10 Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas For Every Kind of Couple

The month of love is here and it’s about time you planned something special for you and your partner. If a dinner date is something you’ve already done countless times, you need not get stuck with this for this year. You can always try something new or something different. In fact, it will make perfect sense to do an activity you love together aside from eating out. Need a little help finding ideas? Here’s a quick guide we just made for you!

(1) For the movie junkies.

How about doing a movie marathon at home? Order in and prepare a line-up of movies you both absolutely love. For example, if you’re fans of Lord of The Rings, how about watching the uncut version of the trilogy on Valentine’s Day! Or, if you’re into K-drama, binge watch all 16 episodes of that one drama you both really liked.

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(2) For the fit couple.

If you both love working out, how about having a fitness date in V Day? You can take a class together or search for workouts that are especially made for couples and are more challenging when done as a pair. An example would be a timed circuit where you do one movement while your couples does another, then when the time is up your switch.

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(3) For the bookworms.

If you and your couple love reading books, did you ever consider listening to an audiobook together? Cuddle together at home while listening or even maybe drive out to your favorite park or beach and listen ion the road and at your destination.

(4) For the adventurous pair.

Does a Valentine’s Day hike sound enticing to you? If you answered “yes”, then you’re that an adventurous couple who will love the idea of setting out early for a scenic hike–there are many in Hong Kong–to celebrate your love! Celebrate your love atop a mountain with the best view in town.

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(5) For those who love laughs.

Keeping it light and fun on Valentine’s Day is a very good option for couples who love a good laugh. Instead of a fancy dinner, book a comedy show instead and spend the day laughing all the away.

(6) For couples who need to relax.

If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday and a busy work week at that, then a spa date is an ideal choice if you’re a busy couple who wants to relax and wind down. Top it off with some champagne at home and your favorite mellow music.

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(7) For art lovers.

Did a painting class ever cross your mind as a Valentine’s Day activity? You don’t need to be an artist and you don’t need to come out of an art class with a masterpiece either. If you love art and making art, then book a class and enjoy the process of creating with your parter!

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(8) For partners who love to cook.

Of course, you can always make your very own Valentine’s Day dinner at home. Save on cost and skip the traffic by planning a simple dinner that you can both prepare at home.

(9) For lovers who want some peace and quiet.

Looking for a place that is unique and most probably quiet and not crowded? Visit a museum or an art gallery to enjoy peace and quiet in the midst of amazing art and culture. We’re pretty sure not a lot of people will have this on their list for V Day.

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(10) For the duo that loves to sing.

Karaoke night will always be a good idea! If you and your other half love to to sing go ahead and spend your day belting it out to all your favorite tunes, whether at home or at a private venue.

Which one of these alternative date ideas will you go for this year?


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