Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes to Go with Your Qun Gua Here from Taobao!

What else do you pair your Qun Gua with other than traditional Chinese jewelry? Aside from making sure you have beautiful red and gold accessories to go with your traditional Chinese dress, of course you need to make sure you have the perfect pair of shoes to step into! Your heirloom dress will not be complete without some pretty shoes. So, if you’re on the hunt for that pair that will finish your Chinese wedding look, here are 19 pairs of shoes that go perfectly with your Qun Gua. And the best part? You can find all of these in Taobao!


Traditional Flats

Keep it simple and straightforward with traditional flats. You can choose a pair with intricate embroidery and tassel for a fun, updated look.

[Shop link / Price: RMB¥59]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥49]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥58]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥69]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥69]


Chic Heels

But of course we love gorgeous heels! Try one of these chic heels with extra embellishments. Each one of these will be eye-catching additions to your Chinese traditional attire.

[Shop link / Price: RMB¥118]

[Shop link / Price: RMB¥109]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥98]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥378]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥326]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥118]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥128]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥138]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥108]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥118]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥340]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥250]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥88]


[Shop link / Price: RMB¥118]


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