wedding day.


(7) Beans

While beans are known to be “magical fruits”, they’re also known to cause excessive gas. Beans contains a type of sugar that the body has difficulty breaking down. In the process of trying to break it down, gas is produced as a byproduct. A lot of gas.


(8) Dairy

Lastly, dairy! Stay away from dairy. Too much dairy leads do bloating, gas, and cramps. With the exception of yogurt, start cutting down on dairy products at least two weeks before the wedding.


Don’t worry, as soon as it’s over, you can happily indulge in all your favorite kinds of food again! This little period of sacrifice before the wedding will be worth it.


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