10 Unique Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquets for Your Girls

The fun part of wedding planning is having free rein to style yourself and your best girl friends. Remember all those times you went to the mall and shopped for outfits together? You get to do this all over again during your wedding. They can help you pick your dream wedding dress. At the same time, you get to pick out outfits along with them and style them.You start with the dress colors, then the styles. Which style will fit each girl, or is there a style that they can all wear effortlessly? These are the common questions that come to mind. But what about their bouquets? Did you ever think of letting your bridesmaids walk down the aisle holding something other than the traditional bouquet? If not, then this blog post will open your eyes to stunning non-traditional ideas for your bride tribe! How about letting go of the usual floral bouquet for your girls and trying one of these unique alternative bouquets, instead? Scroll on and have a look.


(1) Classy Fans

[Photo: Noiva Ansiosa]

[Photos: Lapis de Noiva, and  Hitched]


(2) Elegant Lanterns

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Addison Jones Photography]

[From: Sisters in Law / Photo: Trinity Photography]


(3) Rustic Handheld Wreaths

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Kelly Brown]

[From: The Perfect Palette / Photo: Michele with one L, From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Gretchen Gause]


(4) Chic Floral Bags

[From: Charleston Weddings / Photo: The Happy Bloom]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Laura Izumikawa Photography]


(5) Embellished Tamborines

[From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Let’s Frolic Together]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Marnie Cornell, From: Martha Stewart / Photo: Jennifer Skog]


(6) Bohemian Macramé Hoops

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Magnolia + Ember  / Macramé Hoop Bouquet: Bloomers Flowers & Decor]


(7) Romantic Garlands

[From: Elegant Wedding Invites]

[From: Martha Stewart / Photo: Harmony Lynn]


(8) Modern Metallic Baskets

[From: Style Me Pretty / Photo: Breanna McKendrick]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes on Instagram / Photo: Krista Mason Photography]


(9) Tropical Palms

[From: India Earl]

[From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Brooke Couch]


(10) Wispy Pampas Grass

[From: Mariee]

[From: Fawn Events, From: Green wedding Shoes / Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay]



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