When Love and Art Collide

Do you believe in matches made in Heaven? After today’s wedding by Martin Aesthetics, you probably will! Peter is a Canadian painter and Thierry is obsessed with Eastern metaphysics. If there was any love story decreed by fate, I’d say it’s this one. You can tell from the very first picture that you’re in for something different, striking, and every kind of wonderful! It can be tricky to look intensely and equally perfect in three different outfits, but Thierry wears each piece gorgeously without batting an eyelash. First, she appears as a picturesque bride adorned in traditional details by Koo Nam Wah‘s Qun Kwa, then a flower-crowned Rosa Clara queen, and lastly as an elegant lady in green. We are in love with these mismatched, deep hues of red, and the fun and relaxed vibe among the entire entourage. The entire affair is artsy, quirky, and just the thing to make our day divine!

Photography: Martin Aesthetics / Bride’s Chinese Dress : Koon Nam Wah 冠南華 / Bride’s Gown: Rosa Clara / Bride’s Shoes: ASOS / Floral Design: Flos on Folks / Reception Venue: Aberdeen Marina Club

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